How do I use Nutrisystem to GAIN weight?

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First question I have is How do I use Nutrisystem to GAIN weight? Looking forward for any comment. My 2nd question... "Before" Nutrisystem.

70 Pounds in 7 Months of being about 90% on Nutrisystem track:.

I'm still wearing my medium fat pants here.

Cuz I'm too cheap to buy something smaller..

If I look tired it's because I am..

Been working at Mom's all weekend again..

Not half way there yet but gonna get there..

Don't know if 190 lbs will be too small for my large frame..

Will worry about that later.....

Can't wait till I can join the ranks of my Nutrisystem heroes.

And worry about not.



For the other in-between photos visit my page and say howdy..

Oh yeah - meet my new bear, "Papa John". (below)..

Comments (26)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Very nice man, keep this up and you may have to be one of my Nutrisystem heroes.

I remember back when I had a defined jawline, good times lol...

Comment #2

Looking healthier, but you are still one ugly individual! LOL.

Keep it up, you will eventually hit the goal weight!..

Comment #3

Nice job Rob. You dont look anywhere close to 269 pounds in that picture. What are you, like 6'8" or something? Buy some pants and get a good nights sleep. You deserve both...

Comment #4

Thanx y'all..

I'm right at 6' but I've got tree trunk thighs and a thick chest..

Still every bit of 269..

I'll turn sideways next time..

But that was what I was saying - maybe for my build 190 lbs will be too small..

For my height I'm sposed to be at 180.....

Not a big worry for now though...

Comment #5

Good Plan, Man. It's really hard to tell till you get there. I'm also 6' and "thought" that 200 was were I belonged. Wrong. 185 fits really well. Now I just need to get my lame azz back to it..

Can't see the pics here at work (they block 3rd party hosts, so I can only see ones that use the Nutrisystem host). Maybe that's a good thing..

I'll check 'em out at home tonight if I'm feeling brave enough..


Comment #6

WOW Nice job!! I am so impressed with all of you heros!..

Comment #7

Outstanding comparison pics, Rob! Congrats on your weight loss success. I'm glad you decided to man up and get back into the game...

Comment #8

You know what, Rob? You don't need any propping up or motivation from any of us!.

You can be completely self-motivated by those two pictures and you are a standard for the rest of us to try to meet!.

What a phenomenal change!.

Keep doing what you have been because obviously you are getting this right!.

Your pictures remind me that I have to work at this more. I can do better than the 40lbs I dropped last year..

Thanks man!.


Comment #9

Heck yeah I need your help..

I couldn't make it without all you guys..

This forum is important..

My favorite thing in the new pic is you can see my belt buckle now..


Comment #10

Great pics - you're doing great. Keep it up!.


Comment #11

True, but have you seen some of the transformations around here? People go from Not to Hot. Once you are at fighting weight you may be better looking than you think. At least that's what I'm hoping will happen to me...

Comment #12

Fat is only skin deep..

Ugly goes clean to the bone...

Comment #13

I noticed your beard got darker, maybe mr zappa is starting to show his face.....

Comment #14

Lookin' good, Rob........remember, being bald can be cured by a Toupe' !!..

Comment #15

Wow Rob, looks like your killin it again!.

Keep up the great work!!!..

Comment #16

Hey now bald is beautiful. At least thats what Im selling anyway...

Comment #17

Absolutely amazing, Rob! Congratulations. The change is very obvious in those two pictures, your new head doesn't even look overweight at all now!..

Comment #18

You're rockin' it, Rob!.

I'll tell you, I'm 5'10", and the 'weight I SHOULD be at' is 145/155 by many charts.... I was 270 last summer, and I was 170/180 from the time I was in 9th grade - I seriously don't see 150 happening.... 180 would be perfectly fine with me..

1/2 way there, but no new hair growth.... eh, whattaya gonna do????..

Comment #19

Ok, it's official with the zappabear.

Good work, BUT....

You will always worry about getting fat again...or else...

Comment #20

Luckily, bald stops at the scalp or maybe that's the problem?....

All I know is that if there were a Nutrisystem for either ugly or bald, I'd be there in a heartbeat!.

Seriously, though, keep up the great work!..

Comment #21

Actually on the bald front there is hope I suppose. Engadget just posted the iGrow product announcement..


All you have to do is wear this goofy little number and pay nearly 700 dollars. I'd wait on a review if I were you, but they do double as earphones so I guess you really can't lose...

Comment #22

It is a great motivator to see bunch of people with huge weight drops..

Keep telling to myself. "Stick to it and it will work"..

Comment #23

Nice work Rob. Good to see that you are back on plan...

Comment #24

You're doing GREAT..

I wish.


Chart looked like that...

Comment #25

Awesome Rob. Good Job and keep it up. I think I may post some pics...

Comment #26

Good job, Rob!! Keep up the good work and if you find that 'remedy' for baldness let me know, ok? lol Jim..

Comment #27

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