How do I publish a Mozilla Composer website I created to a GoDaddy hosting account?

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My first question is: How do I publish a Mozilla Composer website I created to a GoDaddy hosting account?.

My next question is: I am wondering if generic domains starting with e or I - eg. or - are still attractive? Or is the whole e and I thing more a thing of the past?.

Also, which one is generally speaking better: e or i? It seems likes I a bit more.....

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Your question was: How do I publish a Mozilla Composer website I created to a GoDaddy hosting account?.

The one word ones still seem to be sought after if they're pretty good.

I'm in 3 auctions at namejet just now,, and has 93 people in it. has 112 people in it. has 97 people in in.

I guess quiet a few will be just watching but it will be interesting to see what they go for.


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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, turned out to be popular for sure... Will be interesting to see the outcome of those three e- auctions as well...

Comment #2

Some people seem to like "e" better. Personally, I would treat both "e" & "i" as the same...

Comment #3 comes to mind, closed at $16,694 at NameJet last night. I'd say they are still attractive..

Comment #4

I like both and seems I getting more popular..

Comment #5 $38,000 2008-04-03 $25,000 2008-02-05 $16,694 2008-05-26 $15,010 2007-11-14 $10,650 2007-03-21 SnapNames. $10,000 2007-10-24 $9,000 2007-12-28 $1,000,000 2003-02-01 Pvt Sale. $250,000 2003-02-01 Pvt Sale. $100,000 2008-03-12 $100,000 2004-09-01 Pvt Sale. $33,500 2008-03-12 $31,000 2007-09-20 snapnames. $20,000 2008-02-27 snapnames. $19,000 2007-11-21 $13,111 2008-04-24

However, there are plenty in the $xx range, so it still obviously depends on the keyword quality...

Comment #6

...and/or finding the right buyer/end user for the dn...

Comment #7

What is the current value "i-" & "e-" ? .

It with hyphens...

Comment #8

Not nearly as impressive. These are all the sales of i-keyword and e-keyword NameBio has:. $1,000 2008-02-25 $500 2008-03-07 $488 2008-03-17 $213 2007-01-31 Sedo. $80 2008-02-26 $60 2008-02-26 $12,088 2008-03-05 $2,000 2008-02-27 $1,210 2008-04-05 $632 2008-03-13 $460 2008-01-25 $400 2006-12-06 Afternic. $266 2007-01-12 Sedo. $200 2007-02-11 Sedo. $136 2007-12-12 $100 2007-11-15 $82 2008-04-03

Comment #9

E are still popular ... they used to be more popular some years back , but many still look good.

I are rising in popularity partly due to the familiarity/ads of iPod/iPhone , but many still consider them as the second option to e.

E- has some good ones , eg. some people prefer e-commerce to ecommerce.

I- is pretty low , seems more like a mash-up of I being "the other" e and e- being the secondary e.

DomainRaiders - I think that one could be sold for a good profit to an end-user ... while ... i-forgot and i-paid are not i-keyword but rather a phrase (but of course they are till technically i- dotcoms)..

Comment #10

And of course when talking about "i" domains, you can't ignore the exceptionally valued ""

Comment #11

I think that apple with the heavy branding on itunes, ipod, imac, iphone, etc is helping push the use of I.

I think E took a bit of a hit branding-wise over the years with some e-business failures but there are also some still around or how about

Oh yeah and don't forget about the "Iam" domains too haha..

Comment #12

It doesn't take a mathematician to analyze e and I prices above, and see that 'e' is doing much better..

As to why, I have no idea..

The old i=internet and e= electronic has faded. They are both now seen as acceptable and interchangeable prefixes...

Comment #13

I did leave out for $750k private sale. But yes, generally speaking had better sales...

Comment #14

'e' domains are allot like .com domains, their popularity will never wain. Why? Because you will always use email, ecommerce, etc... until another technology replaces the internet as we know it, the 'e' will always be popular or well known. I think the 'i' is more trendy, could be 'v' next but nothing has secured it's place in history more than the 'e'.

Email me... LOL..

Comment #15

Looks like they're still pretty popular. went for $9,100. went for $8,901. at $4,800.


Comment #16

Damn snipers! I wanted Ewoman.

Both bids from bidder Canada. Hey dont be a hog!..

Comment #17

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