How do you calculate Nutrisystem points?

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First of all How do you calculate Nutrisystem points? Thanks for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Went to the KOC for the football game. 3 slices of pizza, 2 wings and 3 captian and diet cokes..

Was good all day. Im so pissed..

Shouls I fast today??..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Like Jen said..... Eat all of your required food today. Drink plenty of water..

You slipped beat yourself up over it and move on..

Go to the gym Run a litle extra, workout a litle harder...

Comment #2

You are just getting started. Bad sign..

That said, get right back on the horse. This happens. The key is how you deal with it. Make it your goal to be 100% this week...

Comment #3

Gotta keep myself out of those situations..

You guys are right..

I feel like ****. Well pounding away at the water and gonna get back today..

When I drink I eat everything. That is why I'm trying to stop drinking at the same time..

Not a good day yesterday...

Comment #4

Is this a serious question? If it is, you have a lot to learn...

Comment #5

1. Fill with salad man. And some lean protein. But really bump up the rabbit food. Will help you. Pre-emptive war man..

2. Try to make it like a macho thing, like almost a sport to run your diet. Enjoy your workouts as well and thing of yourself as an athlete in training. Having something to replace the "void" of food with an activity helped me (would lift at YMCA instead of eat wings and drink GnT at the barz). Sean can do both, cuz he is a stud, but for me the replacement was what worked..

If you can make it a little bit of a fun game to do the weight loss, wathc the numbers go down, etc. it can help mentally...

Comment #6


I'm sure eveyrone has slipped a time or two. But the key is to know what to do after you have..

Do a little homework and develop your plan..

Have you looked at the "Mindset Makeover" section?.

Some great stuff in there...

Comment #7

To put my two cents in....

Not all of us have as easy of a time as some of the others in here. When you have certain habits with food, sometimes they're hard to break..

Whereas the "Just do it!" mentality is a good one, it's not always available..

I lost twenty pounds the first time I did it, and I've been stumbling alot since I got back on in November. I'm not sure why I was able to do it so easily last time and this time is so difficult..

But...I've also noticed that when I'm craving food...let's say Pizza, I eat my nutrisystem meal anyway and when my stomach is full the craving subsides..

I also realized that I needed to stop going to restaurants to eat for a while, and make sure I'm eating the vegetables (they really help keep you full)..

So, going off isn't cool, but put it in the past. Live each day for what it is. Eat the food at each meal that you know you should be eating, because each meal you get through is a step toward your ultimate goal. Think of each meal as a goal. That let's you win up to six times a day! WHen you go off it's not a failure though, it just puts your goal off by at least another day..

Takes thirty days to create new try and go flawless for thirty days, see what you can do. Stop the bad habits one at a time when you can..

And when you make a hard on yourself after it happens, remember how bad it made you feel and use that to make sure you don't slip up again. And don't skip meals. You need to keep eating to make the program work. Keep the metabolism going...

Comment #8

As usual ... More excuses from ScoobySnax. Look - I realize that a lot of you have addictions to food and I'm not even going to try to understand that. I'm a compulsive hand-washer and germ freak. There. I said it..

Scoob, If you need help getting through your addictions talk to a counselor. Nutrisystem isn't going to fix your brain. If you use it correctly and don't cheat you'll learn valuable lessons on nutrition and portion control. Period. That's it. No magic bullet.

You need to do something, man. You're wasting your money ... And if you don't do something to change your eating habits, your heart is going to explode..

But you already knew that, right?..

Comment #9


You are the official tough lover of the group. Interpret it as you will...

Comment #10

You're supposed to wash your hands?.

Sean is right about the common sense and portion control, no magic bullets...

Comment #11

The one eating disorder that is not well publicized is over-eating/compulsive eating. It seems that this one just gets swept under the carpet and most of the pub goes to anorexia and bulimia. IMO, that is because the later are the skinny young female (usually celebrities) types that go on the Oprah type shows and everyone feels so sorry for them, but the compulsive eaters are just fat and are looked down upon as having no self respect or control and are, therefore, not worthy of much attention to their plight. I'm willing to bet that there are a few people on this site who suffer from this but very few get the help for it that they need...

Comment #12

I disagree. As an impulsive (I hate to use the word compulsive, but it may fit) overeater, I believe that NS.


Give you what you need. A prepackaged pattern of eating. Simply follow the pattern. Easy. My problem is that when I eat anything else, I just don't stop..

So, it is very simple, regarless of your own personal issues. Just follow The Plan. Odds are that I'll never be able to wean myself from Nutrisystem for this reason, but I'm OK with that. I admire those (and there are many) who have learned to eat correctly without NS. I'm going to try this year after getting back to my Maintenance range, but I'm going to keep a BBB handy. Know thyself!.


Comment #13

Sean> Really not sure what your issue with me is, but I was just giving some of my experience. A different perspective, which is sometimes necessary in life. I'm not making excuses - I'm not even the one having issues - I stumbled coming back on, but I'm doing good now. Yeah, I went off for the holidays because I chose to go off for the holidays. Not an excuse, that's my choice, and I have that right. Just because it's not something YOU would do does not make it a poor decision on my part..

My experience here will not be/is not the same as yours. Maybe I am addicted, I don't know, I don't think so. There are certain situations that I tend to eat the wrong kinds of things in, and those I do know. And for sure I know I enjoy food a lot..

Really, I've just been trying to be a member of this group and use it as a tool to lose weight. But now I just feel kinda crappy. Cheers...

Comment #14

Based on where this thread has gone I really feel bad for falling off the plan...

Comment #15

My intent was to wake you up - not make you feel "crappy" (and you better not have used my post as an excuse to go off plan). I want you to succeed. I want you to take a look at yourself and figure out what the heck is causing you to gain weight on a program designed to make people lose weight. Think of it like this: if you would have stuck with the system +/-100% since you started in May, you would be well below 300 pounds by now ... Probably closer to 275 on a good run. 230 by this summer..

One more thing ... I'm getting really tired of you and some of the other guys in here telling me it was easier for me to lose "my" weight. Why? Because I lifted weights prior to joining? Ridiculous - and another lame excuse. My fat is the same as your fat. Our brains our different. That was my point..

The good folks at Nutrisystem figured your diet out ... Now it's up to you to get your head strait..

"Just Do It", Scoob .....

Comment #16

Not using your post to go off plan, no. And I was not implying, nor have I ever said it was easier for you to lose your weight, actually I think it's harder for people who weigh less to lose their fat, usually (not that it's ever easy)..

I do understand if I had stuck to the plan since I joined I could have lost a lot more weight, and I kick myself for it. I meant our experiences are different because of mindsets that we have and where we're coming from. What you bring to a program matters just as much as what you take from it...

Comment #17

This is just like quitting smoking. ( I did that too in 1992). YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. If you don't WANT IT for yourself, WANT IT for your loved ones. They WANT YOU around for a long time..

I haven't had a BBB since the end of October. Yes I have Yo-Yo'ed for November and December but overall, I lost weight off the plan. I also had my share of holiday festivities. The BBB is on the way and once it gets here I will be back 100% on plan..

You have to WANT THIS and if you don't 100% WANT IT you will fail...

Comment #18

Well I havent posted in a few days, namely because I have had to cancel my BBS's due to economic situation, but still have quite abit left in the boxes in the pantry. For some reason, I havent been able to get past that 220 mark for almost 2 months now, and that I was sticking with the program pretty close too. Same thing happened in 2005 when I went on a diet/exercise program and didnt lose past 220 then either...cant explain it. But anyway, these past couple of months since I've been on NS, I have at least learned to eat my Veggies (never did much before) and learn to cut down on my portions, as never left anything on the plate. I plan on staying within those boundries when all the Nutrisystem is gone, and I am on my own. I have called the counselors and talked to them about why I wasnt losing, and they suggested a couple of things, which I did, to no avail, no matter how I twisted my diet around.

Also, will see what gives once I am able to get out and get back on the bike and walk again, as the weather is cold, yes California, and miserable fog is not fun to do those programs in. Looks like the coming week things are going to improve, hopefully. That may be the reason too I havent done well, but even so, that shouldnt be any reason or excuse, I know. I'll be 69 (good #) next month, so hoping for a better 2011, all the way around.....

Comment #19

You don't need the BBB to make this thing work. But you need to be all over the addins, flex every day, and POST A LOT. You need the posting even more, if you are doing it on your own. Anything to help discipline and routine...

Comment #20

There is nothing magical about Nutrisystem meals. They teach portion control and eating properly. That's it. If you can't afford it right now, take these lessons and use them to continue down the right path!..

Comment #21

Perhaps not but my fat leprechaun friend says they're magically delicious...

Comment #22

Silly Rob, Trix are for kids, not fat little leprechauns named MArty!..

Comment #23

Have to weigh in with a comment or two:.

First, to the, did you see "Pizza" (by the slice!!!) and wings anywhere in the Nutrisystem guidebook? Because if it's not in that book, seriously it shouldn't be going into your mouth..

Drink yourself blind if you want, those empty calories are bad too but at least you won't careI'm all for that!.

But you already learned the food behaviors from Nutrisystem and pizza and wings just aren't okay..

Just sayin'.

Second to "force of will"you've gotten some good feedback but I hope to add a couple of helpful comments..

Losing weight isn't about emotional strength and mental toughness or even some kind of lottery where some guys get lucky and some don't!.

Losing weight is pretty simple science and fact..

Burn 4000 calories and take in 1800 calories (of the right kind) and *poof*weight falls..

What calories? Again, IT'S IN THE GUIDEBOOK you bought!!!.

Fresh fruit/veggies, HIGH fiber and Protein, LOW carbs/fat, lots of water, exercise....this NEVER changes..

You've been equipped with this same information that we all have. So the question remains, will you make good choices and change your behavior or not? Up to you..

If you actually do the right things you WILL get the same results as everyone else..

The guys here with huge transformations? They aren't just somehow "luckier than you"they worked at it and converted LEARNING to NEW BEHAVIOR..

There is no reason on earth you can't do the same..

You deserve your own best effort!.


PS. I've been off of Nutrisystem for 6 months now (I was on it for 4 months and lost 41 lbs). I think I'm still doing pretty good with what I learned. The food I brought to work every day this week is still PERFECTLY within Nutrisystem guidelines. Meaning I'll be 100% today until I have the Lean Cuisine for dinner and before my 1.5-2 mile walk tonight (yes, it's colder than the hubs of Hell here in PittsburghI'll walk anyway). Nothing "lucky" about this process...

Comment #24

What you said makes perfect sense..

I think I'm on the right track now, I had 2 100% days in a row and today should be a 3rd..

My job I do lunches and dinners very often with customers and that will not change or I will be out of work. I do need to understand what to order when out and eliminate the drinking..

I used to drink alot and have stopped cold turkey a new years day. It's been day 12 and I had a couple of drinks. The last one tasted like ****..

Not sure if I was an alcoholic or not but I would have my Jameson every night, cocktails at lunch and always at dinner..

Not asking for a medal but that was tough..

I dont mind the ball breaking and sarcasm because that is who I am..

I did this once before and went from 205 to 185 then quit. Started this time at 217 and I hit 209 this morning. Not quitting this time...

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