How do I deduct points for Nutrisystem?

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Quick question... How do I deduct points for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Had high hopes for it..

Tried one..

Not very good..

The outside has kind of a waxy texture which is supposed to be the peanut butter..

The inside is sweet but that's what jelly should be, right?.

But the thing is - I had a preconceived notion that the PB&J Bar.

Would have some sort of a breaded outside to off-set the sweetness..

Not so..

Just waxy PB stuff outside - sweet J inside..

And therefore, the thing in general winds up being.

Kind of waxy and too sweet..

That's my opinion..

That, and a dollar, will buy you a bottle of water..

Plus tax, of course...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1's certainly the same dimensions as a fig newton...rather small IMO...

Comment #2

I had one for lunch Tuesday and I kinda liked it. I love peanut butter and it tastes waaaaay better than that PB2 crap. Kinda gave me my fix...

Comment #3

Okay, you like peanut butter..

But did you think it was kinda waxy and overly-sweet?.

Did you think it would be better with a breaded casing?.

Huh? Huh?.


Comment #4

Well yeah, I guess mine was kinda waxy. I had mine with a salad so maybe that cut the sweet for me..

And hey man, what wouldn't be better with a breaded casing?!.

Huh? Huh?..

Comment #5

I guess my review would pretty much be like yours. I got four also (one for each set of 7 days' worth of food, of course), just out of curiosity. They're OK, nothing inspiring..

I tried the scrambled eggs breakfast, the buttered popcorn, and the Italian wedding soup too. The popcorn too was OK, though I'm not a huge fan of popcorn, but I reasoned that at least there wouldn't be many unpopped kernels this way. I was curious enough to try it, and I was right about the unpopped kernels. If anyone else got both of them also, you might consider having the popcorn and the PBJ bar on the same day, to have a sweet lunch and a salty dessert (as opposed to the more usual opposite)..

The scrambled eggs are OK too, though my favorite of the new meals so far is the Italian wedding soup. I will probably reorder both it and the scrambled eggs, but not the other two..

I'm pretty excited about the maple-flavored sausage and the biscuits and gravy, though, if/when they come out...

Comment #6

Put Frank's Red Hot on the PB bar. Problem solved...

Comment #7

Aaaand it speeds up your metabolism - so they say.....

Speaking of which.

I made guacamole yesterday and dunked veggies in it. I put a jalapeno in it. I cut it up first before putting it in the blender. forgot to wash my hands before I touched my lips....

Sore lips/toungue, etc. for about 45 minutes....

By the way that's a good snack men...sub four or five tomatillos for an avacado if you don't want to overdo the guacamole. gives it a fresher taste. it's fun to make too. just dip veggies in it, not chips..

Here's the recipe.


I add a lot more garlic than she and another lime juice..

Comment #8

Indeed ... It fixes everything except chapped lips ... and AIDS, or course...

Comment #9

Had the PB&J bar today after reading this thread. I was not a fan. Still cant figure out just what flavor of berry that jelly was supposed to be. I'll just call it Rad-Berry..

Comment #10

Just be glad you didn't touch "down there" before you washed your hands, Bob...I hear that's miserable...

Comment #11

Suddenly I have no desire to talk about peanut butter...

Comment #12

Your right, lets talk about the fudge packed graham lunch bar instead - sean's favorite..

Comment #13

I put a fudgesicle in a vagina once .... once..

Let me be the first to tell you guys to never do that. not good..

*just some helpful advice, mod .... move along ..............

Comment #14

Fudge side in - and out. Therein lies the rub ... gross...

Comment #15

That reminds me, this tastes good on tuna.


Comment #16


Took it out too? damn, you're my hero..

I got one in once, then got my ass whooped so bad I picked it up off the floor to stop the swelling of my eye..

Guess I should have waited for her to wake up! Oh well.....

Comment #17

Love the FZ montage... LOL - "add water, it makes it's own sauce"......

Comment #18

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