How do I use Microsoft Outlook with a domain I have on godaddy - email account?

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My first question is: How do I use Microsoft Outlook with a domain I have on godaddy - email account?.

My next question is: Hi all,.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to find investors for .asia HostGator names at auction?.

Some of the people I work for have won some huge domains likes and s*, and have asked me to start the task of looking for additional investors for the rest of their portfolio. But... I am unsure where to look, and how to look.

Does anyone have any advice?.

Or know of any forums where this might be appropriate? I don't want to solicit... just looking for some honest advice here.

Thanks for any help!.



Brian, assistant of

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Your question was: How do I use Microsoft Outlook with a domain I have on godaddy - email account?.

Agree with Snoop.

I doubt many people will be jumping for joy to invest their money in your .Asia Growth Fund...

Comment #1

Hmm... well, they have a revenue-generating strategy.

Snoop: You may have a good point that those interested are the domainers themselves. I'd think the reason they can't buy the domains themselves is 1) they don't live in asia- a requirement to own them, and 2) these are closed auctions- so unless they were already at the final table, they wouldn't be able to get these particular domains.

Reece: How come? I'm interested and open to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks guys! :-).



Comment #2

A "revenue generating strategy" is completely different from "generating revenue", everyone has the former, not many have the latter. I struggle to understand why people would invest at prices above auction level, especially with the market in a downturn...

Comment #3

I agree with Snoop. Put yourself in the shoes of an investor. Who exactly is is this Brian from Cranbury, NJ? Can he actually manage my money better than I can? Is he going to scam me? How can I trust him? Is he as new to domaining as he is to Namepros?..

Comment #4

Hi Reece,.

Good points. So you're saying let people know more about who is investing the domains to generate the revenue?.

Brian is an Eagle Scout, a member of the Cap & Skull honor society, and does a lot for philanthropy. Also he has an executive account with Godaddy, and is an Search Engine Optimization expert on the side. :-) Snoop: What market is in a downturn? Do you have any evidence? Either way it would be helpful to know your findings... thanks for sharing! Much appreciated!..

Comment #5

The HostGator market- somewhat evident from recent sales, offers and price comparisons to last year apart from one burst of who knows what buying way overpriced's for whatever reason, tax dodge, movement of assets etc.

Personally, I see little or no future for .asia, in the main the only buyers are generally domainers and the drop rate at next renewal due date will break all records. JMO..

Comment #6

Looking briefly at your Investor Project Projections information, three scenarios are outlined (low, medium and high paying keywords). All seem to involve using an arbitrage method driving customers to the higher paying keywords on your sites via Google Adwords. I had understood that Google was clamping down on arbitrage and that some domainers had been notified that their Adsense accounts would be closed if they continued. Am I reading your information incorrectly?..

Comment #7

Hi Canbrit,.

Yes, you are correct on the three scenarious: low, medium, and high paying kewords. You're smart to pick up on that! And on picking up about the arbitrage.

Correct, Google is clamping down on Arbitrage. However, Yahoo is open game. Additionally we have an internal strategy that is proven to work AND not break and Google/Yahoo rules with arbitraging. There is a way to do it if you play by their rules ;-).

On top of this, we will have Organic Search Results. With our SEO branch ( we expect to do very well.

Here is a test: Google "sales eu" and lo-and-behold, all the top domains are the .eu extension! Despite that tld being regarded as a 'junk-fish' tld. Regardless of how the tld actually performs in the market, it still performs it's part in search engines when people include that matching phrase in searches. So if someone searches for "sales asia" or "sales in asia" or "sales from asia" we should be right up there at the top for

Also, we will be building many of these sites like "," "," and "" into actual buisnesses, forums, or larger resource sites therefore, arbitraging may become unnecessary for many of these.

I'd love your continued thoughts on this... thank you very much! :-).



Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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