How do you calculate Nutrisystem activity points?

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Got a quick question: How do you calculate Nutrisystem activity points? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... I'm still a newbie here, and this is my first post. I'm a little over a week into the program, and it is going well - 3 pounds - yay! I didn't follow the program strictly, due to some social obligations, but followed the principles pretty well all week..

I had lunch with my mom today. We ate at Panera, and I felt good about my choices - a pick two combo with black bean soup and grilled chicken caesar salad, no dressing - think the nutrition calculator came in at 290 calories and 24g protein. However, my mom proceeded to buy several cinnamon rolls, cookies and muffins to send home with me. When I protest that I don't want that in my house, she says it is for the kids - of course, they don't need this stuff either. So, I let the kids have a little bit of it earlier, and now, at 10:00 at night, those pastries are calling me. It was a busy day, so I haven't finished my calories for the day - still have close to 300, and the idea that I could nibble on a portion of one of those treats is consuming my thoughts.

This is an ongoing issue in our relationship - she often gives us food we would ordinarily never buy (lots of emotional eating issues here), and most of the time, instead of throwing it out right away (feel guilty about wasting it - ha!), I let it tempt me, and then am mad at myself, and her..

So in an attempt to avoid eating it tonight, I've decided to post for the first time, nibble on my dinner veggies, and eat my peppermint patty cookie..

Does anyone else out there have a close family member whose unhealthy attitude towards food makes life a little more difficult?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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She's trying to show love to you through food it's a common thing among women and their children! That's how a lot of people develop an unhealthy attitude toward food. I agree with mokey56001, let her buy one small treat for each of your kids. Whatever they don't eat, throw it away so it doesn't call your name! As for yourself, tell her that you don't need food from her, that spending time with her means more to you than the food!.

Also, make sure you eat all your food throughout the day, and don't allow yourself to get too hungry. If you're not hungry, you won't be as tempted by food you shouldn't have...

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Bec1124, yes that is it exactly - for her, feeding people is love! It has always been this way, and she won't take no for an answer - seriously, if I left without the food, she would drive it to my house. I know I'm the one responsible for actually putting the food in my mouth, but the whole exchange just gets old..

Tonight however, I ate aNutrisystemcarrot cake for dessert - first time I've had that one - it was very tasty, and had a similar taste/texture to the pastries that were tempting me, so I think I've beat the temptation for tonight. I'm surprised to find that I don't care for theNutrisystem"snacks" - the nacho crisps were really hard for me to eat, and nacho chips are my favorite thing on earth! However, all of the desserts have been very yummy! Thanks for the support to get me over this hurdle!..

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Good job for finding a yummy substitute! I just started right around a week ago as well. The carrot cake was good after putting it in the microwave for a couple seconds. I also don't care too much for the nacho crisps...a little too crispy, but the cheese puffs were pretty good!.

In my culture, it is considered rude if you don't eat when someone offers you's frustrating when family wants to feed you all the time, and then they pinch and point out how much weight you've gained!.

Does your mom know you're on theNutrisystemprogram? My family has been a lot more supportive of me having my own meals ever since I shared my goal and told them that I want to stick to it. They leave me in peace and don't try to offer me what they know I shouldn't be eating right now. Just wondering if you've done that, and maybe she won't add to the temptation...

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When I feel deprived, I eat the Nutri-Chocolates!!!! I LOVE them! I just finished ordering my next month's food, and half of my deserts are Nutri-Chocolates!.

Another thing I thought of, is maybe you could mention to your mom is some of the things you really enjoy eating on Nutrisystem. For instance, I mentioned in passing to my mom that I am really getting into greek salads, so when I was visiting my parents, my mom made me a greek salad!.

Congratulations on making it through the temptation! Each time you are successful, you will grow that much stronger for the next time! You can do it!.


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As everyone else stated, it is a very common problem. You are going to have to be forceful with your mom, tell her you have resolved to remain on a healthy food plan and the way for her to show she loves you is to support you in that. And tell her that if she persists in trying to force unhealthy food on you, you can't help but view it as her deliberately trying to sabotage your efforts, but you are just SURE she would never try to deliberately harm your health, so you KNOW she will cooperate with you. Then if she tries again remind her of the previous conversation and ask her why she would deliberately try to make you unhealthy...

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And make sure to get all your food in daily - it will help a lot in ignoring those evil little voices calling to you from those sugary treats!!!..

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Just pitch the food as soon as your mom is out of sight. Seriously. It's either going to go to waste in the trash, or it's going to go to waste on your body. Which is less wasteful, really?.

Half the food at all those places gets thrown out at the end of the day is it your responsibility to keep that unsold food from being wasted, too? Then why does the fact your mom wasted her money on it make it your responsibility to keep it from being wasted?..

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We live across the street from my Italian parents. We eat with them at least 2 times a week. My father has a very high metabolism, but my mom has always had a few extra pounds on her. But she has diabetes and controls it with diet and exercise..

Anyway, dinner with them always includes first and second courses. Pasta or soup for the first course, meat and veggies for the second. I was afraid to even tell my mom I'm doing Nutrisystem because when she found out, she had all kinds of excuses for why I'm heavy now: you've put on muscle, it's the winter, blah blah..

When we went to her house for dinner, I had a 1/2 cup of pasta, then the meat and veggies for seconds. So I stayed well within my recommendations. but I see my daughter struggle with eating there all the time. She loves to eat and my mom is an excellent cook..

So, yes, it's a struggle...

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