How do I know I'll succeed at Medifast?

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Hello fellow MFers. (Does that sound rude? Because I really think it's horribly funny everytime I see "MF" ) Anyway my question is how do I know that this is it; that this is the time that I am going to be successful? I always have a honeymoon phase at the beginning of most any diet and I feel like I will be successful and that I can make it to my goal. But then I somehow veer off track. I wouldn't consider myself a yo-yo dieter because I'm very overweight and have never really lost a significant amount of weight before. Maybe 20 or 30 lbs at the absolute most, but usually more like 10 lbs. So here I am at the beginning of Medifast and thinking I can do this. But how do I know that I won't fall flat on my face this time? For those that made it to goal...what was different for you this time around????..

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Hi Marie,.

I can't really speak to the long term, as I'm only in the midst of my 3rd week of Medifast (yes, that still gives me a laugh - especially when I address my posts to "MFers") but I will say that the honeymoon phase on this has lasted well longer than most diets!! So far, it is pretty mindless and I've been able to get through situations that have never survived other diets.. here is hoping it continues!.

I'll look forward to seeing the other replies you get :-)..

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I haven't made goal yet but the only thing that is different this time (I have tried Medifast 2 other times before) was ME. I have lost almost 50 pounds and still going strong. The only thing that can ensure that you get to goal is YOU. You have to be determined to get there and make it happen no matter what...

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Hi! I have always been big. I don't remember a time under 200 lbs - I weighed between 205-215 in High School. I have lost weight before but never more than 40 lbs.

I am at my lowest adult weight ever and less than 5 lbs from goal. I think this time I really "get" it versus other times.

I don't look at this as a diet, but a lifestyle change. For the first time in my life, I am super-conscious of what I put in my body. I read labels, I log my food, I pay attention.

At no time do I ever think that there will be an end to my lifestyle change. Yes, I will eventually be able to incorporate more variety into my food choices but will I ever be able to go back to my "old" ways? Never. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result..

I refuse to be insane over food..

And I've been on Medifast for about 15 months now.

Good luck to you and way to go on your success so far...

Comment #3

The answer is really going to be up to you. No one can do this for you or make you lose weight. Medifast offers you tools that make it a manageable task. You can lose the weight if you commit and follow the program. This community offers you support, tips, tricks, and a place to share. You can lose here because we've all been there or are there.

I have lost 100+ pounds already (since Feb) and I have about 160 more to go. It's a long haul. Believe me. I've tried and failed so many times, but this time I'm not letting myself give up, wander away, or fail. I'm not perfect, but each time I see something starting to waiver, I pull it back on plan. I blog about things I'm facing, feeling, discovering because putting things into words helps me to really see and understand and remember.

You have to want to do this for you. We're here to help if you want. You can do this. But you're the only one who can do this for you. I hope you'll stick with MF, because the rewards are much more than a new wardrobe....


Comment #4

Thank you so much for your kind replies. I really feel like I CAN do this! But I also have felt that way before. Always swearing that I will make it this time. I know that it is up to me and only me to not veer off track. I am just now realizing that I will always have to be vigilant with what I eat, even at my goal weight. That is a big realization. And I am thankful for this forum to help me realize that...

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What's different for me on this plan? I don't think of it as a diet. I have a Health Coach with Take Shape for Life and I am reading Dr. A's book and learning Habits of Healthy. I am having great results every week and am anxious to report them when my Health Coach calls me every Tuesday. I don't think about food all the time anymore. Mostly because I am not hungry.

This 5 & 1 is as simple as it gets. That's what's different for me..

I am now a Health Coach also. My husband and son have over 100# each to lose and now 3 of us are on program. I am anxious to see them improve their health. I love them so much and want the best for them. It starts with a healthy body...

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Do you want real honesty? OK, I thought you might. I knew this was going to be my final diet after 10 years of yo-yo-ing (yes, 10, 20 or 30 pounds is yo-yo-ing and is more unhealthy then remaining at the same heavy weight) when I got so darn embarrassed for my husband to see my big fat belly when we made love. I decided that beginning the very next day, I was going to lose weight.

I lost a little weight each week, never had a gain and never looked back. This time I knew I could and would do it. This time was different. This time I was finally ready and completely disgusted with how I looked and felt. This time was different because I became more empowered with every pound I lost. I became even more empowered when after just a few weeks, I was able to lower my blood pressure medication in half.

This time was different because, just like when I quit smoking 14 years ago, I knew this was it.

I wanted to get to a healthy weight and am doing all in my power to remain at a healthy weight. We can do it if we decide that being healthy is more important then consuming that greasy high caloric laden triple BK with extra cheese, supersized fries and a quart of sugar filled soda. Now I would puke at the smell of that garbage which has done such a number to this generation of Americans..

The secret is DETERMINATION and being ready to make and keep that commitment to myself. Now I'm very proud of my body when my sweetheart and I are making love.

I hope this helps. I wish you the very best. It's your choice...

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How do you know if this is "IT" ???? Because you decide this is it! Thats about as simple as it gets! If you've fallen flat with other diets it wasn't because the diet failed you, it was because you made a choice to stop following it..

The bottom line is commitment. Pure and simple. If you commit to this plan, and stay true to your commitment - this will be you're last diet ever...

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