How do I put a pre-made template on my godaddy site?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How do I put a pre-made template on my godaddy site?.

My main question is: Looking into registering some .asia names, anyone with experience on them, how viable are they in the HostGator aftermarket? Do they get traffic?..

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Your question was: How do I put a pre-made template on my godaddy site?.

.asia = zzz.

Don't waste your time.

Good luck..

Comment #1

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Please see - .eu for more information.


Comment #2

Its a little too pricey at the moment.

Unless you can get something like for reg fee, then of course it's great...

Comment #3

Here is some interesting sales info from (a site I trust, yours, no?):. $33,480, 2007-11-07, Sedo.

Admittedly, this would have been a killer in .com, but still, $33k is not bad.

I think the top keywords will do well. My guess though is that all the keywords will be gone by the time landrush hits, and the ones remaining will be priced too high in auction to buy and flip.


Comment #4

Invest in the top keywords if you can get them, and have money to spare. Otherwise, stay away..

Personally, I'll be setting aside 1k for .asia. If they work, well good for me. if they don't, I won't be losing everything.

Newbies should definitely stay away though. won't sell. Period...

Comment #5

Excellent advice. If you can afford to gamble a bit, go for it and try to grab some quality keywords. If not, stay out of the casino. Whereas would be a clear winner!.

Just kidding.


Comment #6

I see another difficulty with .asia not often mentioned. First it's not a completely open HostGator requiring some Asian contact. In theory, it's for Asian people or businesses. After that, the issue I see is that Asia is a huge geographic multicultural area. Some see that as a positive. I see that as a negative as well, since English isn't the primary language in much of Asia.

This means many of the resident's it's targeted to won't even know what English words mean. Getting a keyword in all those languages could be troublesome, and pointless.

Personally, I'm taking a pass on .asia. I'll either stick with the main gTLD's or maybe wait for the new ones to be proposed next year...

Comment #7

I'm pretty damn sure that most of us who're saying they'll give .asia a pass will reg at least one name if it's just to satiate their curiosity, just as I'm sure even the staunchest .mobi hater did register a .mobi sometime or the other.....

Comment #8

I will admit I have 3 or 4 .mobi. I'm not a .mobi "hater", but had reservation as to whether it would be a useful TLD. I'm still not convinced it will long term, and on Verizon wireless have never seen a .mobi website on my phone. However, I have never owned a .eu, .cn, or .in, which I think is more similar to what .asia will be as a primarily non-US/restricted nexus ownership TLD...

Comment #9

For all my dislike for .mobi, I still own one. I also own one .eu, one .tv, and plenty of .ins (its my ccTLD, of course)...

Comment #10

I am not a .mobi fan either, but I have one ( which is a daily bible verse site (non-commercial) that gets real traffic (not through forum plugs). I think the .mobi's may have a place, but like Sashas said above, a lot of us buy a few of the other extensions just to see what happens.

I think this will happen with .asia too, where some people will grab a few top plays and the rest will be ho-hum. Like I said before, I will *definitely* try to grab some .asia domains once I figure out who to get for the required .asia contact. If nothing else, just for fun. I am not a big .tv buyer either, but I do buy them. I think I have the distinction of being the first person to monetize a .tv HostGator through fabulous. They used to ban them until I asked them to put it into a premium program.

I buy anything that makes money (within my general market categories).


Comment #11

I generally have a mix and match of names and tld, cctld's , however, I do not see .asia as being part of my portfolio, this is a close as I will get

Comment #12

IMO it depends on what the HostGator name is.,, etc...

Comment #13

.asia is the next .name, a complete flop IMO..

Comment #14

In my opinion, only the extremely good keywords will sell for a reasonably high price..

I don't think the extension will do very well overall...

Comment #15

Thanks all for your input, putting all your advice into consideration, I think I'll go for it, it a riosk worth taking, but the problem is the asian contact clause, any quick solution to that or any way around it?..

Comment #16

I dun plan to register much as well.. unless reg fee is really low.. maybe I might reg more....

Comment #17

Btw, I'm from India, though currently I'm in the US. Will this allow me to reg .asia names? Technically, I am from Asia (and will be going back once I graduate). Only my temporary address is different....

Comment #18

Indian is not a language.

India has 26 official languages including Hindi (national language), English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati & Kannada. A large percentage of the population speaks one or more of the languages above.

English is 'understood' even in the remotest parts of the country...

Comment #19

Yes, clearly there are some sales, and there have been many good ones. However, if you do a bit of homework you'll find that a vast majority of top keywrods were registered by one company with several phantom registrars. The TLD has little development, and most countries in Europe are more partial to their own ccTLD's then to this one. (.de

The issue here is viability as an extension, and .eu has yet to be adopted by the continent. Its simply another TLD.


Comment #20

Lol, "Horn OK Please" is the correct term.

At least from what I've seen.

But you're spot on...

Comment #21

When can the general public start to register the names?.

I think it is always good to get some good keyword names. It can sell for few bucks more or at the same price again. So really nothing to lose. Just some time...

Comment #22

No, still in the TM phase, where most of the good things get regged. (even generics can be tm'd these days with Standard Character claims).

I am starting to agree with the earlier posts. The .asia will be a complete bust, even the high quality keywords. Nobody should reg any of these... and let me waste all my money buying high quality keywords at reg fee with no auctions.


Comment #23

Just don't get into a bidding war with me...

Set aside a budget: xxx, xxxx amount, and you wont' go beyond that. Its too easy to make mistakes with new extensions. If you want a guaranteed return on your investment, stick to .coms..

Comment #24

Thanks for the correction. I knew there were many dialects there, but was generalizing. As it is in many other part of Asia. However, is it understood enough to become the default language used on .asia? It competes not only with the ccTLDs of Asian countries which generally use the local language, but also with the gTLD's which use English globally AND local languages.

As a business outside of Asia trying to sell there, I think I'd be better off using the ccTLD's and using the local language of each. Possibly the same thing with Asian countries selling to other Asian countries. If you are Asian and want global exposure, I think you would use .com, or other gTLD's.

I think .eu has the same type situation trying to find where it fits in. At least .eu has the advantage of a shared currency and smaller area used to trading with each other. Asia is much more diverse with greater differences in cultures and living standards...

Comment #25

If you start talking about dialects, you're looking at somewhere above 50k...

But as mwzd put it, English is pretty much understood everywhere. Even the tiniest of stores have their names written in English and the language of the region..

Comment #26

I will still come back and say, irrespective off anything else.

.asia is going to be a big mess.

But it's your money.....

Comment #27

Ouch, how about.

Are these reserved too ? .

If they are not, I would surely like to get my hands on those...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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