How do I get rid of the Adds on my GoDaddy Site?

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My first question is: How do I get rid of the Adds on my GoDaddy Site?.

My next question is: Our site has taken some critical comments on the boards about using a subdomain in the branding.

Our thought logic was to be creative with a 4 letter HostGator using the and the concept. Buy a HostGator for $10 and build value around it, as opposed to paying $50k for the 7 letter version.

Could use some feedback from HostGator name experts out there...

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Your question was: How do I get rid of the Adds on my GoDaddy Site?.

Using sub domains is a tough way to brand, especially if your using a "hack" method, like Personally, I would only use a hack as a last option alternative. It might've also been easier if you had used a different hack, like:. - people who are trying to access your site, might forget where the <.> is, and would make for a tough user experience if they cant find your site again from memory.


Comment #1

"building value" can easily rack up costs. marketing, advertising, branding fees, etc...

Comment #2 was able to capitalize on the "domain hack" concept because they were really one of the first to pour a ton of money into building a site that would be linked to by a ton of people. I imagine a majority of their traffic comes from links, and then people bookmark their site and they don't have to worry as much about typos. Notice, however, what happens when you type "". I don't know the story behind that, but if the purchase of was made after had already become popular, the buyers most likely had to pay much much more than they would have had they just bought the generic ahead of time.

Many of the "top" HostGator bloggers have expressed the value of starting a company with a generic, rather than relying on getting the generic later on. If you have to spend $1.00 a click on adwords to get traffic, then 1000 visitors will cost you $1000. If a generic is getting 1000 hits a day, then it's worth $1000/day for you. How long would you be willing to operate paying for advertising that you could essentially get for free?.

Sorry for the kind of random thoughts there, if you just do a few forum searches for things like "generic" and "domain hacks" you'll see some good discussions.

Good luck no matter which route you choose!..

Comment #3

The place of the dot in your HostGator is really awful.

I think is the most memorable name that you can get in a HostGator hack, using like makes confusion.

If you make a HostGator hack there is a lot of option in one word, like is a very good option , there is still a lot available on the web that you can pick. No need a relative ugly HostGator hack right now. also picks to make people easier enter their site..

Comment #4

So true.

IMHO not a good strategy to build a business on a HostGator hack, especially if you are ambitious. Of course there are exceptions but in the long run it will cost you a lot of money on branding (think how hard it will be to 'instil' your brand)..

Rest assured that even the well-known hacks like flickr are still sending free traffic to flicker etc... whatever is an example of an awful name as I can't really remember where to put the dots. On the other hand if you had a ONE dot only HostGator hack then it would be more viable.

Last but not least... does that look professional ?

IMO if you want to be creative reconsider your plans and find a good brandable and stick to .com preferably.

PS: if you like the .biz extension have you considered buying ?

It does not seem to be in use really I don't like .biz but I have to say the keyword fits perfectly here..

Comment #5

Have to agree. Have you considered approaching the owner of Your site is absolutely beautiful by the way well done..

Comment #6

To capitalize on that, two of five people have spelled "" correctly so far in this thread...

Comment #7

LOL, not surprising is it, I would stay away from hacks and use tried and tested methods, get a Brandable or Generic !.

Brandables also allow you to expand to other areas if needed at a later date, generics are great if they are targeted to something specific.



Comment #8

In short there are too many weaknesses in the name:2-dot HostGator hack not memorable .biz extension Imagine if you had to spell it on the radio.

The issue is similar for domains with multiple keywords/hyphens - you have to depend on SEO and backlinks because the domains are not prone to type-in.

One test you can do it show the name to relatives/random people..

If people can't remember the name 5 minutes after seeing it it's a good bet it's not advertising-grade...

Comment #9

What is the best way to approach the owner of

When I type it in it shows asian characters...

Comment #10

Looks like you may need to learn Korean and make a long distance phone call to Seoul. You can always try email though. Odds are, you may not get a response, or you may have to fork over some serious change...

Comment #11

The owner could be from Afghanistan. Or someone stole the HostGator or the the HostGator owner is a scammer. Seoul is not supposed to be in Afghanistan Google translation of site

Comment #12

Nice site! I agree, i'd like to use your site, but it's hard to get the name to stick in your head.

There's lots of knowledge here about how to do hacks successfully. placing dots at the start of words - or at worst syllables - is just one point i've heard raised here. but i'm sure we'll hear more on the subject in this thread..

Comment #13

I have never developed a site , so I can only offer opinions , I think hacks are a sleeping giant ? although I dont like the dot in your one , lets hope you get the best name for your site , but I think well done for going outside the circle , if you printed your hack name on a t-shirt and gave a few away ...... how many people would then know about your site ????? I have , so I like hacks , I also have I imagine that to be like or and so on ....... even down to city , anything is possible !!!!!..

Comment #14

Nice site. As traffic picks up a subdomain shouldn't be a worry generally speaking. But the dot placement here is quite tricky and not easily typed like say or even.

Would look out for other dot com domains and and redirect traffic. IMHO...

Comment #15

Wow, nice site! What CMS is the site on?.

I'd try getting or if I were you...

Comment #16

The question is.

Is working for you?.

On a postive note.

According to Link Popularity Check 3.0.3.

1,268 web pages are linked to your site.


Comment #17

Are there any services out there that will handle buying and retrieving the HostGator for you for a for or % of the buy?.

FYI, I built the site on Ning CMS...

Comment #18

Just shoot an E-mail to the address in whois and ask if they would sell and how much...

Comment #19

PM me if you hear back from the guy...

Comment #20

Every time I read a discussion about HostGator hack I always see as an example. is indeed confusing.

Why is that was never use as an example or even Is it because is the most confusing one and it can be argue that hack is confusing?.

Just wondering.

Folks HostGator hack is a new school IMHO and young generation seems to like them. How do I know this? I do ask average people in a lot of these network sites which I belong to. The results that I get are amazing. I'm not saying that all HostGator hacks are valuable but there are some solid names out there.

I am actually developing and It will be videocentric where you can watch scam videos. I just hope that the audience I will be targeting will remember where to put the dot in

Comment #21

I love HostGator hacks, but I will try to take the one dot HostGator hack. It is because it is too confusing if there are too many combination with 2 dots...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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