How do Nutrisystem points work?

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My question is How do Nutrisystem points work? Many thanks for any response. My other question... Last night I was going to have some of my Pasta Fagioli (which I love) when inspiration struck! I steamed a spaghetti squash in the microwave for 10 minutes (cut in half w 1/2 c. water, covered in plastic wrap), scooped out the squash in a colorful bowl and put the fagioli on top..

Fagioli Veggie Spaghetti! It was very delicious. Not bad for a gal who doesn't cook!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Mmm.. I love spaghetti squash. I've only gotten it a few times from the Neighborhood Walmart. They stopped stocking them, I may go in tonight and ask them to order some... think they might do that?..

Comment #2

I never had spaghetti squash before. I'll need to buy it and try it. I can't believe I even ate crinkled carrots tonight. I rarely ate veggies prior to NS. Glad I came across your "accident"...

Comment #3

That sounds good............might have to get some this weekend when I go shopping............

I also mix many of the red sauce dishes with veggies..........string beans, broccoli, etc..........there is always way too much sauce for me.........I often leave a lot of it in the container and scoop out the other 'stuff' if I can............

Comment #4

I have one that I just bought and I'm working up the nerve to cook it...

Comment #5

Let us know how it comes out. I have never tried spaghetti squash...

Comment #6

I might get brave and give it a try tomorrow night! I'll let you know. I picked up what I thought was a spagetti squash and asked the manager to make sure. He had to ask 3 people because no one knew. I'm glad I looked at picture of it before I bought it..

Someone posted about thinking they bought a spagetti squash and it was really a melon and turned to a watery blob in the microwave...

Comment #7

Kate, I did this last night. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it was sooo good, and so filling! 2 hours later I almost had to force myself to eat my Nutrisystem dessert!! Definitely no temptation to snack last night..

I'm going to be looking for spaghetti squash regularly now. Even with a heaping amount, there was still plenty left so that can be my SO's veggie with dinner..

I'm not that crazy about the pasta fagioli (being Italian, I'm fussy) but man this way was absolutely delish!..

Comment #8

Okay, I'm going to try this. I went on the web and looked at pictures as I know nothing about what they look like. Omgosh, there are so many recipes out there for this squash. Check out "spaghetti squash" on yahoo images and holy cow, does that stuff look good...

Comment #9

Spaghetti squash is also good with chili on top. I usually save one of my protein servings and add some shredded low fat cheese. Very yummy and very filling, too...

Comment #10

I'm glad you liked it! I agree that the fagioli is not "authentic" (my dad is a FABULOUS cook and would turn up his nose at it), but for diet food, not bad! I like to add fresh tomatoes to it, too, and sometimes some extra basil and oregano..

When I was at the grocery store this week I bought another spaghetti squash. I may try it with some other dinner that has a lot of extra sauce!..

Comment #11

Hi guys! I never made the squash either, but it is on my grocery list to get next time I go to the store. Thanks for sharing! Janet..

Comment #12

OK - forgive me for a very stupid question.....

This sounds great as I read it - only thing is I have never been a squash fan. I don't like acorn or butternut squashes, pumpkin or sweet potatoes. I have learned to like zucchini as a "grown up" provided it is grilled or mixed in with other flavors. Does spaghetti squash have a strong flavor? Or does it take on the flavor of the rest of the meal the way a zucchini would?.

Thank you for your assistance.....

Comment #13

The spaghetti squash is great. It is also very easy just cut in half take out the seeds and stuff, put it in a micro container with some water in the bottom, plastic wrap it and nuke it for about 8 min. Take a fork when it's done and srape it out, comes out like spaghetti. I have to say it's a great meal with any of the tomatoe sauce dishesI also like to add a tbsp of parmesean cheese to it. I sometimes feel like I go overboard with it as far as servings go but I don't think any of us got fat by eating to many vegetables..



Comment #14

Careful with eating squash - some of the squash as concidered a Carb and not a veggie - According to the counselor - you may only have Spaghetti squash and summer squash.. 1 Cup serving...

Comment #15

Can someone tell me how much cooked spaghetti squash is a serving? I'm hoping 1 cup cooked = 2veggie servings. thanks!..

Comment #16

That's funny and my sentiments exactly - I need to work up the nerve, too! I'll be watching to see how you did with yours. Guess I'll have to try it eventually. I have a lot of the pasta fagioli - bought for my DH and now he decided he really doesn't care for it that much!.


Comment #17

Just a tip! Nuke the whole squash for a minute or two (not too much!) and it will be easier to cut it lengthwise...

Comment #18

THANKS! Last night I cut the 2nd spag. squash I've ever bought, and before I did I got my sharpest knife and sharpened it, and it STILL was tough to cut. This is a very appreciated tip! (Since I have 2 more of the squashes sitting on my kitchen counter - my SO has decided he likes them as a side dish for his meals too!)..

Comment #19

Oh what a simple solution(can't believe I didn't realize that of course this would be easier) to such a dangerous part of having this delicious food!....I would get very nervous cutting it!..

Comment #20

Please don't laugh at me.....but what is spaghetti squash?..

Comment #21

It is a yellow blimpish looking squash that once cooked & cut open the flesh shreds into spaghetti type strands...

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I am preparing to cook the thing now..



I bought the smallest squash I could find but I still had to cut the ends and the sides off so it fit in my microwave. I have a small one and, apparently, rather low watts. I nuked it 15 minutes. So glad that several of you gave cooking instructions! Mixed 1/2 cup with the pasta fagioli and had a very filling dinner! Now I have 1-1/2 cups of squash ready for other meals...."planned overs"!.

Using "planned overs".

Sprayed a little Pam in frying pan and lightly fried 1/2 cup squash. Sprayed with a touch of CBNB and gave it a sprinkle of cinnamon (I don't use salt). I liked it. Perhaps this might appeal to some of you...

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