How do you transfer a domain name on godaddy?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How do you transfer a domain name on godaddy?.

My main question is: Allright, which of these three TLD's is considered the strongest and weakest?..

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Your question was: How do you transfer a domain name on godaddy?.

"strongest and weakest" as to what?.

For resellers, I'd say .tv is most popular, .cc coming second and then .ws.

For end-users, it completely depends on their preferences.

Personally, .cc, .ws, .tv..

Comment #1

My opinion is .tv being the strongest n .ws is the weakest....

Comment #2

I like .tv best.

.cc is questionable at best.

.ws? wont touch this one..

Comment #3

In answer to:.

'.TV, .CC or .WS - which of these TLD is strongest?'.

None of them are tlds, they are all cctlds..

Imo .ws & .cc are completely worthless and I would never reg one..

There is the odd sale, but tbh these are dead end domains.

However, .tv is great imo..

I only have 2 but plan in time in buying more in the future and developing..

Its all in the brandability and where it's going. also .tv is used more and more on adverts, commercials etc. 'tv' means something to everyone in the world, and I don't just mean transvestites..

Comment #4

.tv has a great brand value and resale prices will increase for sure.

The other two may be more risky...

Comment #5

Ehm sorry, they are all tlds. What you are referring to are gtlds. Maybe to the reseller market. The end-user is a completely different one...

Comment #6

.tv - tuvalu.

.cc - some tiny island nation. Don't even remember the name.

.ws - samoa.

So these are all ccTLDs, being marketed as gTLDs...

Comment #7

Neroux: for resellers exactly.

Hmm... seems like I got to start looking for some nice .tv's then.....

Comment #8

Gtlds are generic top level domains, .com etc...yes.

But, generally in domainer talk, tld just means top level HostGator and means com, net etc. as i'm sure you know.

These are country extensions 'hijacked' if you will to fit another purpose. which is cool in it's own right except .cc & .ws are lead balloons, in that they NEVER took off.

The odd sale I was referring to was to endusers. a rare sight indeed.

May advice to OP , is avoid these like the black death.

However only imo, .tv has a bright future.enduser use, sales and reseller sales are quite common..

Comment #9

.Ws for development .. treated like Gtld in the search engines..

You can own Premium names for very little.

Dont discount the value owning keyword per se algo's..

Comment #10

Fair point for development...and I guess the people of samoa may actually buy some too..

Comment #11

I think :.

1. TV (if the project is TV related).

2. WS.

3. CC.

I've sold some .ws for low and never received any offer on my cc or tv..

Comment #12

Seems to be a voting thread without the vote thing at the top, so here is my vote:.

TV >> CC >>>> WS.

I have never purchased a CC or WS. I am doubtful I ever will, but never say never. If you have and want to push it into my account, feel free! I will even give you twice reg fee for it (ok, maybe more). I do have a .tv, maybe more, and the .tv's can be quite valuable.


Comment #13

.tv for sure.

.ws is not used by anyone I know, personally or professionally...

Comment #14

Sorry to be repetitive but.

.TV is the best by a long way imo.

Then .cc then .ws..

Comment #15

I have a few tv , getting lots clicks and bids ,also a great tv forum on namepros...

Comment #16

I've asked this before.

1 .tv.

2 .cc.

3 .ws.

Is the more common is definately No.1 but the .cc and .ws are close together because of .ws being cheaper. If Verisign dropped the .cc pricing, .cc would be an obvious No.2...

Comment #17

Hey have a read of the .tv forum here ....... there are many fans and with video and internet tv around the corner , it's well worth thinking about ...... imo..

Comment #18

.tv wins if it is TV related or perhaps for social netoworking..

Otherwise IMO, .cc and .ws are better...

Comment #19 is the strongest,.

Since I have it some and none of .cc .ws.

I would go for .tv > .cc >. ws..

Comment #20

Just guessing ,but you could probably check at , and just see which has had the biggest sales. Has to be .tv. I haven't heard of too many major .cc, or .ws sales! Case dismissed, get outta here!.

Frank/ representing client .tv!..

Comment #21

I think .cc is worst among there..

Top: .Tv.

Second: .Ws.

Third: .Cc..

Comment #22

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