How do I check for security by verisign seal?

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Got a question... How do I check for security by verisign seal? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... Does anyone know where I can buy oscommerce with all the popular contributions already installed? I dont have time to install all the contributions myself, wanted to know if theres a ready to go version. Sorry if it's the wrong forum. Thank you..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Verisign as they probably could answer your Verisign question..

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Im looking for the basic popular contributions, like seo, header tags, coupons, cross sell, ultra pics etc......

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You ask a good question. I have used OSCommerce for 5 years, and have installed many contributions and set up quite a few stores. However, for $100 I purchased a OSCommerce cart with just about every contribution you could think of 'loaded' on it and then some. There are at lease several websites to purchase these souped up OSCommerce carts. They literally are the same OSCommerce cart you download for free but with the tons of contributions installed. The downside is that the one I got has 4x the stuff on the admin panel a standard cart has - a bit tougher learning curve for someone new to OSCommerce.

I got my comment wiped off the forum the last time I answered a question like this, because I mentioned the brand name..

Really it is worth the $100 or more, to have someone else who knows what they are doing spend the hours upon hours it would take to install contributions, much less identify the useful ones..

So try googling 'oscommerce max' or 'oscommerce templates' or 'oscommerce loaded'You'll find 'em..

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How do you define popular contrbutions. For example, Ultra Pics is outdated and not very well supported. I wouldn't consider installing it but you deem it popular. The point is, there's no way to define such a list since they vary with sites. That's the problem with the forks mentioned. I've never meant anyone that uses all of the contributions (or maybe even half) of the ones installed in those packages.

You would be better off, in my opinion, installing the ones you want..


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Yes, I have noticed on the package I use some of the files are twice the size of the same file of a fresh OScommerce install. However, I use both 'clean' versions and the 'package' version and haven't noticed a difference in processing speed. I have also spent considerable time learning how to maintain a website, how to identify inefficient scripts, tracking down errors,etc and have not found any performance issues. But I am, however, constantly finding great and useful contributions in the package I would have never known about or thought to install otherwise. Plus they are already installed!.

It is a daunting task to even know what contributions to use. In addition, many of the contributions, even the good ones are poorly documented with sketchy installation guides. And it doesn't take too many contribution installations before you are installing one contribution on top of the other. Also, many of the contributions are complicated to install. I for example used to avoid contributions that involved altering the database because I didn't know the first thing about mysql databases. 'My Squirrel' was what I keep hearing in my mind..

I have also written a number of programs for my OSCommerce Cart, including a bulk mailing program that throttles down the speed of sending so I can use it on my $10/month shared host website, and I have not had problems installing them on either the clean install or the package version. I haven't yet run across any significant downside to my 'bloated' package. The package has saved me months and months of tedium and trolling the contribution list...

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Does anyone know where I can buy oscommerce with all the popular contributions already installed? I dont have time to install all the contributions myself, wanted to know if theres a ready to go version. Sorry if it's the wrong forum. Thank you..

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Contributions are normally installed to meet the customers requirements. There are OSC stores that you can purchase with some contributions and templates installed but, unless your store is 'standard' then you would have to specify to the designer which contributions you would like. Or atleast explain what you are looking to do so the designer can find the contributions you need..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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