How do I upload my website to my GoDaddy hosting account?

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My first question is: How do I upload my website to my GoDaddy hosting account?.

My next question is: I had one HostGator name which I just let it drop some months ago. Now it is back registered and parked but it is still showing my WHOIS.

I don't have it in my NP HostGator Management area so that I can manage it and I haven't even renewed it or kept it on auto-renew.

So wondering how it is still showing my WHOIS.

Did this happened with someone else too?.


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Your question was: How do I upload my website to my GoDaddy hosting account?.

ENom does this a lot, and to be quite frank it really bugs me. This is what they call an "Extended RGP" period where you can redeem it for $160... but what it really means is they've decided to renew the name and keep it for themselves.

Eventually they'll switch the WHOIS to eNom privacy protection. In the meantime, the name is live and parked and earning eNom revenue, while your WHOIS information shows although you have zero control over it at this point...

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Oh got it. I was just worried that if this was the issue then the name could be used for wrong purposes and put me in bad situation.

Have sent email though and will wait for them to make it private and their own.

Thanks Weblord and Thanks RJ..

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Enom is notorius for this. I stopped using them except for through drop-catching services - through which I switch any domains I win to another registrar ASAP.

While the link below is digging-up an old thread (Nov. of 2005), it is an excellent example of where this very situation can go very wrong - Lord forbid it happens to a name that is worth a fortune to someone. In the case the link below talks about, that wasn't the case per-say (not much $ - but your money is your money no matter how much it is), but use your imagination with your most prized domains at Enom. Seller and buyer can both get into a bad situation financially (seller ended-up taking alot of time and made ziltch for the work this caused) and it can ruin reputations (it could have mine - I was an NPer for just one month when this happened) or even your business.

Watch those expiry dates close A little tip, when you're planning on just letting a HostGator drop/expire:.

Have a second account with registrar, with some dummy info (if reported or found-out to be dummy info, you were going to let name go anyway), and push HostGator into it. So, when expires your real info not out there for some guy to claim it's you doing so-and-so (as Nick worried about).

Enom and "Extended Registration Grace Period" gone wrong (turns out was Enom, not Registerfly):

Note: The G-rated vidoes "Registrars Gone Bad" & "Enom Gone Wild" out on DVD soon!..

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Great tip I think someone is using this tip in Namecheap against me LOL Because I have loads of domains going in my namecheap and I have never registered them before. Free domains falling from skies above...

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When he accidently pushes a, hopefully he has so many he doesn't notice it missing /maximum checks his ethics at the door...

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That sounds borderline illegal if it is not in their tos. they put their customers at legal risk, even if the potential is slight. on the other hand, if a name is overlooked and worth the fee to redeem, then it could be a positive. interesting either way- thanks for pointing this out...

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Technically, no. They can keep your name in whois so long as they keep HostGator under "Extended Registration Grace Period" (E-RGP) and allow you the option to renew it (most charge low-$xxx for this - in their agreements - why one should read the fine print). IF thy do it, and offer you no way to redeem it, then yes, illegal and in violation of ICANN...

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Cough, cough... On the side, I read somewhere they may take it off if you ask them nicely... If you mean a registrar must redeem a HostGator name for it's registrant, then I.

Suggest you go through ICANN's registrar contracts and related policies. LMK.

If you find one requiring registrars to offer that to them to begin with...

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You misunderstood me. I meant if it wasn't in the agreements that they could keep whois the same, they took away your ability to renew/redeem it once expired, and they then infact kept your name in the whois, then it would be illegal. That, atleast in lay-terms, would be the legal equivalent of me leasing you any property, and then when the lease expires keeping your name on it so you could then be held liable for anything happening with/to that property even though you had returned the property to me and the deal was done.

In this case, Enom has that in the terms you agreed to, as you pointed out. Albeit, you could use the mear fact it was expired and you had no control of DNS as a definative defense for actions after expiry date......But, legalities do not protect your reputation gathered from those just doing whois search on the name...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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