How do I point my web site after I buy a domain from

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My first question is: How do I point my web site after I buy a domain from

My next question is: Is anyone else here having problems with I've renewed a name there twice (once before expiration, once after) and they still haven't updated the domain. It's been well over two weeks since I paid my first renewal fee! They don't return emails and there's no other way to contact them as far as I can tell.

I looked them up on Google and it seems like this is becoming a common thing with them. Is this going to be another RegFly style fiasco?.

The HostGator is, BTW...

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Your question was: How do I point my web site after I buy a domain from

Phone number in the whois is 866.515.8191, did you try calling that?..

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"Beep, beep, beep, you have reached a number that is not in service...".

It's unfortunate that I'm just now realizing how shoddy this registrar is. Thanks anyway for the tip DR. Thanks Smash...

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Looks like their security certificate has expired too - not a good sign....

Good luck though..

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I've just confirmed that this is turning into a RegisterFly style scenario. SpeedyDomainRegistration was a DotRegistrar reseller. SDR has disappeared and MyDomain has inherited all the problems that will be arising from this fiasco because they now handle all DotRegistrar's domains. One of the CSRs I talked to said that SDR probably holds thousands of domains!.

The number to DotRegistrar/MyDomain is 360-449-6226. I talked to a super-nice rep there that is now handling the only HostGator (thank God!) I had at SpeedyDomainRegistration. She is fully aware of the situation and if anyone wants her to handle your SDR domains, I have her name and direct number to anyone who PMs me.

To have MyDomain move your SDR HostGator over to them, you'll have to setup an account at, fax your ID/driver's license and pay for renewal at MyDomain if your name is expired. If you've already paid for renewal at SDR, your money is probably gone unless you dispute the charge at PayPal or your credit card provider. MAKE SURE all the fields in your whois details are yours and not John A. Dobbs (I assume this is the owner of SDR) or you may have problems proving you own the name.

I will be posting this in the Warnings & Alerts forum as well. Good night and good luck...

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I don't see any icann accreditation, I think you need to report them to other business entity...

Comment #5

If you mean report them to DotRegistrar/MyDomain, they were already aware of the problem when I got in touch with them (or at least the CSR I spoke to was)...

Comment #6

This is reason for a report as well.

Report to

DSTR ACQUISITION VII, LLC report to better business bureau as well

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They are also doing business as - I googled them briefly just to find out a list of complaints dating as far back as 2001. All have one thing in common - the service disappears for a few days for no known reason, but it seems like everything goes back to normal afterwards....

My question is, and I am sure that there is a good answer to it, since you seem to be pretty smart and experienced - what the heck makes you do business with a company of this sort?..

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Way back in 2005 I bought one HostGator that happened to be reg'd at SDR and I just left it there. I should've transferred the name to Moniker or GoDaddy instead of trying to renew it...

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They are the worst! Their online system wasn't processing renewals properly so I contacted support. They told me to send PayPal and they would process the renewals. Money sent, and I never heard from them again! Several emails unresponded to, and no answer to the phone numbers.

Trrrble company! I ended up having to catch my own HostGator on the drop...

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Oh man RJ... that is awful. I hope can help everyone as much as they are helping me...

Comment #11

That is exactly what I thought.

Well I hope you quickly resolve the problem.....

Comment #12

We should make a specific site just to cover HostGator registration stories (both good and bad)...

Comment #13

We have one already.

Which reminds me, I should post my story there for SDR...

Comment #14

I know we have one at NP, RJ.

A standalone site would be cooler...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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