How do I get a Godaddy discount domain club membership?

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My question is: How do I get a Godaddy discount domain club membership?.

My 2nd question is: This is the same Adam Dicker (-=DCG=-) that owns that other HostGator forum.

It's hard to check the validity of this story since the source appears to be the Godaddy hate site NoDaddy...

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Your question was: How do I get a Godaddy discount domain club membership?.

I'm sure it was just him on this little plot....

Comment #1

Before you start the public flogging, " an anoynmous reader writes..............".

Adam Dicker is a hughly respected Guy with a perfect reputution in this industry..

I'll go with what I know about him...

Comment #2

This fact has been known for some time for those who are heavily invested in the .us industry. While this doesn't pass the "smell" test, there is no hard data to prove that there was any impropriety on behalf of GD. The real question that should have people wondering is whether GD is (still) giving secret rebates to employees or selected customerswhich is a clear violation of US Anti-Trust laws.

I'm not here to bash GD, but Bob Parsons would do well to listen to a good employment law and anti-trust attorney on these issues...

Comment #3

This is interesting.. hmm Adam Dicker bidding up domains on his own site.. hmmm..

Comment #4

The only bad thing I can see with this situation is that he did not disclose this himself and of course buy more.

Is this not a good sign, someone this big buying .us names.

He has more contacts than us and can probably get a premium for his names that we would not be able to achieve.

When he sells for $25,000 will you all feel the same ? (maybee not $25K but a lot more than he paid for it).

You cant really think he used underhand tactics to buy these names.

He has enough money to play fair...

Comment #5

I should also supplement my post by adding there is no hard data to prove there has been any impropriety from Dicker...

Comment #6

Wonder how many other things Godaddy has been dishonest about..

Comment #7

Adam was a HostGator investor well before becoming a godaddy Vp and that is and was quite well known. Considering his salary is likely a fraction of what he earns in parking/investment revenue I'm very sure it was well know to Bob that he wasn't going to quit investing. His position doesn't give him any advantage over anyone else. Having more money than most of the bidders might though. This might actually be a story rather than a case of sore loser if it were found that he was not allowing names to go to auction or something along those lines...

Comment #8

I think people are getting confused over the issues here. I don't think anyone is saying Dicker did anything wrong. Personally, if there is anything wrong with the situation described above, it is the perception of impropriety on behalf of GoDaddy. GoDaddy would be wise to institute a policy that prohibited employees from bidding on TDNAM auctions...

Comment #9

What does it matter? If the person bidding bids more money and pays, they win....

Comment #10

Good point.. it's like being a baseball player and betting against your team to me.. shouldn't be allowed...

Comment #11

Betting against your team and throwing the game isn't allowed...

Comment #12

Is this even proven true yet???? Or just rumor???..

Comment #13

I'm sure it's very true that he is still buying names just like anyone else since like I said his HostGator investments and parking revenue likely greatly exceed his salary. What the article is trying to suggest is that he is bidding against other bidders for godaddy's benefit. Which isn't the case. He's bidding with his own money for his own benefit...

Comment #14 is one of the domains Dicker won. So, yes, Dicker did bid and win domains that were auctioned off on TDNAM. I'm inclined to agree with you, but you have no proof of this just like the author of the article has no proof that there was any bad faith on behalf of Dicker or GD.

Assuming Dicker bid at arms-length, did not receive any benefits (e.g. discounts) from GoDaddy, and did not know what others were bidding (e.g. through going in the TDNAM system and looking at the high bid), AND GoDaddy did not encourage Dicker to bid or provide Dicker with any benefits that were not available to the general public, there is nothing wrong that occured.

However, the fact is that GD stood to profit off of Dicker bidding and winning (or bidding up other auction participants). Thus, I reiterate the problem does not lie with Dicker as it does with GoDaddy needing a policy that expressly states employees are not allowed to bid on TDNAM auctions. At the very least, GD should provide a full disclosure of it's practices...

Comment #15

Ever hear of guys like Pete Rose.. it's not allowed but it happens. Dicker shouldn't be allowed to bid on TDNAM auctions IMO...

Comment #16

This should be judged on a case by case basis.

Dicker bidding on names is no big deal.

Dicker purposefully running up auctions WOULD BE a big deal if proven.

I think this is a in-house issue. They should, provide the results of their investigation, and disclose their position on in-house bidding.

By the way... Don't be shocked that guys who work in the HostGator name industry are often domainers.


Jeremy Padawer.

Comment #17

Lool, poor Adam - kudos~kanoodles.

This looks like a plot, everyone does that, like pool bidding on it's own names or schwarzes "buying" at their own auctions etc etc etc.

Somebody wants to discredit the guy.

Looks like Internet world war "battle for the power" has started "horror"..

Comment #18

This is a non issue IMO. If Adam pay's more than they highest bid the auction is legit. The only way there would be impropriety would be if a bidder was denied the chance to bid.

My 2c..

Comment #19

So since he has enough money to play fair he must be an honest guy? Does this apply to the guy from Pool who kyped all the super premiums .asias without them going to auction? I'm sure he's got enough money to play fair too.

There are crooked rich people everywhere, in fact i'd argue the more money someone gets the more crooked they become. Well the argument is that he has access to private information that would give him a pretty significant advantage, like who is bidding against him (i think all bids are anonymous), their proxy bids, etc. How would you like to be up against someone like that?.

Whether or not he used it to his advantage, who really knows. That's the problem with it, we don't know...

Comment #20

Yea, more money you have, more greedy you become- I can confirm the Fact..

Comment #21

Pete Rose didn't bet against the Reds, he bet for them to win. It's still against the rules, but there is a huge difference between that and throwing a game on a bet...

Comment #22

Agree. No employee or VP (or surrogate) of any GoDaddy related company should be allowed to bid in TDNAM auctions. There's probably nothing wrong been done. But it's just the perception. It's common sense...

Comment #23

No wonder I always get out bid for those good names... Its unethical and in corporate america there are rules and regulations against this sort of thing for insiders to make sure nobody has an unfair advantage. It doesn't matter who he is, or how rich he is, it is wrong, if he is so rich, he should quit his job, and stick to registering HostGator names. Godaddy is profiting from an employees bids, he has knowledge of the industry, and it can be questioned if he knows if a HostGator is bidding low, the value could be deemed higher, and the fact of activity on that HostGator could entice another bidder into the auction.... could be borderline shill bidding, which is illegal..

Comment #24

As long as he doesn't have any information that would give him an advantage (i.e. - knowing the max proxy bid of other bidders), then I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Adam is a stand up guy and I refuse to believe he would ever do anything unethical...

Comment #25

Does this mean Reece can't bid on domains @ I think that'd be lame to prevent Reece from going after a neat HostGator just because he is the owner.

I don't see anything wrong with what the VP did unless he were being a shill...

Comment #26

This whole story depends on a couple factors.

1.) Did working for give Adam Dicker an advantage in bidding? Was he able to use inside information to his advantage?.

2.) Was he bidding on these domains for himself or for GoDaddy? Did he pay for the domains he won?.

As far as I am concerned if he is bidding on the domains representing himself, and no GoDaddy it is fine as long as he didn't have any inside information and paid for the auctions he won. The only problem is if his role was either shill bidding for GoDaddy, or using insider information to his advantage.


Comment #27

It doesn't really matter if he had inside information or not. It's the perception that he might have had. Which is why lotteries don't let their employees buy tickets, et al...

Comment #28

I agree with that. It certainly doesn't look good for Adam, or GoDaddy regardless of the facts...

Comment #29

Sounds to me like a bit of spin by the writer. Sums up my viewpoint exactly...

Comment #30

Surely there must be terms and conditions in his employment not allowing this sort of practice, if this had been joe blogs in a normal job then would he be sitting at his desk today?.

If he is guilty of something then let the appropiate people take action, then we will see how serious people take this issue...

Comment #31

Where will you report the vp of one of the huge registrar btw? if icann is very slow in following up little complaints of end users how much more if they're dealing with godaddy?..

Comment #32

Personally I think the whole .com drop/auction/registrar warehousing business is disgraceful - registrars should be impartial and non-competing - like Nominet (.uk).

One reason that ccTLDs are probably destined for success in all countries - their control and administration is out of ICANN's hands .....

Comment #33

I'm not sure how I feel about a Employee competing against other domainers in this manner , But in all honesty ... It was done "Openly and Notoriously". Nothing was hidden , which is more than we can say about other things going on. Do you think for one second this isn't happening all over ? Under family members names or corporate entities ? I'm not defending this happening , And I do feel there could be a huge conflict of interest here ... But at least it wasn't hidden from us for once...

Comment #34

How can you come from a technology background, and be a Vice President of a Internet giant like GoDaddy, and not have any know how of how the technical aspects of your platform or your company...who knows maybe a lower down is accessing the info with their user ids, and feeding the info to the higher ups,,,, so many scenarios... that is why companies restrict this activity. Insiders are insiders for a reason, this is not a for charity business, if he is bidding on domains while he is on the clock for godaddy, which he probably is due to auction closing hours, are they not paying him to bid?..

Comment #35

I'm glad GoDaddy is all over this one.

From HostGator Name Wire:..

Comment #36

Just had a pm from someone claiming to be from asking about this.

Dont know if they are legit or not.

Be carefull what you say if they pm you...

Comment #37

Would godaddy have admitted to any wrong doing if they had discovered it, most likely not, as it would probably lead to a class action suit..It is very interesting to see that godaddy employees are no longer able to purchase domains from tdnam, a policy which can probably be easily evaded through family members, but good to know it is in place...

Comment #38

Has anyone been able to verify this is in fact correct? If so, smart move by GD...

Comment #39

If this is true, it is a good move by, because this event did not look good for them, even if nothing fishy was going on. GoDaddy Bans Employees from Bidding on TDNAM..

Comment #40

Well, I can verify it.

I had direct contact with GoDaddy regarding the statement...

Comment #41

Is full disclosure in order? What names were bid on, and to what price>?..

Comment #42

I don't know whether it's some sort of paranoia or some random event. Here is my experience with Godaddy auctions so far. Let's say a HostGator is listed for 100$ and already has no bids.

* If I bid just the exact amount (100$), I mostly buy it at 100$.

* If I place a more secure bid such as 200$, most of the times someone bids against me and make it more than 100$ for me, but don't win just increase my paid amount.

I don't know it's just a coincidence, but since bidders like ghosts (no info, no history, just bid count) in Godaddy auctions, everything seems possible to me...

Comment #43

Don't forget also that when Godaddy has a really high starting bid or even a higher starting bid than $10 and nobody bids on it. It doesn't go to FireSale or cannot be backordered via Godaddy. Guess it where it goes.....

The Godaddy Warehouse =)..

Comment #44

Had bob parsons addressed this yet? he likes to blog, radio and all that....

Comment #45

This simply emphasizes what the HostGator industry is about in these wild west HostGator rush days - GREED!!!!!!.

And yes it's in all other industries as well NOT just domaining for those of you about to defend domaining...

Comment #46

Godaddy = Unethical Bastards ... never use them ...

Comment #47

I've never used them ever. Will never use them.

Their user interface is so slow and customer service is below standard...

Comment #48

Since they are caught, now they can do this with more covered people, being greedy is not an easily vanished sin...

Comment #49

Take a breath and read the article that equity78 posted, I doubt very seriously that Parsons even knew this was going on. you have to remember. peoples jobs can be on the line, If sales decrease to a low level. the people involved in the shill bidding, were most likely trying protect their job, they should be fired immediately. Godaddy is a huge company now, It more than likely took a substancial amount of time for HR, to even find out this was going on. It could be happening right now, with some of our top tier HostGator auction sites as well.

Godaddy isn't to blame for this, the ass whipes who were shill bidding are...

Comment #50

Huh ? Their hall business model is ment to rob you ... Don't tell me Parsons doesn't know about all the hidden fees Godaddy applies ... LOL..

Comment #51

To be fair to GD and Dicker, I do not believe there is any evidence that shill bidding occurred. Shill bidding is completely different than if Dicker was legitimately bidding and purchased the domains (which is what appears to have happened)...

Comment #52

I wasn't aware of that, But any way it goes, there is no way I would defend Dicker, not gonna happen...

Comment #53

I won an auction against -RJ- I must have paid too much..

Comment #54

To those defending Dicker based on the fact that he owns DNF...I think that's a poor excuse. That's not respect...that's fear your DNF account might get cancelled.

I stopped posting there a long time ago because I didn't like a few things I was witnessing. I don't think it's fair to attack him but I don't think it's fair he gets blind defense as well.

He should have known better.

Adam isn't as clean as you might think. He strikes me as the type of person to justify things for his own personal gain...

Comment #55

I don't know Dicker and I don't know Parsons. I'm just giving both parties the benefit of the doubt before I jump to conclusions. You may be right about Dicker, but then again, you may be wrong. I'm just trying to be reasonable and treat others the way I would like to be treated if I was in a similar situation...

Comment #56

He is an insider. He should not have been bidding. Whether he won the auctions or not doesn't matter. If he won it's maybe because he knew the top bid was low. If he lost then that means he helped to bid up a HostGator name. There is no win situation in this.

As a "respected" domainer he SHOULD have known that bidding in that scenario would be unethical...possibly even illegal. There should probably be an official investigation about this. In most states shill bidding is illegal and if he lost an auction that's what he is doing. The company he works for profits off his bids win or lose. They profit.

I would like to see what other heavyweights in the industry think of all this...

Comment #57 deserves the lions share of the blame on this. The fact that they had no policy in place to block this is ridiculous. Any company needs to have policies blocking these kind of insider actions. The problem is no one knows exactly what happened, but it sure looks shady on many levels...

Comment #58

Actually.., aren't the .us domains allowed to .us citizens only ??..

Comment #59

I think he meant that even if he wasn't intentionally shill bidding, the end result is the same as if he was shill bidding (he drove up the price of the auction to his employers benefit)...

Comment #60

Exactly. Even if he never intended to losing even one auction that's what he has done. I still believe this should be investigated further by law enforcement...

Comment #61


A few more articles ...

A Domainer bidding on Domains is not news of course - And Godaddy does state he had no inside information on the auctions anyways ... But that was the division he was hired to run - Wasn't it ? It's hard for me to understand how no one there thought this would not be seen as a conflict of interest. And we're supposed to just take their word on everything as well .....

Comment #62

Exactly why there should be an official investigation here. If there was wrong-doing it could be prosecutable and at the least civil action for those who bid along with Adam. I don't see why more people here aren't screaming over this. If nothing wrong happened then fine but on face value it smells bad...

Comment #63

They should initiate some kind of official investigation on this matter..

Comment #64

I am, but are the "cops" monitoring the thread ?

Comment #65

Conflict of interest yes, shill bidding no..

Adam doesn't strike me as being the type who would risk his reputation over a relatively low value name this this..

Comment #66

Alot of people in this thread on a first name basis with "Adam". What you feel about him personally is about as relevant as what Nicki Sixx feels about Tommy Lee. Most people don't know either of them, it means nothing!!!.

Look, Adam Dicker may indeed be a stand up guy, hell maybe he cured cancer, I don't know, but that's all irrelevant! There are millions of GoDaddy customers who can't say "oh yeah I know Adam, he's a great guy I trust him!".

The people in this thread who DO know Adam Dicker need to take a step back, and consider the issue from a 3rd party prespective. The question is NOT "is your friend who you know and love and trust a cheating scumbag?", the question IS "do you think this guy who controls GoDaddy auctions biddding on GoDaddy auctions is a conflict of interest?"...

Comment #67

I think it is unfair to presume he was shill bidding. This is more than likely not true. He was most likely legitimately bidding on domains he wished to purchase as he is a large domainer. However I totally agree that this should not be allowed as it creates a conflict of interest and will always leave questions in people's minds if allowed. Glad it has now been banned...

Comment #68

Does anyone know if some of Dicker's compensation or performance assessment from GoDaddy is based on the performance of TDNAM auctions...

Comment #69

I don't see what the big deal is, auctioneers bid all the time in antique auctions. although the nature of it is a little different, the names are in public view. Now if he is able to see what people are bidding, traffic and inside information like that, then that's a different story but it's hard not to believe that he would not be privy to that info as he runs that department. I think that's the only problem with it..

He also had a name I saw for sale there too, braids dot com, (at least from what I was able to gather that was his, correct me if I'm wrong) I remember seeing it listed at $250.00 which I thought was a BIN, I was getting ready to jump on it but I though perhaps it was a scam and then a few days past and it was up in the mid XXXX range. If he was seen to be bidding in on that name also, then that would be a problem of shill bidding......

Comment #70

I think you would have to ask GoDaddy Fonzie, I doubt that is public info, his employment contract. As a .us investor Fonzie are you glad to see someone like him buying .us ? I think it good for the extension. Now does he have US business to meet the Nexus requirement ?

Comment #71

Ugh..if he lost even ONE auction it's shill bidding imho. He is an employee of the company who should NOT have been bidding and raising prices. Often states have strict auction laws.

Unless properly investigated we shouldn't just take Godaddy's word for it...

Comment #72

Trouble is, who would you trust to conduct a fair, objective investigation? And since there was no in-house policy at the time, who could demand a penalty and enforce it?..

Comment #73

State and Federal laws don't give a damn about in-house policy. If it's the law, it's the law.... Now, admittedly, the only thing I know about "insider" activity is when it comes to stocks. I don't really know the laws on this type of situation.

However, I find it hard to believe that he was not bidding on auctions while on company time, since the majority of the auctions would end during that time. And if he is bidding on domains while on company time, I think that would be considered as shill bidding (if he lost any auctions).

Now I am not saying that he used insider information, who knows, I can't draw conclusions.... But he should have known better...

Comment #74

Hmm, can't seem to find one online for Arizona. But mebbe these guys will do?

Comment #75

I don't know about 'cops' but I hear a couple 'tucson' newspapers might be checking out this thread.


Comment #76

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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