How do you store your Medifast foods??

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Might sound like a silly question but, some folks don't have the cabinet space like myself. I was in the chatroom and someone suggested using storage that hangs over the door. Sweet!.

I took a Medifast Packet so I'd know the size and went to my locate retail store. I found an over the door, clear plastic shoe organizer for $7.99. I fit all my Medifast meals into it. It's organized by rows now so I know how much I have of each Medifast type food. In one of the slots I have clear plastic zip lock bags so I can "shop" in the morning before heading to work. (Of course those bags can be reused too!).

I thought I'd share that idea with folks since it was shared with me. I know I really appreciated it! The little things that make our day.

So how do you store your food?..

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I use the shoe organizer too. It does work perfectly...

Comment #1

That is actually an awesome idea!! I could have my own little Medifast store! Adding that to my list...

I'm up to a digital scale, lots of small containters with lids and now a shoe holder!..

Comment #2

Too boot I keep it in my home office so I can see it from my computer when ordering..

Comment #3

I too use the shoe organizer. It hangs inside my pantry. Makes it very handy to go shopping for my next meal or when I'm packing meals for the day...

Comment #4

The shoe organizer is a great idea. I just throw mine (like items in one large ziplop bag) into a storage tub. It does get daunting trying to hunt for stuff. Maybe I'll checkout the shoe organizer. Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #5

I have the cabinet space. Hubby fixed it all up for me and rearranged everything so a few shelves are all for my food. I like the shoe rack idea, but I don't have a door in my kitchen where you wouldn't see it hanging; otherwise, I'd do it...

Comment #6

I don't have a pantry door for the over the door shoe organizer.

I use the stacking shoe drawers that slide in and out.

I have 4 of them stacked 2 high and side by side on my counter, they work out perfectly...

Comment #7

The shoe organizer idea is a great one. But, I don't have the room. I am lucky enough to have a whole cabinet shelf to myself. It is all neatly organized... Easy to locate what I want...

Comment #8

I do the Ziploc baggies, but I divide the meals evenly the day the order arrives. That way I just grab a baggie and run...

Comment #9

I have a shelf in the cabinet that is designated as my Medifast Food/Shaker Shelf - I take 5 meals and put them in sandwich baggies and stack them. I just grab a bag and log my food for the day. I am not too picky on what I eat each day as I have ordered 97% of the foods I like...

Comment #10

I just went to the dollar store and bought some bins to keep everything at a glance so I know what I am needing to order..

Comment #11

I like the shoe rack idea, it will work perfectly in my kitchen coat closet. Right now, mine sit on my dining room table..

Danielle - I picked up red soup cups with lids from Target. They are perfect for making my oatmeal and soups the night before and big enough to cook the soup in without overflowing..

Our grocer - Giant, carries a shaker cup, it has 1/2 cup marks on the side. I use it for shakes and cold drinks..

The Medifast shaker cups are good too for pre mixing...

Comment #12

I have a teeny, tiny kitchen, so the over the door shoe holder works best for me. Each pocket has the picture from the box, to make IDing the white envelopes easy. I can tell at a glance what's low for ordering and packing meals for the day takes less than 30 seconds...

Comment #13

I use the shoe idea I found on these boards when I first started in July. It is such a great idea..the pockets are the perfect size. I don't have a pantry door in my kitchen, so I hang it on the back of the door to the room closest to the kitchen. When my grandpuppy comes to visit, I take the whole thing and hang it on the back of my sewing room door where he can't get at it. I also have a shelf for my pretzels and puffs and the extra that won't fit in the organizer. I have heard of sme people keeping their extra in one of those under the bed plastic boxes...

Comment #14

My neighbor was throwing away a DVD rack that has small shelves and a back. It works perfectly for my Medifast food and doesn't take up much space!..

Comment #15

I keep mine right on the kitchen counter, next to the fridge, so that I'm constantly reminded to stay on plan...

Comment #16

I'm lucky and don't have class or work everyday so I just keep it in the box they came in and leave that in the garage. I'll take out a package of shakes and bars and leave one of each in the pantry and just grab it for when I need.

I keep a few RTD shakes in the fridge in case I need to rush out for something and can't make one on the spot..

Comment #17

I am lucky to have a whole cabinet, I do stack them according to meal (shake, bar, soup ect)...

Comment #18

I store them in a shoe holder on my pantry door. There is clear plastic so I can see what envelopes are in each pocket...

Comment #19

Where did you all find your organizers? And what is the name brand?..

Comment #20

I found the shoe organizer at Target. It's by RE Room Essentials...

Comment #21

I have space to put them in the cabinets, but my favorite thing is using a clear jar to put my bars in. It used to be full of pasta or flour, and now it's my little treat. I like having them on the counter like that, feels like my special little treat...

Comment #22

Danielley - you can find shoe organizers at just about any store. Your best bet for going least expenive is someplace like target or walmart..

I don't have a lot of room in my pantry so what have done is I took a box, made my own dividers saying week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4. From there when I recieve my order, I seperate all the meals into sandwich baggies for the next four weeks. I do have the days written on the bags so it makes it really easy for me to plan for days that I have school or football games to go to. It is really nice to have it seperated that way since I walk by the pantry in the morning on the way to the kitchen to get my coffee...

Comment #23

Mine are still in the box they were shipped in, lol! Except for a shoeboxfull that I have in my car.....

Comment #24

It's fun reading how everyone manages to organize and store their medifast meals. I have a shelf in my cupboard, but I sure like the shoe organizer idea. I have put my packets in ziplock bags, 5 per bag while on vacation. That made it totally easy to stay on program, and no choices to make. Organization is one of the keys to staying on program...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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