How do i connect coldfusion to an access database on

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My first question is: How do I connect coldfusion to an access database on

My next question is: And how long did it take you to get there... from the very first HostGator sale to the point you are now? And how much do you profit per month (you don't have to tell me, I understand... just curious)?..

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Your question was: How do I connect coldfusion to an access database on

Typically 5-10k/month, although this year has been particularly better so far..

Comment #1

I'm in the same boat...I just joined and I'm looking around, not quite understanding everything.....

Comment #2

Wow some very good figures above. Hope I can make such money too.

Just new to this thingy, but soon I will also jump into the well..

Comment #3

I agree. Very nice numbers mentioned before. Congrats to you guys...

Comment #4

I make my living on this industry and I do just fine, considering how much I actually work. The trick is to work smarter, not harder.


Comment #5

U started a little over a year ago?....and making $15k/month???....nice!.

Off developed names?...parked names?...adsense...etc..? to share?....

Comment #6

I do this part time but make more than my full time job as a commercial real estate market analyst... go figure. Some day I'll get up the nerve to quit..

Comment #7

I make money out of the Internet, domaining is just part of it. I gave up my job 3 years ago as a web designer and work full time at home and run a few hundred websites and own around 1200 domains. My aim initially was to own 100 websites and make at least $1 a day from each one, some make less, some make more but that is generally my goal...

Comment #8

On a good month, I can earned at least 2k. But it's not consistent yet. Sometimes, I end up with nothing. Lol.

This is just a hobby on top of my full time job. The money earned online acted as my bonus. Hehe...

Comment #9

Hope I can count on domains for my retirement...

Comment #10

Just got in the game. Still learning. Hope to earn like the pros SOON...

Comment #11

Very very interesting...

I'm struggling to make plain HostGator sales so Im thinking of start simple developing and see where it goes.....

Comment #12

I am also planning to start developing sites... But not able to understand where to start and how to start..

Comment #13

I do this part time but really, I'm not someone who's looking to sell my names for a quick flip. I'm more of a long time holder...

Comment #14

Holy crap. You don't have to tell me what you do. Just tell me what you read...

Comment #15

Started Domaining back in Feb this year, flip xyz amount of domains per month, I make approx 75% of my regular job income. Mine is Zero parking because they never stay still..

Comment #16

My wife took all the money - this is what I get for monthly allowance...

Comment #17

Are you sure you're not married to my ex..

Comment #18

She is your ex's sister. They came from the same family so I think they took the same procedure and policy!..

Comment #19

How much do you guys spend to make $15K a month ? Does $15K represent a ten per cent increase on what you spend or is it a 1500 per cent increase on names bought for reg. fee ? And where do you sell the names ? I'm clearly doing something very wrong !..

Comment #20

Sounds like it, they went to the same university "Screw U"..

Comment #21

There's probably 1000 different ways of "making it" with domaining.

Personally, I make my money with 3 and 4 letter .coms. I have a budget of around 50k I play around with and reinvest this over and over again (rarely holding anything more than 2-3 months). I deal in names from $5 to about $10,000 and focus on bulk sales (3500+ names sold this year).

About half of what I've made so far this year is from regfee purchases over the last 12 months LLLL.coms, LLLL.nets, LLLL.infos, with the majority of the other half being successful aftermarket purchases and subsequent resales on LLLL.coms.

Private sales via pm or email (they email me, not the other way) make up the large majority of my sales...

Comment #22

I've only just got into domaining. I've made about $1 so far But that's actually not profit I hope I can some day make it my full time job but for now I still must work to support my hobby..

Comment #23

Reece, it's very hard sell 3500+ HostGator / year, where did you sell these...?..

Comment #24

So it IS possible to make some sort of living doing regfees.. that kind of gave me hope....

Comment #25

I sold about 500 LLLL.coms through my blog (4 Letter Noob) , another 1500 LLLL.coms in total to 3 NPers, have sold 400+ LLLL.nets through Namepros so far, 400 CVCV.infos, many VCVC.infos, sold a couple hundred .mobis here on Namepros, and sold quite a few names of pretty much every flavour from .mobi to .info to .com through email. I've already made 100k+ this year reselling last year's handregs it's very much possible to make a good living from handregs. It's much easier imho to try and go with the latest trends than it is to reg hundreds of "flippable brandables", although I'm aware of 2 NPers who make very good money from flipping handregged brandables week after week.

Plenty of different ways to make money with domaining and I'm currently focussing my efforts on triple repeat letter LLLL.coms. I'm positioning myself as a "premium reseller" somewhere between what a domainer would expect to pay and what an enduser would expect to pay. This middle ground is paid by domainers who want a nice name for their collection or want a memorable name to develop in many cases we could call the domainer "the enduser" for these domains. Profit margins are in the $500-$1000 range generally, so it requires very few sales to make out well...

Comment #26

I made about $400 profit 2 months ago.. that was the most I made in a month....

I sold 2 domains ( & ), one through sedo and the other TDNam.

Then I spent most of the money on renewals...

I wish I could quit my lame day job.....

Comment #27

I am trying my hardest to be a full time domainer..

I will be following this thread closely. Sounds like Reece is the one to watch..

Thanks, and good luck to all!..

Comment #28

It's A nice thread -.

I make around $2K-5K Per month through parking my names and around $10 - $100K selling my names per year- It's my hobby and works well for me - I have other businesses that arent online where I source my main income.

I think there is the opportunity for all domainers to make at $1K per month.



Comment #29

Yes it is,.

Last month I could sell a reg fee HostGator for $1500.

This month, 3 sales have been completed, 1 in pending of total $1000,.

All are hand regged,..

Comment #30

May I know where do you namally park your HostGator names? Thanks...

Comment #31

I usually do not buy names in the aftermarket.

Sold three .tv names totaling $15,500 last month alone. Those names were registered during October 2007 for $12.99 each.

I'm making a regular income from affiliate programs as well as from sedo parking...

Comment #32

TrafficZ - I have found to be the best!..

Comment #33

Been domaining for 10 months now, and just recently have started making profits. Not much though, I would say around $1200-2000 since last 3 months. But that all goes back into my domaining pool..

Comment #34

I make low-mid $xxx/month part-time. I know I could do much more if I were full-time since I have a good start going part-time. It's just a matter of taking the leap of faith...

Comment #35

I dont when will I start earning out of domaining. Anyways I started only last month... So I believe long way to go.

Any suggestions from the experienced persons would be greatly helpful though......

Comment #36

IMHO it's about finding a niche - trying to do everything is really inefficient.

A more relevant question for me was if I wanted to make a living out of domaining.

My niche (a certain type of product name/mini site) I worked out pretty early. I was confident I could scale up my profits to earn enough each week.

Then I realized things change all the time, i'd be in front of a screen all day, pseudo spamming, and just offering a pretty crappy type of service. not much to tell the grandkids about!.

I decided i'd much rather earn less, and make sites I wanted to be out there (and read myself). the whole thing feels a lot better/ constructive that way. i'll stop sermonising, but for me that's it!..

Comment #37

Lol....for me, I do domaining on the side to add some spice to my life But there is not a chance in the world I could make it purely off domaining...I am going to stick to my day job for now..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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