How do I point my Godaddy domain to my Mochahost host ?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: How do I point my Godaddy domain to my Mochahost host ?

My 2nd question is: Here are the domains.... with opening bid prices. $1,000,000 Not Sold. $10,000 Not Sold. $20,000 Not Sold. $175,000 Not Sold $20,000 SOLD. $125,000 Not Sold. $15,000 Not Sold. $37,000 Not Sold. $15,000 Not Sold. $39,000 Not Sold.

I do not see a lot of bidding happening with these opening prices.....

Up Tomorrow.

November 7. $10,000. $29,000. $20,000. $45,000. $14,000. $150,000. $20,000. $18,000. $20,000. $200,000.

November 8. $15,000. $20,000. $10,000. $150,000. $25,000. $20,000. $80,000. $10,000. $30,000. $25,000. $1,000,000..

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Your question was: How do I point my Godaddy domain to my Mochahost host ?

Did GoDaddy set these opening bids or did the owners of the names set them? Or does GoDaddy own these names? this is the first I have heard of their signature auctions...

Comment #1

I agree, I doubt any of them will fetch for these prices. There iffy names. Is this auction online, or at some center, convention?..

Comment #2

Absolutely ridiculous opening bid prices. It is hardly an auction - it is basically "buy it now"; there will be maximum one bid for each of those names...

Comment #3

I think is worth it as well Both of those seem like a good value to me. The others are a little bit of a stretch. Lets not discount GoDaddy's ablity to bring Retail buyers in...

Comment #4 is mine. I have received offers previously very close to my reserve. Not sure if it will sell or not. Happy either way...

Comment #5

I like that Godaddy is finaly getting into the game - more competition between Auction Companies = Lower Fees. However, Im not fond of the Signature Auction formatting. I believe starting at reserve prices only hurts the chance of getting into a bidding war. I do wish everyone luck who has names in this auction.


Comment #6

Plus you have to get approved to bid, which took me like 4-5 days to get the Code.... Apply today, don't get a code until the auctions are OVER.. Sweet....

Comment #7

LoL - Yah, I was approved as well - but with the starting prices - I sincerely doubt I will be bidding. Unless you tell me your bidding, then I will intentionally bid against you.... what can I say... I want what you want...

Comment #8

I kinda like for 1M. My name is Stu..

Comment #9 $1,000,000. $10,000. $20,000. $175,000. $20,000 SOLD. $125,000 PASSED. $15,000 PASSED. $37,000 PASSED. $15,000 PASSED. $39,000 PASSED.

I'm following the results and it's not looking a good start to Godaddy's Live AuctionsThe first five were Passed, and only VirtualServer has sold so far. Maybe Bob Parsons (owner of Godaddy) could chip in and buy to make this a better day total!..

Comment #10 $10,000, WHAT are they thinking? If that's a premium I'm a millionaire.

Anyone want voteonline2008 for $10k?..

Comment #11

Lets all pool in money and buy, then offer it to Pimp Daddy for 2 million. Profits split proportionately to contribution.

Or even better, lets buy and put up an adult website on it. I'm sure Pimp Daddy would appreciate it...

Comment #12

One of the names up tomorrow is mine. I'm not confident however! Seems like a bit of a let down......

Comment #13

Well, the first day has finished, and all were Passed except VirtualServer for $20K. I don't think Snapnames or Namejet are going to be quaking in their boots anytime soon.....

Comment #14

Starting prices were just too high. It is an auction, so prices should get people excited about bidding and who knows, most could of sold for OVER what they started at now with no bids...

Comment #15

GoDaddy need help with their "signature" auction ... which is advertised as "the hottest domains".

#1 - A majority of the name selection is NOT "hot". Keeping the names high quality should be an obvious requirement. There are mediocre names mixed into the daily signature list along with a few excellent domains.

#2 - Not only are there low qual names, the reserve is not reasonable, i.e. for $45,000. Who approved this? And with reserve of 25k? I have trouble believing these were the best names submitted for consideration.

On their Premium Domains section - They're not premium! Not even close. Why advertise "premium", and then list low quality names that aren't even prominently displayed in the search result. One has to scroll down to a tiny tab box to locate the supposed premium domains. And com and net only = weird. P.S. We must now invent a new word for "premium", because premium has become the most misused word in the English language.

I believe Adam Dicker can make immediate and significant improvements to the GoDaddy auction/listing interface.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan too. But, they are in need of some constructive input...

Comment #16

I wonder why bob parsons dint buy

I guess it's too overpriced knowing the owner of is called bob..hahah..

Comment #17

To me it looks more like show-off and free advertising than auctions.....

Comment #18

Hey everyone, I just got this message from GoDaddy:.

"Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the first day of the Signature Auctions. We have been able to negotiate lower reserves on some of remaining HostGator names in the auction and as a result we will also be relisting several domains that were available yesterday. We are also changing the format slightly where the first bid will not necessarily win the domain. A message will be displayed in the Auction History and Chat screen letting you know when the reserve has been met.

Please feel free to use the chat option to send any comments or questions to the moderator team during any auction."..

Comment #19

Yeah they called me this morning asking to lower the reserve. I'm not sure how they did not see this coming.....

Comment #20

I checked in late to today's GoDaddy Live auction, and the auction page had already gone by then. They seem to have negiotated lower reserves on some names for today, so maybe that helped. Anyone on NP seen the results?..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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