How do I make pages for my website(I am using GoDaddy)?

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My first question is: How do I make pages for my website(I am using GoDaddy)?.

My next question is: Hi.

I have just begun doing HostGator business and I wonder many hours a day do you all spend on the HostGator business?..

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Your question was: How do I make pages for my website(I am using GoDaddy)?.

Would say about 5 hours a day on average, but can be a lot more if I am developing a site...

Comment #1

That's a lot guys. When school starts again I don't think I have time to spend more than about 1-2 hours a day on this business. Could I still be successful if I am effective then? I am not developing any sites, just reselling them...

Comment #2

Definitely. Some college students on here make thousands each month and still find time to pass their classes...

Comment #3

, but I also need time to chicks chasing me and working out (3 times a week). Do you think that's possible? I have more free time during the summer and I am going to work a lot with domains.

I love this business..

Comment #4

You can use your laptop while doing domaining, it's always there...

Comment #5

The chicks will have to wait you're a busy, money-making man now.

Kidding aside, yes, definitely still possible. I'd venture to say the large majority of members on here do this only part time or as a hobby. Even if it only ever makes you "beer money", that's better than having to pay for the beer!..

Comment #6

I go to Uni and during term time it is difficult for me to find time to concentrate on domains. Some days I was up at 5am to do some domaining etc... whilst catching the bus at 7..

Comment #7

Most of my time is spent on sending and responding to emails from/to prospective buyers.

6 hours, just domaining...

Comment #8

Depends on the day...between 5 and 7 hours, including weekends..

Comment #9

6 hours, 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in night..

Comment #10

Differs from day to day as I don't have a set routine. However I think I would spend on average about 60 hours per week...

Comment #11

Well I've only begun recently like you too and since I'm still in the last days of school I'm only pulling of 1-2 hours a day until my finals are over. Then I think I'll spend anywhere from 4-6 hours maybe. But this is just a part time gig for me..

Comment #12

I get to spend 2-3 hrs a day except weekends on domaining. During weekends I spend 5-7 hrs...

Comment #13

I just do search almost 2 hours..

Sometimes 5 to 6 hours..

But it's really happy...

Comment #14

Being very new to the HostGator game, I only spend a couple of hours a day at it now, but, I can see how overtime it takes longer and longer to manage everything!..

Comment #15

Real domaining work = about 30 minutes.

Lurking at Namepros = 3 hours..

Comment #16

Today I spent about 4 hours searching for expired domains, and not one caught my fancy...

Comment #17

86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes which comes down to 24 hr's!.

I eat, sleep and dream of domains!.

BTW, why pay to go to school? Domaining is the best school there is...

Comment #18

You guys a lot of time in your plate.....

Comment #19

Wow I am in awe of people spending 15+ hrs a day..

Comment #20

I'm on the computer 99% of the time I'm home, not always on "domain" business, but usually hustling in one way or another to make some (or spend) $$..

Comment #21

Seems a hell of a lot of time to be coming up with

Comment #22

About 1-2 hours a day for domains. Currently more focussed on buying domains...

Comment #23

3 - 4 hours on domaining and websites ...

Comment #24

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