How do I publish a website produced By Miccrosoft Publisher onto a Godaddy Webserver Hosting Space?

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My first question is: How do I publish a website produced By Miccrosoft Publisher onto a Godaddy Webserver Hosting Space?.

My next question is: I was thinking about a really cool interesting name for a new site concept the other day. I never told anyone and when I checked a couple days ago at Godaddy it wasn't taken. The name was a .com.

I checked tonight and someone bought this obscure unique name 2 days ago. Do you think Godaddy looks at name searches and when a good one comes along a Godaddy employee will take the HostGator name if the person doesn't register it?..

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Your question was: How do I publish a website produced By Miccrosoft Publisher onto a Godaddy Webserver Hosting Space?.

How do they sniff a name I searched for? Sounds like some kind of bot or illegal hacking. I'm angry someone grabbed it though. I hope they release the name because I designed an entire site around this name...

Comment #1

Because when you checked for the name availability, you check through a public whois database that everyone freely has access to, including companies that want to register your names.

If it is a name you really like, you need to register it straight away..

Comment #2

Do not go to the name - or tell others about it. Nothing to make traffic on it. They will probably let it go in four or five days, no worse for the wear.

Why is it always Godaddy in these threads? Their system is obviously compromised, has been for over a year, and they do nothing about it - and no doubt it costs them business. Certainly costs them PR...

Comment #3

There are SO MANY factors in these situations, but one common denominator! If you want the domain, buy the freakin' thing when it shows it's available. If your not ready to buy, don't search it!.

For one, Godaddy's search is not always 100% accurate. It will show domains are available when they were Really Not.

There are people/companies who Front Run (Front Running, Sniffing) etc which is totally wrong IMO but it does happen. Most people blame the registrar, but the person doing the search also likely searched the HostGator in some other "tool" as well, which had some kind of tracker on it.

So many people purchase domains everyday. Domains are like inventions... You think you are the only one who thought of it, but the truth is, your not. 6 billion people in this world and you are just 1 of them.

If you are checking to see if a HostGator name is available, know BEFORE you do the search if you are going to purchase the HostGator if it's available. This way, if it pops up available, You Buy It right then and there. Problem Solved!..

Comment #4

So it's likely my HostGator will be available in 5 days? Who ever bought it got all the other versions of the HostGator name as well as the one I chose. How does an outside company sniff searches? Isn't the searches internal on Godaddys server?.

Network Solutions released it and I bought the HostGator name...

Comment #5

If you could, PM me the HostGator and I will look into it. It's likely if all the other TLD's are taken.. The HostGator wasn't available in the first place...

Comment #6

This is not right for anyone to do !!..

Comment #7

This is why if you find a name you like - register it immediately...

Comment #8

Yes, just try to register it, do not search for it or test everyewhere for it. Just buy it...

Comment #9

I use to;.

Get an the name ... add to list .... buy on days off.

Now I get the idea ... make a list .... search my list and buy right then. Glad to hear you ended up with the name.


Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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