Any GoDaddy shipping codes you can share? How do you make money with GoDaddy Parked Domain

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I don't get this domain business...I am new.

I buy let's say a domain with 2000 Unique Visitors a day after I do my homework ( I go to internet archives, I see how the web site looked like...I see there are some back links et c) then I park it with Go Daddy..

WHAT THEN? How do I Make money and how much by having a domain parked?..

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The key to it is to find a decent .com domain, reg it and then as many of the other TLDs as you can afford (.net, .org .aero etc.) to protect your branding. Park them all, then go to Burger King and fill out an application. You'll get paid WEEKLY and never even have to check your stats, let alone buy more domains, develop sites, split test, promote, or anything else like that.


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You never pay anyone to "park" your domains. Godaddy is a ripoff. I recommend ( and use) or their sister company if you wish to develop the domain. They both have a very good name in the industry. If you haven't already check out the forum Namepros for more parking info...

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You don't make money by parking at Godaddy. That is the key...

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I have no good luck when it comes to domain parking. Parked them at sedo but nada.. Better develop the site for affiliates or adsense revenue...

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Hi Guys thanks for the info....I will try and then let you's all about traffic these get the traffic, you get the power...

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Parked is the best ppc parking company around. Then next I think domainsponsor...

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Though you've abused the boobs icon, I'm not going to call you names(bad ones, too) before I help you..

Though it seems like you may be a lazy mooch as you obviously haven't tried looking this info up for yourself, I'm going to show a little restraint(one marginally bad name isn't sooo bad) and point you(and your fellow n00bs) to this thread, right on WF, where you can find what you're looking for if you want to help yourself..

Or maybe you want us to spoon-feed you?..

Comment #7

Just Lloyd the only one abusing shit is you. So I can even ask a question you bump..

Comment #8

Don't think of it as me "abusing you", think of it as an "educational experience".

You'll get schooled again if you don't figure out that the boobs icon means the full meal deal, replete with nips, not a pic of your big sister in her "Sunday Go Behind The Church" outfit..

Now since you're too stupid or lazy to google it for yourself, here's a link to "make money with parked domains"....

Http:/ d+domains.

I don't know how they do it on DP but it's different here..

And, yes, you can thank me later...

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Whatever you do, dont click on parked domains using different ips from libraries and your friends houses... they have some of the best payouts in the industry bar none. is the best.. although I am no longer with them..

Sedo is a waste of fucking time, they are just plain out to rob you blind. But you can score some sweeeeet deals with sedo. The best roi I ever got from a domain there was, after buying and putting up a quick phpbay pro site.. I made 350 dollars on the second month. I bought the domain for $130 I think...

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Wow, $220 profit in only one month!... you must be ballin'..

Comment #11

Hardly .. I was offered about 3.5k for the website and completely turned it down....

Comment #12

Lloyd I think you mean an "educational experience were your foot gets forcefully placed up his ass"...

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I see requires a minimum of 10 domains to join. But does anyone know if you later develop some of the domains, can the number of parked domains in your account goes below 10 and the account will stay active?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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