How do I find GoDaddy coupons for 2011?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: How do I find GoDaddy coupons for 2011?.

My next question is: And how much time you spend and how much you earn?..

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Your question was: How do I find GoDaddy coupons for 2011?.

I'm new in HostGator world therefore I'm not satisfied of my ROI, I haven't any ROI yet.

Anyway I spend much time on learning all about domains ( almost 5-10 hours a day ) ... my ROI is near I hope..

Comment #1

Not really sold any names within the last 8-12 months so still waiting on the return,.

Got plent offers.

Just not good enough...

Comment #2

The more you know, the better ROI you will have...

Comment #3

My ROI for Jul. is $0.52. I know it's a lot but I'll try not to spend it in one place...

Comment #4

I am making a fair amount, but if I were to look at the earnings per hour it would be well below the minimum wage!..

Comment #5

Very satisfied with it. ROI was more than 1000% last two months, and I started domaining this year...

Comment #6

Don't spend it too quickly. Or better still, reinvest it into another domain..

Comment #7

Am I satisfied with my ROI? I don't think I can honestly answer that without the censorship of NP kicking into overdrive.

Whoever decides that parking is not the way to go, you're more than welcome to submit your developed site(s) to the Web Design Revie Section here on NP. You'll get honest feedback from users with design, programming and marketing/psychology background.


Comment #8

Quite satisfied.

I've flipped domains for 500% profit within a week of buying them. Don't earn much because I don't invest much (I am a college student...).

It takes about 2 months before you start seeing an ROI..

Comment #9

I think some domainers calculate ROI incorrectly. If I have 1000 domains and spend $6000 on renewals, and then one sells for $6000, I can claim either 100% ROI overall or 100,000% ROI on the $6 I spent on that domain. The latter is is not really my ROI of domaining. Don't you sometimes see people post a fairly good HostGator in the appraisal section, and when they're told it's worth low-xxx they get excited and reg and post 30 new ones that are crap. They just lost any return they'd make on the good one.

Personally, my ROI for 2007 will be around 200-250%. I've made back twice the total fees of every and any kind I've put in to all my domains. I am happy wth that...

Comment #10

I'll say this. Other than investing in real estate in an upcoming city that just gets the Olympics bid, domaining is the fastest ROI you'll get. Period.

And the best part is that it's fun! I do it while studying or listening to music.....

Comment #11

Great sashas, very well said!!!.

And you didnt mention the stock market...

In my part of the world when people ask "how do you invest your money?" and when I tell them about the internet, they just say "u r crazy man!".

When I tell them about the ROI they get scared and ask "how is this possible? is it legal?".

Then my revenge comes in my answer: "go and study... google domain, google HostGator names and you will find out" but they still think I'm crazy; I dont have how to proof them my ROI yet cuz I didnt sell anything but if you take a look in my sig you can see ill have some profit and even the average is 50% (what isnt good here at all) it will be much more than any other kind of investment; although if I show some threads here about ROI they can see another members' ROI yes, while you r domaining you r having fun!!!..

Comment #12

Looking at the number of CVCV and VCVC names you have, I can see you getting an ROI of atleast 500-600% on them in an year's time. And thats just for reseller purposes.....

Comment #13

I think mine at only around 200%. So I spent less time than before...

Comment #14

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