How do you calculate points on the Nutrisystem?

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Got a question... How do you calculate points on the Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... If you can't bring your Nutrisystem with you for 3 days, how do you compensate- it seems like it will be really hard esp since we will be eating in restaurants! Any advice?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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I for one have no plans of following any diet while on vacation. I am not saving money for months to not fully enjoy my vacation. I prepare myself to gain a few lbs and once I get back I will get back on 100% I actually postponed vacation plans until I am closer to goal. I don't vacation that often so if I pay a few thousand dollars for a vacation I am going to enjoy it!.

So my advice is, enjoy, it's only 3 days away from the plan and get right back on it when you return...

Comment #2

Yeah, it's been weighing on my mind lately, as I leave on vacation in a few weeks. I'm trying not to stress about it too much, though. I'm lucky to be vacationing with a size zero vegetarian in NYC, so it's gonna be all walking and healthier restaurants. Plus, since I'm staying in her apartment and not a hotel I may be able to do some appropriate grocery shopping and cooking while I'm there..

My biggest concern is gonna be staying hydrated and eating often enough. And not drinking too much, cuz I am visiting a college student in New York, afterall...

Comment #3

I agree with that concept. I went on a 7 day cruise and I went off plan for about 10 days total (birthday before it and then valentines day after it). I did gain 10 pounds temporarily and then I took them right back off the two weeks following it. I was emotionally prepared to see a small gain but I knew I could get right back on track after we got home. I also think it's best to be going strong on your plan before you do it, I was 85 pounds into this when I went...

Comment #4

I'm on vacation now and neglected to pick up the small cans of V-8 to help get my vegetables in, but I'll get some today. The hardest part for me has been getting enough water. Yesterday, I know I didn't get enough, but part of that was by design since we went to two playsone was a matinee and the other in the evening. Today, only one play, so I should do better. We've eaten out only a couple times and did well on our food choices, but we brought enoughNutrisystemfood to get through. That's been really convenient, actually..

I'm going on a cruise in June and while I do plan to watch what I eat by limiting things like desserts and deep-fried items, I will be eating at the steakhouse and we have reservations for Chef's Table. We'll be sure to get in lots of vegetables and have fruit for breakfast and do a lot of walking and stay hydrated. This is my new lifestyle so even on vacation I'll be diligent about my diet and also allow myself a couple of indulgences like the steakhouse and Chef's Table. But, you can be sure, I'll be spending some serious time in the ship's gym!.

Vacations used to be so much about eating in good restaurants and indulging. Well, no more! That's the mentality that got me here..

It's a new day!..

Comment #5

I only take 2 vacations a year... so I will still be making mine about good food, good friends and a little over endulging. That chocolate melting cake was to die for and I did enjoy it every night. I also had some drinks with fruit juices and chocolate. I might look at it differently if I had more free time and trips I could take over a years time...

Comment #6

I understand and am in no way judgingI just know that's a trigger for me. I could just see myself eating like I used to on cruises and never stopping! LOL. I want this new way of eating to be a lifestyleI'm recently single and I'm who my DD has to rely on. I quit smoking and I'm getting healthy and I'm going to stay that way..

BTW, I know the WCMC is a favorite for so many. I didn't like it!..

Comment #7

That's the other thing... we all have to learn what our triggers are and learn to avoid them. So it's good that you can recognize that and that is exactly why I do not recommend the same path I take for everyone. You have to know yourself and understand where your brick walls are so you don't hit them...

Comment #8

I don't understand why people think you can't enjoy eating healthy food. Some of the best meals I have had are those where the ingredients are fresh and it is prepared in a "clean" manner - i.e. grilled. Fried, slathered in butter, oils and sauces does not necessarily equate to good tasting food. Often that is done to cover up for subpar ingredients..

No one is saying that you can't indulge a little, but why would you toss everything that you have learned here out the window? This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. So sure, have dessert but make it one or two bites instead of the entire serving. Enjoy a glass or two of wine, but don't drink margaritas all day leading to thousands of excess calories. Order the grilled fish instead of the deep fried entree...

Comment #9

I, personally, am experiencing a change in what I am actually desiring to eat. I have lost the taste for the fried foods, the sweets, etc. I think the water has a lot to do with that. So I agree with the lifestyle change. I will try my best not to go back to the bad habits that made me overweight...

Comment #10

I generally go on vacations where I'm always moving and to the point where I need a vacation after my vacation. I also tend to go to places where the cuisine is healthy and the portions are "normal" (Europe). So, I often come back either the same weight or a little less..

However, when I go on vacation, the food is something I always look forward to and I do research the food and the restaurants. In fact, I already know what I want to eat on my upcoming vacation, and I have no idea where I'm staying. LOL!.

I don't weigh myself until I've been back for a week, and I always hop back on the wagon the next day...

Comment #11

I'm not throwing it all out the window. It's only a few days of my life. I know how to return back to my old habbits the next week. Some of the best meals (in my opinion) are the rich and decadent ones. I've always enjoyed those foods and 1 year into this that still hasn't changed..

This is a lifestyle change and I will be right back on track every day afterwards..

I enjoy the way I'm eating 99% of the time withNutrisystembut I also still enjoy eating occasionally the other foods that simply cannot be replace with low fat/calorie/sugar foods...

Comment #12

I just got back from a 7 day vacation. It was an all inclusive resort, and I didn't worry about Nutrisystem while I was there. I gained about 3 pounds over the week, which was fine with me. Six more weeks until Las Vegas, where I will also take a short break...

Comment #13

I leave next week and I'm going to do the best I can. I bought a bunch of extra food to take with me and I'll try to do theNutrisystemmeals whenever I can. My point is that, yes, I may want to have some nice meals, but I never want to go back to the way I was eating so I'm going to be real careful! But I'm not going to be gone for just a week or two. I'll be gone for a few months - not just vacation but work/vacation. My friends love to eat and drink and there's this special pizza they love to get and pizza was one of my downfalls. So I'm kinda fretting that pizza, but I plan to have one piece (maybe two) and a big salad. I remember a friend of mine always used to order a salad when we got pizza and I thought why would you want to waste time on having on a SALAD when you could just eat PIZZA! Now I know WHY you get a salad with pizza! LOL..

Comment #14

I wasn't on vacation but on a business trip on Monday. I ordered a meal during our working dinner that I thought be in plan (ham, swiss and Djion on a multi grain bread) and found it wasn't at all. It was a melt with about 10 times the amount of ham needed. The old me would have eaten the whole thing with no problem but I actually didn't even like it. I ate a couple of bites from 1/2 the sandwich after taking about 2/3rd the ham off the sandwich. So tastes do definitely change and it has only been two months for me...

Comment #15

Here is a decription of my latest journey.. Its long and I am sorry for that, however I think I needed to give myself a pep talk... and hopefully it will be a help to others..

I just got home from a 12 day vacation on Friday, however I was off plan for 15 days due to traveling and then the weekend I came home. I enjoyed the rest of the weekend and started fresh on Monday. When I was preparing to go away I knew that it was going to be hard to stick toNutrisystemand not to sample all of the local cusine that I did not want to miss. I was on a 12 day cruise to the Mediterrannean and had a pre cruise stop in Barcelona. I packed a "cheat sheet" with me that listed some reminders of what was acceptable mostly in code, since my friend is unaware that I am doing NS. In Barcelona, honestly I didnt even think about what I was eating, but then when I was on the cruise it hit me especially after hearing all the jokes that you hear about all there is to do an a cruise is eat.

Then I realized I cant get too overwhelmed otherwise I would just give up, I needed to find the balance.For breakfast I tries to stay on plan with yogurt, fruit and cereal. For lunch, I started my buffet trips with a salad loaded with veggies and fat free dressing. I would also have a chilled fruit soup. Then it was a plate full of veggies and some meat. The veggies were full of sauces and cheese so I would also take two pieces of bread with lunch.

I was still able to taste the sauce/cheese but I would not eat all of it. For dinner I would be a little more free in my choices, but still had the veggies. During the day I would snack on fresh fruit that was available and ocassionally the ice cream bar. For dessert every night I had a brownie and icecream. While away I tend to drink more soda then when at home so for every 2 sodas that I ordered I would get 2 waters with lemon, plus while in the room I would only drink water as well as when on the excursions.

I had a scale in my room and honestly only used it once. I didnt want to make a few gained pounds ruin my vacation. I did a ton of walking and only took the elevators if we were going up with luggage or up 5 or more more flights, otherwise I was always on the steps and I would make sure that I alternated staircases to ensure more steps. I never used the gym or the walking track, but I did explore the ship. Now fast foward to now.

I had managed to go away for 15 or so days and eat off plan and still lose A POUND. Now I know it's only a pound in over 2 weeks, but I think that is a big accomplishment for me. I am proud that I knew enough to maintain my weight and still have a great time. Hopefully that little weight loss will kick into high gear now that I restarted..

Sorry for the rant but I think it help when you write it down. Thanks for reading and all the support prior to me leaving.....


Comment #16

Couldn't agree more. When I look at a menu these days, I immediately mentally cross off anything with cheese, cream, bacon. I am naturally drawn to lower fat, lower GI, leaner protein foods. You can have a fine meal with filet mignon, vegetables, salad and a whole grain dinner roll and still remain within guidelines. Or shrimp or fish and grilled veggies..

One thing I always do - ask to substitute the potato or rice with a second veggie serving...

Comment #17

Well everyone one is different, the mentality that got me here is indulging every day not indulging in moderation once in awhile. Lifestyle change is also about still enjoying fave foods once in awhile and since I only go on vacation every second year I will indulge some. Some have the mentality it's all or nothing and that too is what got them where they are today, going to one extreme to the other. To each their own and whatever works for you...

Comment #18

I just wanted to repay you for the epileptic seizures..

Comment #19

Thanks for sharing Dawn! Sounds like you did great!..

Comment #20

Everyone is different : ) I am going to Key West, Florida in 6 weeks. One reason my husband and I chose the Keys is we can drive and bring nutrisystem with use - we live in Florida and are doing the plan together. For New Years we went to NYC for 7 days. I thought I ate well and we walker 4-5 miles a day. And I still gained 3 pounds. Vacations are very important to me and I feel the food is part of that.

For dinner make good choices. Focus on lots of veggies. We are renting a condo so we will eat dinner there a few times. But I am sure I will have more than my fair share of frozen drinks : )..

Comment #21

I'm actually looking forward to flexing while on vacation. I'm going to an all-inclusive in April and I can't wait for somebody else to cut up all my fruit, cook up my egg-white/veggie omelet, grill my fish, roast my veggies. Yum!..

Comment #22

Not sure but I came across it the other day on another site and thought about your psychedelic signature...

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