How do I put up my own layout on godaddy?

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I got a quick question: How do I put up my own layout on godaddy?.

I also got another question: So, very recently Ive decided to make my way into NameJet auctions. Just today I had an auction ending - one on which I had intention of bidding. The HostGator was at $100 dollars with a 5 minutes remaining when I went to submit a bid of $120.

As I confirm my bid amount - I get an error telling me only Verified members can bid more than $1k. Well, thats ok - Im not trying to bid $1k or more. I attempt it several more times before I give up. How frustrating that was. I had waited about 2 weeks for the HostGator to come to auction and in the very last seconds - I cant bid because of an error in their system.

They are gonna need to get their act together if they have any intention of running a decent aftermarket.


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Your question was: How do I put up my own layout on godaddy?.

I had explained this to Justin already, but figure I will post so it, so it doesn't happen to others.

If you have not faxed in your info to become a Verified Buyer to NameJet or eNom's old Clubdrop, the system does not allow you to have Total bid amounts over $1K.

So in this case, Justin had about 13 domains backordered. At $70 X's 13 is $910 and with him trying to bid higher would put him over his limit.

There should of been a warning pop-up or something that you are getting close to your limit and that is NameJet's fault.

Now people know to fax in there agreements so they can become Verified Buyers and don't miss out on domains they want...

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Its quick as well. I submitted my info and was approved the same day.


Comment #2

I missed 2 names because the 2 credit cards I tried were rejected, most likely because of an AVS issue on their end. They work fine elsewhere..

I was a verified bidder at Enom Clubdrop but not anymore at namejet..

Comment #3

They were unable to process on my CC as well - I simply re-entered the info and it was accepted. Bizzare.

And In regards to the Total of $1k - I wasnt winning a single one of the other auctions. So in actuality, my backorder locked me down for $70, despite the fact the HostGator was already over $1,500... just absurd. and in the end, cost NameJet money.


Comment #4

Bummer, I thought it was for over $1000 per name too !.

I must admit I'm finding the whole NameJet interface, search functions, terminology confusing and really user unfriendly (compared to snap).

...but maybe I'm just thick.


Comment #5

So I sent in my Verification to be a "Verified Bidder" - a bit silly - but it's out. I made the mistake of not doing this yesterday and now I have 2 hours before an auction I very much want to bid on, ends. Please NJ, hurry up!.


Comment #6

More or less correct. Enom is a couple of miles from my home in Bellevue. Now the NameJet address is the same as enom. Also, I have spoken with namejet about their code (ok, I was complaining about the screwy enom code in clubdrop). They confirmed they are ironing out the bugs, and that my complaints were all valid... and they are working on it.


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Well, I received a response reasonably quick. Saying I was approved and all restrictions have been removed. However - I still have the notice on my account saying "you are not a verified bidder"...

Im hoping thats incorrect, as response to my ticket suggests I'll be able to place the necessary bid.


Comment #8

Did you logged out and logged in again ?

Comment #9

No, I didnt. Good call. However, I was able to place the winning bid - without problem. So NJ was on top of the issue and seemed to resolve it within 1-2 hours. Im glad they were able to do this for me and look forward to bidding more often.


Comment #10

It's not just you. IMO, the search feature (such as it is) is worthless. I've given up. There may be some great names in there but I sure can't find them...

Comment #11

Recently, namejet sends me emails with lists of HostGator names everyday ....

Does it happened to anyone else here?.

I never subscribe to receive those e-mails..

Comment #12

I started receiving them recently too. You make an interesting point about signing up for this notification. I explicitly DID sign up for the mailings from Snap, but not for namejet.

Personally I don't mind the mailings, but I can see where a lot of people might be Pis**d off at being spammed.


Comment #13

The notifications can be disabled in your Namejet settings...

Comment #14

I love namejet. Saves me a lot of work...

Comment #15

Just a way to get people to return to their site. You have to go to their site so that you can stop the mailing.... more hits for Namejet!..

Comment #16

They don't accept my ip, they should rename as

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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