How do you figure up your Nutrisystem points limit?

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Got a quick question: How do you figure up your Nutrisystem points limit? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?.

I set up a private fantasy football league on Yahoo; there are 11 spots left..

League name: Nutrisystem Goal Line.

Password: f00tball (the o's are zeros).

Live Draft Sunday 8/29 @ 10:15 am EST (we have plenty of time to change that if it's a problem for anybody.).

Start doing your homework!..

Comments (33)

Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Hey, I've got no loyalty to Yahoo. If you want to set one up at, Mike, I'll cancel mine & join yours. It's always more fun to play against guys that love the game...tougher competition!..

Comment #2

I don't know much about football....

Back when I was in high school the Coach handed me a football and asked, "How far can you pass this?".

I said, "Gee Coach, I don't even know if I can swallow it."..

Comment #3

I am interested in the league. Patiently waiting to see which site we are using...

Comment #4

Brwns, go ahead & join the Yahoo league until we hear from Frazzz.....

Comment #5

Just saw this....was thinking of starting one. Did this one happen? Couldn't find it on Yahoo...

Comment #6

I'm only playing in the espn league - in one so far but will jump on board if you guys do one there. If not? Screw you!! no seriously, have fun guys. SL..

Comment #7

Looks like we've only got 5 interested. Anyone else?..

Comment #8

Sorry I disrupted and then bailed on this. Got busy at work and with life and forgot about this. Unfortunately I'm passing on FF (already in 2 and going to be hard to commit to those)..

BTW: made major changes to their FF this year, and I'm not sure about their site now.....

Comment #9

I'd be interested, haven't done fantasy football in a few years...

Comment #10

Count me in...when do you want to do the draft?..

Comment #11

Wouldn't mind doing it, but I don't work conventional days or hours. As long as whichever site you utilize has an intelligent absentee draft (such as cbssports had for baseball) I'm game..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/03: 179.0.

197(Days NS)..

Comment #12

Looks like we've got 10 teams!.

I've set one up on (League Name: "NS Goal Line")..

If you PM me your email addresses, I'll send out invites. I'd like to do a live draft (you can set yourself to auto-pick if that doesn't work for you), so I'm thinking Monday Sept 6th or Tuesday Sept 7th in the evening. Let me know your preference...

Comment #13

What he said, nice to see some Pittsburgh fans on the board..

Comment #14

I'm just gonna throw some love over to Detroit. Steeler nation is strong and proud. Detroit nation is...............


Jump on the Detroit bandwagon. We'll break your heart 15 different ways before the game is over..

And Mr_Bungle, if you still have spots open, I'll get in on the fantasy action. I sent you a message about it...

Comment #15

I will play if you still have room. I just sent you a PM. Sorry for the late response, but I have been away for a while...

Comment #16

I might be interested in this. I'm a big fantasy baseball guy been playing since '84. I played football once years ago, Steve Young was my QB. I'll message you Mr_Bugle...

Comment #17

We've got 8 teams entered...anyone else? We can go 10 or 12 teams..

Draft is set for 7pm ET on Monday night 9/6. If you can't make live draft, you can set up your list for auto-pick. If there's a different date we can all agree on, I'm all for it...

Comment #18

OK everyone, make sure you check your email & join the site; everyone needs to do this before 6pm ET today, or the league won't start..

You can pre-rank your players if you can't make the live draft tonight (7pm ET), or you can do nothing & just use the ESPN rankings (which aren't bad). However, the live draft starts at 5pm ET...

Comment #19

Anyone else want in? We have 1 guy that hasn't checked his email, and we can't draft until we have 10 teams. Need to know before 6pm EST. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?..

Comment #20

Since we're short 1 team, I'm going to go ahead & delay the draft until tomorrow night @ 7pm EST..

If you want in, send me a PM and I'll send you an email invitation. You have to read the email & click the link in the email to confirm your spot in the league...

Comment #21

See you at the draft Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 9:00 PM ET..

Comment #22

I want to join, but the Hoff is preventing me.....

Comment #23

I just left a Labor Day Party where all the single ladies were diggin the new slender me and... ughhh.. no draft tonite. We were swimming and hot tubbin, playing Can-Jam and bocci ball. I take fantasy football too serious!!!!!..

Comment #24

Autodraft picked Farve for me, and after his performance yesterday, I'm feeling a lot more confident.....



A lot more confident about picking up Chad Henne off waivers. Ugh. He really looked like he needed training camp to shake the rust off...

Comment #25

Oh man, I started 2 Vikings receivers they were pathetic!..

Comment #26

I emerged from that game unscathed!.

Man, do the Vegas guys know their stuff or what? NO favored by 4.5, and they won by 5, covering the spread exactly. Crazy!..

Comment #27

Brandt, I love Brett Favre, especially now since I am playing against you this week. Now I just have to hope Dallas' O-line can give Romo a little bit of time. I am taking you down this week!!!!!!..

Comment #28

Is there a spot left. I tried looking for the league and can't find it..

Comment #29

Adding f/a WR Clayton (STL) turned out to be a pretty decent move, but on the other hand there's no salvation for having my top RB go down with a season-ending injury in the first week. It's going to be interesting..

Go Dragons!.



2/19: 241.8 (start).

9/19: 176.0.

213(Days NS)..

Comment #30

My team really stunk up this week. I didn't even get out of the starting blocks. I think it is time to start trading some players. yuck!..

Comment #31

Hey the team I played last week had Arian Foster, Hou RB who went off for 41 points and this week my opponent had Jahvid Best, Det RB who had 40..

Two weeks and the 2 top fantasy scorers. Take it easy, I'm the fantasy football newb and a Vikings homer (which is killing me obviously)..

Comment #32

Well, there hasn't been much chatter, but everyone stayed on top of their teams, for the most part. Always nice to see that in a for-fun-only league!.

In an intense semifinal round, (my team) the Fat Bastards (9-5) advanced to the Championship Game thanks to a hard-fought 199-194 victory over the Courtesy Flushers (8-5-1)..

The other game was even tighter, as the New York Sack Exchange (11-3) advance to the Championship after squeaking by Team Geek Squad (7-7) by the score of 161-160..

The result is an All-Western Division Championship, with the early line showing the Bastards as a significant favorite. But, as we all know, anything can happen in Fantasy Football..

Great season everyone! Here come the Bastards!!!!!..

Comment #33

Great season, thanks for setting it up! Losing by one is a tough way to go out, especially since Adrian Peterson wimped out and didn't play!..

Comment #34

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