How do websites like DomainDirect and GoDaddy register websites?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: How do websites like DomainDirect and GoDaddy register websites?.

My next question is: If it were 1993 and you had just enough money to reg a name, and you wanted a, which one would you pick from and

LA is the showbiz capital of the world, the center for the world's pop culture, and of course, Hollywood.

NY is one of the top cities in the world, the seat of commerce on the Atlantic.

Both cities have their mythologies. NY is the where Times Square and Wall Street are. LA is where Hollywood and Beverly Hills are.

To me, it would be a very hard choice, but I would've picked, simply because New York can be branded as too.

What would you guys pick?..

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Your question was: How do websites like DomainDirect and GoDaddy register websites?.

Agreed because of the prestige behind owning a name like that in a city of stars and money.......

Comment #1

I would have picked

LA - Has many abbreviations.

LA -

LA - Plenty of possibilities for HostGator hacks.

NY - No other explicit meaning than New York..

Comment #2

Easy one LA.COM.


1) people call Los Angeles - L.A. nobody calls New York - N.Y..

2) much nicer to see the sunset on the water than have to wake up to see it rise over the water.

3) more beautiful people than in the Big Apple.

4) beaches.

5) LA is two premium letters.

6) LA is a word (en Espanol).

I could go on and on but you should get the point by now..

Comment #3

LAAs bad as I need a vacation from good 'ol LA, I think is more valuable than

Comment #4

I don't think that letter quality matters with names such as these. has one bad letter too.

Its a bit odd seeing all the one wants to give NY any love or what?..

Comment #5

I was simply making a domainer joke when I said has two premium letters as opposed to

Comment #6

The better question may have been or , did you know that is available as a hack name when I last looked ....

Comment #7

Did you know los angeles was spelled you mean BIG fake tits and LUSCIOUS collagen lips!.


Comment #8 for the same reason ABC mentioned Los Angeles is called LA no one calls New York NY...

Comment #9

I wouldn't go so far as to say that NO ONE calls New York NY. Yes, it's used much less frequently than LA, but it still is used. I live in Buffalo where New York trips are pretty common. I've heard a lot of people use NY.. the really big ones...they tend to get in the way, really, of you know...ahem...

Though I admit I'm quite clueless about collagen lips. Haven't dated any girl yet with such lips...they look scary though..

Comment #10

I agree, New Yorkers use NY, but very few use the name NY outside New York to refer New York.

For LA, many people outside of US are using it to refer Los Angeles...

Comment #11


NY is also a state, not just a city..

NY is big on business/finances...

Comment #12

If both were available, obviously I would grab em BOTH !!!!!..

Comment #13 all the way. I'm actually surprised so many picked LA. There is no city as big with so much history as NY. People visit NY, NY is like a country unto itself. Don't misread me, I love the west coast but purely from a business standpoint I'd take anything with NY in it...

Comment #14

I think I'd rather LA, as many people refer to NY as NYC. Don't they want a .nyc TLD for the city?..

Comment #15

I'd have lol... but as I have to choose... probably..

Comment #16

New York might be the financial capital, but what happens in LA pretty much reflects the fashion and lifestyle trends of the rest of the planet. There is no stronger influence on public consciousness than Hollywood....

Comment #17 for me, as mentioned because Los Angeles is better known as LA than New York is for NY.


Comment #18

One important point every one seemed to miss...when talking about Los Angeles people actually call it "LA"Nobody calls New York "NY" So LA for sure would be my first pick...

Comment #19

Feels like a Ford vs. Chevy debate. Both are awesome. Probably "LA" since that's popular slang for Los Angeles, as in "I'm from LA".

Incidentally, people outside of New York do use NY...

Comment #20

I <3 NY.

How can people say no one calls New York "NY" when that's probably one of the most famous t-shirts ever...

Comment #21

Obviously didn't read several previous posts.

And, sure, we know there are some people that say N.Y. for New York but that happens about a million times less than people using the term L.A. for Los Angeles. simple fact...

Comment #22

OMFG, I'll to figured out some money for both of them!..

Comment #23

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