How does a Nutrisystem diet work? they give u food? and then what?

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My 1st question is: How does a Nutrisystem diet work? they give you food? and then what? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Well guys, I got my food last night and already hit it hard. Back on full plan to get this last 10 pounds off. We will see what the body looks like then and make a decision. Does anybody have any recommendations for a good ab/core program? I have a back injury and the spinal specialist recommended I try to strengthen my Core.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Reach for the Severn...kidding..

I would be very careful with squats and deadlifts, if you have previous injuries. There is a powerlifting cult that seems to think that they will mystically develop you and that other exercises won't (and that downplays some of the physical issues peopl have with the compound free lifts). And powercleans from the deck? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?.

Recommend getting your doc to specific some OT or physT help in designing a program (emphasize that is what you want...NOT a rep counter, couple of sessions) that is safe for you..

Also, you can just try different things and see how you tolerate them (and go easy, you should NOT be challenged on your first few up, increasing the intensity no more than weekly and with smallest steps possible)..

Certainly you can develop your ab muscles, but realize that fat is what determines ab appearance..

My personal opinion is to try flexion exercises (swiss ball crunches or bicycles or regular crunches). You can also do planks, but they are isometrics, so I don't think you get the same strain on the target muscles (and end up hitting shoulders, etc.).

Would also really recommend doing a general weightlifting program. Don't be like the women who spend 10 sets on their triceps to get rid of hanging skin. work your whole body...

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Actually, I think that the exercises I recommended, if done in moderation with very strict form, would go a long way towards developing the muscles around the troubled regions. This will help stabilize your back, and make you feel a lot better. Certainly more so than some PT having you do wrist rotations with a 2.5 pound dumbell, or rolling around on the floor on a swiss ball. I'm.


Suggesting that you throw 405 on the bar and pull it off the floor, but rather easing into these compound movements..

I'll use myself as an example. My knees are shot, totally ruined. My ortho has been talking total knee replacement, and I'm 39. The thing that helped me the most has been full squats, which the same ortho almost had a heart attack when I told him that I'm doing them. I use strict form, all the way down, but I use light weight, (compared to what I used to use). Doing this has allowed me to continue running long past the point that the "experts" told me it would be possible, (bone on bone in both knees).

So...WTF indeed.....

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Oh, and working your whole body is exactly what I'm also recommending with the compound movements. People don't want to do squats and DL's because they're hard, but they're hard because they work. So, you can do 37 different isolation movements and waste your time, or do 3 or 4 different barbell movements...

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I lean toward using compound exercises for all or most of my lifts ('cept of course those curls for the gurls .... hehe). I'm all about working my core - without targeting my core..

I rarely sit down for exercises, I stand for things like military barbell/dumbell presses and besides using a smith machine on occasion (neck presses can be deadly with a barbell and no spotter) I always use free weights..

You'll be surprised at how much you need your stabilizer muscles - especially your core - when you're hoisting weight above your head in a standing position, or holding weight out at your sides..

You should get into the habit of keeping your abs/core flexed during your lifts - like you're going to take a bunch to the gut, you know? Works wonders..

I end nearly every workout the same - with straight leg raises in a roman chair to failure - then bent knee to failure - I top out at 100 and go home! I really don't think you need to go crazy with targeting your abs. They'll come with compound movemnts, lifting smart and .... most of all - DIET...

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Right on Sean, sounds like we're on the same page...

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Sean makes great points. Dumbbells are great, because you have to engage your core on almost everything..

Instead of a PT who is going to do therapeutic work, go visit a trainer and have them give you a core program. You only need a few visits, but they can suggest ways to alter your program but engage your core all the way...

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Thanks guys! I know I can not do squat Bear or anything where The weight resides with a strong spine. I have a flex in my spine in my L5 going toward my stomach. If I put any weight there it will flex in more and pinch on the nerve. If you think woman can pinch your nerves you ought to feel that! I like what both of you (and bone) said about dumb bells and free weights. I may have to modify the base, but just stablizing my body should build the core also. As fo you Poly, I already have one of those balls and will try that also.

I really need to get my back healed before I can really enjoy life, but htere is no surgical answer, so that is why I asked...

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Another thing that works good for core work is using lighter dumbbells and doing curls and presses while standing on one foot. Just lift one foot or the other (alternating between sets) a little off the floor. You will feel your core being engaged. Try to complete the set without letting your raised foot touch the floor...

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