How do you feel towards Nutrisystem?

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Got a quick question: How do you feel towards Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... Hello all, I just wanted to share, I got an email from Costco yesterday. They are having a sale on the 35 day cards for 259.99. Hope this helps any newbs like me who would like to save some money..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Does it allow you to customize your order?.

I can't bear another hot dog...

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Even if it's not the 2 snacks a day, after that first month when you go on auto delivery, you get switched to the regular men's plan with 2 snacks a day (and yeah it's like $284 from then on out for 35 days of food on every delivery)...

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The Costco email says it's either the men's or women's 35 day plan, so I would think it included all the snacks. Otherwise it would say something like non gender plan...or something like that..

Hold on...I just went to the link and it does have 70 desserts, but the price on their site says 299.99. The sale is supposed to go until 8/15, so who knows...

Comment #4

I ordered one a couple months ago. Fully customizable with 2 snacks/day 35 day meal plan. You can't use buddy bucks or 50 click discounts with it obviously. I have heard some people buy a couple of those cards and just use them. I'm not sure if they expire..

My next BBB will come in September, over 2 months since my last one. Its regular price is $284.99 for 35 days (2 snacks) but I got $30 in buddy bucks and $10 for 50 clicks so my actual cost is $244.99. Free shipping, no sales tax...

Comment #5

Same here except this is my second shipment on the costco plan. The only one you couldn't use discount codes on was the initial costco order...

Comment #6

Yeah that is what I meant I am doing as well. I think the autoships were $10-20 more then my original costco order but still significantly less then the 28 day plan for +$300 directly from nutrisystem..

I have heard that really frugal people buy a bunch of those costco cards when they are on sale and submit one when they need it...

Comment #7

I think you guys are missing the big picture here. With Costco, you don't get Nutribears! Your collection will be incomplete. All that time you spent building that "bear shelf" will be wasted...

Comment #8

NO NUTRIBEARS!!!! that really does suck, maybe I will stay with the autoship. I can't wait to get my first bear, how long does it usually take them to get it to you?..

Comment #9

More often than not, they are in your next food shipment. If it isn't, email them and raise holy hell and they'll send you one. Nah, just kidding, you don't have to raise hell, just tell then you didn't get your teddy bear and they'll mail it right out. But I figure they giggle about grown men wanting bears though...

Comment #10

I got my first one - I deep fried it then ate it...

Comment #11

Actually you do. As long as you're logged in under your current name when you activate the card (it might be dependent upon signing up for Auto delivery.) At least thats been my experience. My first Costco order came with my 175 bear included..

Comment #12

Really? I had no idea. I've always heard that there were no bears if you ordered through Costco or Sams. Hmmmm.....

Comment #13

I'm trying to hold off until I reach goal, then I'm gonna BBQ all of them bears and have a SUPERFEAST~!..

Comment #14

I get Nutribears with my Costco shipments. One was forgotten the last shipment and I called in, the counselor made a comment she wasn't sure I'd get them anymore with Costco, then talked to a supervisor and said that Costco definetly gets them and shipped it right out to me...

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I only have two nutribears- a 40lber and a Goal. I'm not going to ask for the others. Now if they had Nutribugs I'd be whining up a storm for the full set. Heck, I'd put on 200lbs just so I could lose it again...

Comment #16

It's completely untrue that you don't get the Bears on the warehouse store card programs. I got my next bear in my first Costco BBB (my third BBB overall). Also untrue that you can't use Buddy Bucks or 50 clicks. That is likely applicable only to the initial card redemption. I've used each of those discounts since switching to the Costco plan (Men's 35-day, auto-delivery, customized)..



2/19: 241.8 (start).

8/15: 181.2.

178(Days NS)..

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