How do you transfer a website you made with dreamweaver to a godaddy domain??

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: How do you transfer a website you made with dreamweaver to a godaddy domain??.

My next question is: I won an auction at TDNAM, reserve was met. After the auction I contacted with the seller, and he said he don't want to sell the domain. I asked Godaddy for a removal of that purchase from my Won list because seller not want to sell the HostGator anymore. They replied that TDNAM sales are binding, if seller won't sell they will take action against him.

In this situation, what should I do? I didn't make the payment yet. If I don't pay, will they take action to me? Has anybody had similar problem at TDNAM?..

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Your question was: How do you transfer a website you made with dreamweaver to a godaddy domain??.

Seller told his parner don't let him sell, so I also don't want to get him into trouble. If I pay, TDNAM says they will take action, are they serious? How binding is their terms?.

Will it go like this? I pay and there will be no transfer, and I will get a refund after couple of weeks or months... just headache..

Comment #1

U must do your part and be loyal to your bid,.

If he doesnt give the domain(i dont know if godaddy can change ownership) then you will surely get your money back..

I dont know how soon enough but you will...

Comment #2

Pay and wait GoDaddy action.

I'm pretty sure they will terminate his tdnam membership. but he might complete the transaction anyway.

BTW, GoDaddy refunds take 4 days max...

Comment #3

I just put a bid in on a name and recieved an email stating that the owner has the right to renew the new (an extra $80. I think) and that if I win the auction and this happens my money will be returned ..... so it seems they cover all bases..

Comment #4

Happened many times for me. last one was

Comment #5

Thank you all for the advice. I will wait for a couple of hours and then pay for the auction.

The domain's registrar is also godaddy. Does Godaddy have right to push automatically?..

Comment #6

I didn't sell any domains over TDNAM , but if the seller sign an agreement contain that. then GoDaddy can do it...

Comment #7

GoDaddy won't enforce a change of account for a HostGator won at tdnam but buyer refuses to sell. They will terminate sellers tdnam account and refund your money...

Comment #8

I had a similar trouble with TDNAM... I won a and paid but after emails sent to the owner and no replies I saw the name in an auction at sedo, so I called him and he told me he wouldnt transfer the name to me and the owner of the auction would take the name.

It took one month and a half to have the money back... I think TDNAM (godaddy) gets worried if it is a great ammount of money, otherwise they dont.

That was the only trouble I had there... I think they must push the name to you and give the money to the previous owner... it is a contract, period.

How much figures was the sale?..

Comment #9

It is a low xxx sale for a, the amount is a a bit higher than the's reseller price. I didn't understand why seller changed his mind, it is above the current market price...

Comment #10

I won a Buy It Now auction at TDNAM (which means you pay at once) and then entered into long email correspondence with the seller, who had basically changed their mind but didn't actually come right out and say so. I was jerked around by the seller for almost a month with delaying tactics, until the 30 days of TDNAM's "Guaranteed Purchase" was up. The seller did not complete the sale and I understand was bounced from TDNAM, and I got a refund within a few days.

However, that HostGator is still registered to the "seller" and on a GoDaddy park page. So although they were bounced from TDNAM, they weren't bounced from GoDaddy...

Comment #11

So you have to pay for it and wait to have your refund from TDNAM and move on.

Good luck for you..

Comment #12

There is a need for a secure and reliable platform for HostGator auctions. Because there are lots of people who don't take it serious.

- Some people are selling domains that do not belong to them on Sedo..

- TDNAM's only obligation is deleting membership, which is a funny 5$ loss.

- You cannot review neither the sellers nor buyers anywhere, so it is blind dating.

Domaining a rising industry but the only rise is in prices... For me purchasing goods from United States to Turkey is easier and faster than purchasing a domain. DHL priority delivers in 3-5 days, faster than a HostGator transfer which supposed to be an electronic delivery...

Comment #13

You are totally right.

For me, snapnames does the right thing... if you want to sell a name with thme you have to transfer the name to them and then it can be sold.

There are people complaining about this but think how safe and sure you are if you are the highest bidder; the name will be yours, period.

It doesnt seem to be fine when you have to transfer the name to them but it is very nice when you know that you will pay and receive the name you bidded for..

Comment #14

Does this mean it was an expired HostGator auction?.

What made you contact the seller? You should of kept quiet, hoped they'd forgotten about the name and then you would of had it.

Either way, I agree with sentiments so far, pay as you've agreed (TDNAM T&Cs) and wait for the refund when (or if) the seller does not hold up to their end of the bargain. That's their problem not yours.

There might not even be a partner, and the seller might be making it up in order to keep his name; now realising it is worth $xxx. If I knew someone was willing to pay mid-$xxx for a HostGator I'd spend the $80 to renew...

Comment #15

The advice to pay and then file for a refund is correct. TDNam will attempt to force the seller to complete the sale by suspending their membership until the push/transfer occurs. If the seller values their TDNam membership you'll get your domain. Just make sure you keep TDNam informed about sellers refusal to deliver the domain. Disputes can be filed with ...

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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