How do I transfer my domain name from Godaddy to Yahoo server?

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I got a quick question: How do I transfer my domain name from Godaddy to Yahoo server?.

I also got another question: So I emailed the mailer meet up guys and they emailed me back with a few questions to make sure I was a mailer (and I am). I replied to their questions and I never heard back from them. I sent them a few emails and still no response. I spoke with a few of the sponsors and ask them to add me to the list. They said they were told by the organizers they cannot add anyone. So I missed the mailer meet up.

After chatting with a few of the sponsors today and they said the meet up was mostly small mailers with little experience and maybe a handful of larger mailers. So by excluding some of the largest mailer in the business, many of the inexperienced guys lost out on chatting with guys who have been mailing for years. Why do mailers who use cracked versions of interspire and mail 5,000 emails a day get in but larger mailers not attend the meet up? Are they purposely excluding large mailers?.

What is point of the meet up?..

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Your question was: How do I transfer my domain name from Godaddy to Yahoo server?.

Good point, you at ASW? We should get a beer :-)..

Comment #1

The point is to have a few drinks, maybe meet some people in the space, see some people you know, etc...

Comment #2

I find the best part of IM meetups is putting faces to names. Working online leaves you a bit antisocial and it's nice meeting in person those you work with on the interwebz. Not only mailers, but almost everyone (except the networks, brokers and advertisers) is secretive with what they are doing. Some people I meet wont even tell me what verticals they do PPC, SEO or Email with until they are several drinks into the evening..

Maybe this is just because IM is full of nerds who dont like talking in the first place..

Comment #3

Call me anti-social, but it sounds like a weak party.. any strippers?..

Comment #4

Wonder what meetup you were talking about, the one I was at was filled with quite a few larger and some very old school guys...

Comment #5

That was the one with the AOL postmaster chick right?..

Comment #6

Working parties and shows like this to make the right connections and maybe pick up a few pointers is a business skill just like any other. Some people are good at it, some people aren't. I went, had a great time, made a couple of very valuable connections and picked up a few things to work into my best practices. Well worth the expense...

Comment #7

I THINK he's talking about mine and Mark's. We wanted to make a meetup for mailers only. Thus most of the invites were by invitation only with some plucked from the request box.

There were two mailer meetups going on at once. (we didn't plan it that way). Our meetup had only one sponsor so depending on who you talk to and which meetup they went to, you will get varying answers...

Comment #8

Yeah the Skrilla and Mark meetup was awesome. had a lot of fun man...

Comment #9

Fuck, I missed 2 meet ups? Now I am really pissed! :-)..

Comment #10

I was at the meet up @ was a fantastic party. If for no other reason than meeting Vinny, Michele, Keith and a few of the other guys in here. But the openess of conversation I found there was exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks to the guys who put this one on...WELL worth it!..

Comment #11

Thanks bro..

Sorry everybody didn't get invited, the invites were spread among 3 separate entities. we had limited space. we will do it again...

Comment #12

Thanks to Keith for the great meetup at Ceasars I look forward to the next one. I didn't go to the other one. Any feedback on it??..

Comment #13

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