How do I get started on Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... How do I get started on Nutrisystem? Many thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Good evening everyone!.

Welcome to the 2011 New Year's Edition of the Back to Basics (B2B) thread. We are a group of members who have been on the Nutrisystem plan in the past and have come back together to support each other through our successes and difficulties while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Some follow the plan using Nutrisystem foods and others are doing Nutrisystem on our own..

Please join us along our continued journey to a successful, long-term healthy lifestyle - ALL ARE WELCOME so don't be afraid to pop in whether a veteran Nutrisystemer or a Newbie. We all learn from one another and the support here is THE BEST!.

Happy New Year everyone - here's to a successful and wonderful 2011!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I had to do the same thing...go to Lynn's page to find the link. I'm going to try to be more regular about posting. Showing up and chatting is definitely related to my results...

Comment #2

Chatting with you gals and logging in my foods in the food diary here really make a difference for me! I don't know why but I guess it makes me feel like I am in control when I can see the numbers! I also log my exercise because it helps keep me honest about that too! Honesty with yourself is so important!.

I went to Zumba tonight and there were about 50 people there. The room was just packed! One of my friends - who is scary skinny - started coming last week to my class. She is Brazilan (sp?) so I expected her to just get it quick but man she is struggling big time. I want to help her but I feel kind of funny about that. Anyway, class was great and I am looking forward to Wednesday's class with our Iranian instructor. Quite different than our Latin dance teacher! I may go skiing on Friday so I will miss class if I do..

Hope your day was great!.


Comment #3

Good morning ladies!.

Officially below my goal weight this morning.

Seriously, can't believe I was able to maintain that through the holidays (though I did go to 7 Zumba classes over the past week and that was even with taking a day off in the middle.yup, got a little addiction problem - LOL)..

Double dipped classes last night and feeling like I was hit by a mack truck - serious Ab and oblique work on top of the quads (Mary, that was with the instructor that's headed out your way). We must have had close to capacity in the first class last night (they cap it at 60) and around 40 in class numba two. I was little dripping sweat after the 1st hour!!!.

As far as helping the friend with moves, I would just suggest that she focus on just the feet/leg movements to start and add arms/hips later when she's feeling more comfortable. It takes about 4-6 classes for it to click IMO. Bust as long as she's having fun and moving, she's doing it!.

Here's to an AMAZING 2011 ladies!..

Comment #4

Good morning ladies. Lynn, I think you do have an addiction but it's a healthy one to have....better than chocolate. I rant from place to place at work yesterday, catching up on projects and dealing with crisis. I finally managed to squeeze in a little lunch at 4:00. I hate days like that. I was mentally burned by the time the work day ended.

Mary, I think helping your friend with the footwork is great. It will give her more confidence and make her feel less clumsy...

Comment #5

Just checking inI had Alexandra today and will have her again tomorrow which will make 3 days this is fun but tiring to have a 2 year old under foot all the time! I managed to get to Zumba this morning with our Iranian teacher. She is so focused on making us twist the knees, I just don't understand it. I have to modify a lot or I am unable to walk for a day or two. I much prefer my other teacher. Oh well. My friend wore her monitor today and it said she burned 990 calories in the hour! I sure hope so! I am trying really hard to drop these few pounds AGAIN!.

Helene - I had no idea that you were close to retirement. I did see that on the previous thread, right? Wow. Lucky you. What will you do with your time when you leave work? I have filled my time with my granddaughter, exercise and my homebased business. I still work at the office one day per week but I am pretty much out of there. Although the guys are thinking of getting our own place and then I would need to go back to work at least 3 days per week in the front office til they can afford to hire someone..

Tomorrow's goal is to take down the Christmas tree. I have everything else done and put away but can't seem to get over to the corner with the tree. I bought a bunch of beautiful glass ornaments this evening for 70% off! What a deal! I just need to go back and buy some boxes to store them in! LOL.

Hope you all were good today!.


Comment #6

My last workday is February 26th. We'll head south the beginning of March. My brother and sister live in SC so we'll stop and visit probably on the trip down and back. We're hoping to spend 2 weeks on Sanibel Island. I have 2 sisters in FL. One lives there and the other winters there.

We'll plan to arrive home in early April..

I'm looking forward to being able to travel on my schedule instead of making plans around coworkers needs. Once we get home, we have a lot of home projects that have been deferred over the years. It will be nice to start tackling them. Ed's been retired many years but hasn't made much progress. he needs someone working with him to keep him focused. otherwise, he gets sidetracked..

He does a lot of volunteering and I'll do some too. I enjoy getting involved in activities. And I'll have time to exercise when I want instead of trying to squeezing it in after work..

All my retired friends tell me they don't miss work at all and wonder how they ever found the time to work with all they do now. This is probably a longer answer than you expected!.

I've been at the library 21 years and built a gorgeous new building. It's time for my next chapter and I'll be leaving at a peak. I live in the community so I'll still use the library. I'll probably volunteer with the Friends of the Library after we get back. I'll keep you posted on how it goes...

Comment #7

Good evening Ladies!.

Just a quick fly by before calling it a night! Hit my usual double dipper Zumba classes tonight.LOVE Tuesdays! Incredible instructors, amazing Zumba peeps and amazing energy!.

Still on goal and holding steady.

Hope everyone is doing well! Will swing by again when I have a little more time to catch up!.

Hugs ladies!..

Comment #8

We're getting a bit of snow/slush. It's not enough to get the day off although the schools are closed today. Are you getting much in VT?..

Comment #9

6-10 inches in my area.more to the south. Roads are kinda messy but passable. I'm sure my kiddos are hoping for a snow day tomorrow but unlikely...

Comment #10

I'm enjoying the MLK Holiday off today. I went to the chiropractor this morning and I'm making slow and steady progress. I've been going M/W/F and it's made a difference. I told the doc today that it was a bit achy over the weekend and he said it was because I had an extra day between treatments because of the weekend. I think he had planned to taper back to twice a week but I think we'll stay at this level for a while longer. The extra stiffness showed I'm not ready to cut back yet..

How was your weekend?..

Comment #11

It's been a while since I've had time to post. I'm down to my last six days of work. This is the first time I've actually counted the days. I'll be concentrating on training my assistant as much as I can all this week. She'll be the interim director until they select a replacement..

I'd planned on an extra four weeks but a change in my pension plan hurried things up. On 2/1, full retirement was going increasing and I would have had to work 3 more years for full benefits. so I wanted to leave under the current rules..

I actually had some positive results this week. I lost 2 pounds this week. Beats me where that came from.I did use more of theNutrisystemmeals than usual so maybe that was it? In another week, I'll really have no excuse for not getting in my exercise. I'm looking forward to that...

Comment #12

I'm in the home stretch now. Five more work days and then I'm done. When I hear about this weekly storms rolling through, I know I made the right decision. Some R&R in FL is going to feel mighty good...

Comment #13

Good evening ladies!.

Sorry for my absence.been putting together my first Zumba class!!! It was only a 30 min demo but it totally rocked! A couple of bobbles but didn't expect it to be perfect. Was a nervous wreck going into it.didn't know the peeps, age range or fitness level and hadn't seen the space. It was for a group of healthcare workers looking for an instructor to teach once a week as part of their wellness program. Glad to have that first class under my belt!.

Congrat Helene on your impending retirement and the 2lbs gone! You must be sooooo excited! Me.I have another 20 years.

Already planning on hitting the sunbelt then though!.

Will check in again in a few days. Be well ladies!..

Comment #14

Since it was a first class for the group, they probably didn't have anything to compare you with. I'm sure they didn't notice the nerves. next time will be better. Have they signed up for a series of classes? It sounds like a great opportunity for you..

I'm reading a great book called, The Happiness Project. The author was a lawyer who changed careers and became an author. She spent a year examining what could make her more happy. Your learning Zumba and then getting certified makes me think of the book. You've found something you really love and you've even found a way to get paid doing it. Well done!..

Comment #15

I'm officially retired now. Yea! Saturday was the last day of work. I went in to the library Monday to finish packing up my office. I was so busy up to the last minute finishing up projects and training the interim replacement that I couldn't spare the time to pack. I decided I'd rather go in on my own time and do it right. I filled the recycling bin with tons of old files, put other things into the filing cabinets and took my personal stuff home.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they saw the results today..

It's snowing again. It's so nice to look out at the snow and know that I don't have to go out during the storm if I don't want to. And nobody called me to see if the library was going to be open...

Comment #16

Hi there! Had some time to surf the site today so here I am. Lots of interesting stuff on the Boards. I hate to admit it but I kind of miss posting here. I loved it when we had the larger group - sorry to see them drop by the wayside. I wonder how their weightlosses have gone...Anyway, Helene you must be in heaven - my close friend retired the same day as you and she is LOVING it. We have had such great weather here in Cali that we are all walking as if it was summertime! I am sure it will end soon but loving it now..

Lynn is off to a Zumba training this weekend I hear. I love Zumba but have no desire to lead a class. LOL I love to shake the bootey. My husband loves the mucscle I have developed back there too. Much tighter and less sagage!.

See you on FB..


Comment #17

Hi Mary,.

Curves has added a Zumba component to their workouts. I went to one today. You do one minutes on the circuit (instead of 30 seconds). The music ques you to Zumba so you get off the equipment and Zumba for a minute, following the instructor's lead. Then repeat the next machine, etc. I have to say the Zumba minute goes much faster than the circuit minute.

I'm pooped at the end of the session..

We're heading for FL at the end of the month for a vacation away from winter. I'll look into the regular Zumba classes when I get back. Now I actually have time to do both versions...

Comment #18

I'm off for vacation on Friday. Five weeks in sunny climes. We'll be stopping in SC and FL. I'm so glad to be leaving the snow and cold behind. I'll check in from time to time and probably see you on FB. I hope your storms are behind you...

Comment #19

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