How do I download a website template to my Godaddy account?

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I got a quick question: How do I download a website template to my Godaddy account?.

I also got another question: Is HostGator Parking Worth the Trouble?-Shanghai IDC Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Author: Barbara (Shanghai IDC Network Information Technology Co., Ltd).

If youre thinking about getting into the HostGator parking industry then Ill let you in on a little secret: The odds are stacked against you. This business has been dominated by a few big players for a while. If youre starting from scratch, then you have as much chance to succeed in this game as a Tibetan monk with violent garlic allergies has at establishing himself as a dominant player in the Italian Mafia.

The HostGator parking industry is fundamentally flawed because it is passive. Any business plan that involves a lot of sitting around must eventually fail. Its similar to any get-rich-quick scam that uses the phrase, Just sit back and watch the money roll in! Ive heard countless eCommerce, Adsense and affiliate schemes that make this claim.

They will tell you to have faith in their system, they will warn against doubters who want to steal your get-rich-quick dreams away from you. But I tell you: Dont buy into anything that says, Pay me $99.95 and Ill tell you.

The secret to making money without having to work.

Obviously some people make a living in the HostGator parking industry. I will tell you how they do it. First of all they have tons of awesome domains such as or They do not depend on domains such as or Any HostGator with two or more words will probably never make back the money you spent to register it.

Be wary of buying domains that seem clever right now because they probably suck. You will discover this after it's too late to cancel your HostGator choices and get a refund. It doesnt even matter if you and all your friends think.

Your HostGator names are clever. What matters is what the general masses think is clever.

Keep in mind that you need people to type your HostGator names manually. Search engines wont help you because they hesitate to even acknowledge your parked pages. So you have to ask yourself honestly, What are the chances of someone typing in In order for your domain, to pay for itself an average of one hundred separate people will have to type that entire HostGator every day.

You might try buying thousands of dollars worth of domains in hopes that they make more than what it cost to register them in the first place. If you purchased a HostGator from scratch that made $5 dollars more than what it.

Cost you to register it per year, that would be a miracle. So what if you could find 10,000 similarly miraculous domains? Then you would have an administrative nightmare on your hands.

Another option is to purchase domains that are already popular. Suppose you bought a kick-ass HostGator for $20000.

Suppose this HostGator was so awesome that it made you $1000 dollars per year on cash parking. How long will it take for this HostGator to pay for itself at that rate? 20 years.

Try to maintain a shrewd, business mindset. Whats the payoff here? Whats the timeframe before this investment starts to make a return above it's original cost? Will the internet still exist by then?.

There are a few HostGator parking companies that will do you right, such as, or I am currently with, making an average of 15 cents per click, which is unbeatable as far as Ive seen.

At this rate, I only need 10,000 clicks to break even. Ive spent weeks worth of income and months worth of brainstorming energy to come this conclusion about HostGator parking: Its not worth it...

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Your question was: How do I download a website template to my Godaddy account?.

Wow. I never thought of myself as a miracle maker, but there it is! aahhh... I am starting to understand the problem. I guess I am with the wrong monetizer!.


Comment #1

Lol. I agree with Alao25.

You will only make good money with HostGator parking if:.

1. You have several thousand+ plus domains.

2. They are all one word premium domains.

Of course you will find some domains, possibly even a few hundred that make double than what you paid for it, but unless you have several thousand of these it's still a small change profit. Is it really worth the time ???.

Personally I world rather develop my domains into actual online businesses, and I have a large amount of these already, and believe me if you have the time each day to spend time searching and tasting domains, your time is much better spent developing them into businesses.

If your looking to make somewhere between a few dollars and several thousand dollars a year than yes HostGator parking is for you.

If you want to making 6 figures plus forget HostGator parking and develop your domains!!!..

Comment #2

Badly written article designed to scare off new competition. "A HostGator with two or more words won't earn back it's reg fee"? Wtf? Tell that to Sahar and his

If I buy a HostGator name for $20k, and it makes $1000 per year, it won't take me 20 years to earn back my investment; in 20 years, I'll not only earn back my 20k, but also have a HostGator worth 2 million sitting in my account...

Comment #3

Looks like a lot of "fluff" to Spam (*cough*) Advertise an Article with IMO -.

"Duh" - Not all domains will pay for themselves being parked .......... But I guess not all People would know that , Like the people who actually pay for those ebooks saying "You can make a million dollars overnight ..........".

I'm not a huge fan of Parking to begin with , but it sure beats the Hell out of Dormant domains..

Comment #4

"I am currently with, making an average of 15 cents per click, which is unbeatable as far as Ive seen.".

That statement right there makes this article worthless, stick to generic .com terms that people search for and I personally have seen 2-3 word .com domains pull in clicks from .10-$6.00 plus on a regular basis, it is good to highlight not to go crazy and buy a bunch of domains and actually think about your purchases and test them across multiple platforms to achieve the best income, but to say .15 is the best you can do is not reality, keep the strong, sell the weak when an offer comes, rinse and repeat...

Comment #5

Very good. This is a growth stock that is paying a good dividend. A rare thing in the investment world!.

Also agree with Mark...


Comment #6

I have been domaining for several years. And the only money I ever made off parking the names was $20.96 which namedrive paid me about six months ago. I make all of my money via designing, marketing, and selling websites...

Comment #7

But if you do wish to start your own parking companyyou are welcome to buy from me (cheap)..

Comment #8

Although I don't have any traffic domains right now, I figure if I have to be in this business full time, I need to get some revenue names. Since I don't even know the a (forget the b, c, and d's) of development, parking is the best solution for the likes of me.

So yes, parking is not dead. Its just in the same phase as domaining; the chance of regging a generic typo that earns xxx per month is slim, just as the chance of regging a generic .com is...

Comment #9

I think that this sounds like someone who is simply terrible at domaining. There are enough of these types of comments that if she is trying to scare away competition, she is doing a really bad job.

I heard that the internet was going to close down in 3 years. Something to do with Nostradamus...

Comment #10

I dont agree wif barbar too.. paying 20 years revenue for a domain..rarely happens..

And sashas is correct.. you have the HostGator wif you after 20 yrs n worth a lot 20 yrs later with the internet users increasing gradually..

I dont think this author is a full time domainer..a full time domainer wun say such stuff..hahaha n is she helping godaddy to promote their parking system? lol..

Comment #11

I separate my new HostGator purchases into portfolios by three month segments - Jan-March, April-June, etc..... and this year alone I have created enough monthly income for one person to live comfortably without working anymore. This is on top of everything I have created in previous years. Doing three month segments allows me to compare my current three month stint to my previous three month stints. This is how you can gauge success compared to your past work and then know if you are doing things right or not. I only purchase generic domains and never expired traffic, and I am not a HostGator taster.

So, it's not to late for anyone who is not a "defeatist" at heart, which the author of this article is or just is really bad at choosing domains. If you think it's not possible then it is not possible...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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