How does GoDaddy work?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: How does GoDaddy work?.

My next question is: I want to reg 50 new domain? Has anyone got a list of available,deleted and quality domains? I prefer only .com extention...

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Your question was: How does GoDaddy work?.

Besides the amazing section of Np here, you can check free service for deleted / dropped HostGator names in You can find good drops here and there...

Comment #1

Just don't do it.

IF they are expired or deleted, that means no one wanted them or they would have been snatched up already.

Go buy a couple of really decent aftermarket names instead.

Unless you were looking for PR rank or something like that. In which case, go buy a couple of really decent aftermarket names instead...

Comment #2

Around here the answer will be "null set"... mainly because once we find an "available/deleted quality name" then we grab it.

OTOH, lists of low quality available/deleted names abound. In the drop anything "quality" usually goes to auction, so just scan the drop lists each night. For example, if I find in the drop (yeah, right), you can bet I am not going to post that on a bunch of lists... neither is anybody else except for the drop catcher running the auction.


Comment #3

I dont have enough time for this, I am checking NamePros.Com > HostGator Names > Expired Domains > Available HostGator Names now, I am trying to find something...

Comment #4

Whoa easy boy. Why the sudden urge to just buy 50 domains upfront? Take your time, prehaps you'll chance upon a really fantastic name?..

Comment #5

The above advice is good. There is seldom a good reason to rush into any investment. There is always another good opportunity tomorrow, even if you miss today's hot opportunity.

Funny... I was trying to wrap my little brain around a business model based on buying the 50 best domains found in a drop list too... after the list is picked over by people that do the scans on a daily basis.


Comment #6

I am checking old posts and I am trying to choose right domains, I generraly looking for keyword domains, I will make my own dn list step by step...

Comment #7

Be sure to check the huge lists at HostGator Bagger (see my sig)..

Comment #8

Yandig, nice job on your site there.

I am glad to know thats out there. Thanks...

Comment #9

Some drops/ deleted domains are really a mistake, maybe due not enough knowledge from HostGator holder of his HostGator name worth or HostGator owner not available.

I believe couple hundreds HostGator names drop and worth more than your initial regcost with minimal efforts.

Here is an example;,, ....

Certainly, if you are the HostGator name holder you would hold on them..they are not that ugly if we compound the ovt/brandability and marketability of credit cards type websites...

Comment #10

I agree with Porte because some of these domains can fall in the crack and that doesn't mean no one wants them...

Comment #11

I will also have to agree with Porte. Infact, I have made many $xxx sales from names that have dropped into the abyss...

Comment #12

I agree with Porte as well. I've made $xxx and even low $x,xxx sales from names that dropped (and dropped through the cracks)....

Nothing better than selling a $7 reg for $x,xxx a couple months later.

But in all honesty... If you added up the hours I spent trying to find them... I probably made less than minimum wage But it's a love....

Comment #13

If you are in a hurry - then buy mutual funds.

Domaining takes a lot of time - first massive amounts of study (Namepros back pages for a start) then lots of time searching for domains, reg fee or aftermarket - either way.

And then you still have to find buyers - soon if you are flipping, later if you are a long term holder.

If you are in a hurry - then buy mutual funds..

For that matter, better stick to index funds - specialized funds take research too...

Comment #14

Whatever you buy but make sure refund process is smooth with that registrar in case you want refund for any name you regged within five days.

Good luck..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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