How do I build my site with

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: How do I build my site with

My 2nd question is: What happens if sells for 250k+ and the /img/avatar8.jpg makes a huge gaming portal on it?.

This HostGator could become the flagship for the whole extension if marketed properly...


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Your question was: How do I build my site with

Games is a great HostGator in any extension. Also fits really well with mobile internet. A 6-figure sale of would not surprise anyone I don't think. Nice investment opportunity too...

Comment #1

Yeah, definitely a cracking HostGator !.

It should be interesting to see what goes for too, currently on sedo at 41,000 $US with reserve met !.

There's loads of top notch .mobis on sedo just now.


Comment #2

I don't get it. Someone could pay $100 to reg games.xx and have a shorter extensions that's easier to type in a cell phone, advertise it, and yield the same results. Makes no sense...

Comment #3

Already at $101,000 with 3.5 days to go. Great name...

Comment #4

It doesnt really matter though does it... one extention has to sell for more than some.. who cares about the reason.

Some say good marketing, some say hype, some say a great concept TLD... money is money is money...

Comment #5

Oh dear... You really got balls listing this outside the .mobi forum.

I'm happy to see a 6 figure sale, although as many have said a 6 figure sale on a super premium like that doesn't mean much. If it doesn't surpass the sale, I'd be quite shocked and would seriously reconsider investing further...

Comment #6

It really doesn't matter ... those that are naysayers - will still be naysayers, those that constantly ride the fence - will continue to ride and those that support the extension will be happy we did ... there is going to be a couple hundred more nice developed generics out there in a few months and this can only help to continue the proliferation of .mobi..

Comment #7

Bingo...and mods please do not move this thread to the mobi area...the HIGH price this HostGator will hit is why I put it in general area.


Comment #8

I've never heard of anyone being banned from 1 forum of Namepros. How can that happen?..

Comment #9

Are there any other good generics with MOBI extensions still available? I'm

Comment #10

Depends on what you call "good".

The really good stuff is long gone, something like 600,000 domains have been registered. But that is less than 1% of the number of .Coms that are registered, so there are still some nooks and crannys.

.Mobi is just getting started and there is major uncertainty whether it will catch on as a popular extension for mobile-friendly websites. Speculative, in a word. More risk, maybe more reward. Quality, as always, is the key.

We are looking here, with the auction of, at a good test of the market. Games are a hugely profitable industry, highly relevant to the future mobile web, and one would suspect that the board rooms of the major corporations in the field have spent a great deal of time preparing to position their companies on the Mobile web. Nearly all pundits expect the mobile web to be a huge new venue.

The question often raised is how the .Mobi extension will be accepted by major industries such as the hand-held games industry. The bidding already shows serious interest. If the bids go to eye-popping levels then it will be seen by some as a strongly encouraging sign of .Mobi's acceptance...

Comment #11

You can check here, while they last...

No offense to RS, but it will be nice to have a new highest dollar paid for a .mobi ( up to $140,000 with 3 days left and a hoard of bidders)..

Comment #12

Having hope isn't even a question ... it (they) MUST be developed, according to the (minimal) "development requirements" of the auction(s), IMHO. The clock is now definitely ticking LOUD & CLEAR on these premium domains currently being auctioned and having just been recently auctioned - auctions in which, if funds received / transactions / escrow completed properly - mTLD has clearly been the sole beneficiary!.

I believe April 1st, 2008 is the exact date of the first round of 6-month "development requirements" deadline(s), IMHO. It is my belief that these premium auctions were the final nail in the coffin for the greater .MOBI "ecosystem" (along with mTLD pitifully abandoning the RFP process!) ... while those who continue to h.y.p.e. the extension still lingering around with aforementioned HOPE (beyond all hope) through this last round of 6-month "development requirement" deadline(s) in early June '08.

It should have been about developers and End users developing and spending money promoting their unique and compelling .MOBI websites ... but it unfortunately turned out, and predictably, to be about HostGator trading and h.y.p.e. - and, most importantly, mTLD profits!.

Time will tell of course, and Happy April Fool's Day '08!.

Just my two sense. Happy Holidays!.


Comment #13

Isn't that how all extensions are born? give it time & you will see the Ecosystem"as you call it".



Comment #14

I've agreed with you on that since I got into .mobi in February.. No matter how well (or not well) any of us do, the big winner with this extension is mtld. Got to hand it to those guys... Couldn't imagine someone could milk an extension for what they have... They truly set the precedent for .asia and future extensions not saying that's a good thing though..

Comment #15

Agreed, Mr. Reece ... I should also mention, although it's extremely obvious, that along with mTLD are those very few! that got in very very early, in some form or fashion, with ownership of some generic and "keyword" types of .MOBI domains that stand to potentially benefit the most (after mTLD, naturally), IMHO.

Usual Suspects are historically active in these premium auctions, as well ... as escalating auction prices directly serve their mutual .MOBI interests (aftermarket HostGator name sales)! From the conclusion of the current auction ... until April 1, 2008 the aftermarket - with the realization of these 6-month(s) scheduled non-developments - will grow increasingly uncertain and bearish absent the critical "ecosystem", in my humble view.

The .MOBI fallout and scrap pile of once hopeful registrations and non-developments is going to be huge ... even within just this few months time!.

As always, diversification is the key!.


Comment #16

Diversification is indeed key It will be very interesting to see who wins these names. As you said it hardly means anything if all the names are won by our Usual Suspects.. It would be no different than me going around buying LLLL.coms for inflated prices just because I can and because I stand to gain from it... I'd rather not do that though.....

Comment #17

Yes it has to start somewhere...I give mtld credit for thinking outside the box it or hate it they have tried new and interesting ideas..

Comment #18

Very interesting, indeed! Their sole idea, in the end, was to make as much money as possible, IMHO. This came with lots & lots of HYPE and broken promises (the RFP process and "ecosystem" that would have ensured compelling development and promotions, primarily) and at the expense of those who kept registering and registering and renewing (in a false sense of hope!) and renewing, and then registering more .MOBI's again!.

Again, the ensuing .MOBI Fallout was entirely predictable in my view! Happy Holidays!.


Comment #19

I agree 100% with this.

Speaking from a very very basic level, this is all some of us were trying to say on September 26th, 2006.

However, back then the argument was that we were wasting $60 and wouldnt even be able to resell them because nobody would be interested in this 'crazy' mobi idea.

I like how the mindset even of the loudest critics has shifted in only 1 year...

Comment #20

I would imagine thats what the new owner is planning, whover gets it, when the auction finishes it..

As it is great the stipulation that mtld make that these premium domains must be developed, it is in everyones interest (well nearly everyone ) if they build a great site. Dont think it will be a flagship whatever happens, but could be a key site in these early days for obvious reasons..

Really exciting to watch these auctions, lets see what figure it finishes on..

They have 6 months to get a site up, but I guess there will be a site quicker than that...

Comment #21

It would indeed be crazy at this point to say something like,, LLL/, etc are not and were not worth the regfee. I salute landrushers for spotting an opportunity and capitalizing on it. But I don't know if buying for $200k+ and planning on putting up the absolute most basic site that complies with mtld's terms and planning on flipping it is such a good idea...

At $60, someone would be a lunatic to not register in light of .mobi developments. At $200k I'm afraid it's a different story though...

Always a pleasure to read your posts MJ, definitely one of the most level-headed bigtime .mobi investors.

All the best!..

Comment #22

Who knows what the potential buyer/s are looking to do? lol.

I doubt they are looking to flip inside a month.

I'm guessing build an awesome games site for a mobile website with the best generic HostGator they can lay hands on..

I too wouldn't spend this sort of money, actually on any domain..

Okay, maybe

Whoever has this kind of money probably knows a thing or too about making it i'm guessing..

Well, we only have a few weeks to wait til escrow is sorted, oh yeah and the auction finishes boys and girls...

Comment #23

For the "ecosystem", the auctions and final figures should be irrelevant ... as the development -and- promotions of the unique and compelling websites is what is paramount, IMHO.

For mTLD and those aforementioned in very early with very generic and "keyword" types of .MOBI domains (not all are worth much more than the original $60, IMHO) ... it is topics such as these that promote and hype the auctions and auction prices themselves that is integral to their investments and HostGator name sales!.

It's important, in my view, to see the difference (which should be better known to most all by April 1st, 2008) ... and to diversify accordingly!.


Comment #24

At 140K and 3 days still left... i'd say we are incapable of hyping it up.. jusssst my opinion though.

I dont know about you guys, but I dont have 140k just laying around that I got tricked into spending because I read a thread in some HostGator forum...

Comment #25

Agreed ... a bunch of bidders involved, and not something that can be entered into lightly, adding all those zero's to beat the previous bid takes some calculation and rather deep pockets...

Comment #26

That's really one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories that I've ever heard. C'mon, really...let's say I was one of the "Usual Suspects" you so love to refer to (and at the prices these auctions reach, I could only dream of being one). By your logic, I would somehow make it my business to bid up a HostGator as high as I could to win it rather than try to pay as little as I could (which itself is a ridiculous assumption), with the hope that my other domains would now be more valuable? Even if that somehow worked, that would put a huge dent in my ROI for any type of short-term flip. And if the names gained much more value years down the road, it would be because the extension as a whole was being widely used and as a result was highly valued, NOT because I paid a lot more for a name than I needed to a few years earlier...

Comment #27

You've singled out my post as a "ridiculous conspiracy theory" (your words), and yet quoted it out of context ... here is the part you ommitted: Is it your position that Usual Suspects are not historically active in these premium .MOBI auctions ... or that they don't in some way stand to benefit, directly or indirectly and as a whole, as .MOBI HostGator name investors, as the prices of these premium auctions escalate (and in which, depending on mTLD's actual level of enforcement, may not ever see actual compelling mobile development(s)), IYHO?.

Thanks for keeping the true context and discussion here professional, and allowing & sharing for others' humble thoughts and opinions..


Comment #28

I don't doubt that high sales prices in the premium .mobi auctions will certainly indirectly benefit those who have high-quality names in the extension (I hope that some of mine would be among those receiving some sort of boost) in the long term. And yes, there are certainly .mobi investors who have been active in all of the auctions but why not? If they can afford to hang in there when the prices get high, they've got every right to.

But your implication in your previous post that I quoted, regardless of the portion you're concerned that I left out (but which I didn't quote simply because it was part and parcel with your other statements), was that there was some sort of intent, even manipulation, on the part of those investors to get those prices higher so that their other .mobi names would increase in value as well.

And that's the part that I considered ridiculous...

Comment #29

Where are you reading "manipulation" ?!? ^ I believe we're saying the same thing (you said it yourself, "will certainly indirectly benefit those who have high-quality names in the (same) extension ... ".

How you concluded "manipulation" and/or any "ridiculous conspiracy theory" from earlier posts, I am unsure IMHO.

Regardless, and I'm sure we can agree ... that there's still a LOT of h.y.p.e. with the unproven .MOBI extension, and we ALL should know a lot MORE as to the premium auction Buyers - including - and their development plans / developed websites by April 1st, 2008, IMHO. Can we agree on that?.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!.


Comment #30

Here's the origional post... Jeff, your in this thread 7 times already and tearing at the mobi extension and mtld...please start your own thread about THAT subject...

Thanks for the assist.


Comment #31

I addressed the original post (and referenced it again subsequently) ... and was - just above us here now - simply clarifying as to Dagersh's wayward post directed at me (and also not in any way related to the OP's ""), IMHO.

Thank you for understanding! Onward and upward ...

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #32

The iphone was hyped.

The xbox 360 was hyped.

The playstation 3 was hyped.

New things are almost always hyped... unless you are the lord jesus christ himself, you really are as clueless as the rest of us whether .mobi will ever live up to the 'hype' generated or how close it will come to some folks' expectations/benchmarks of success... which in my opinion is completely irrelevant...

Comment #33

I beg to differ if you'll re-read my posts, they were completely directed at what you said, not at you. I believe that's what threads are supposed to be, no? An evolving flow of posts, commenting on the posts of others, as they are spawned from the originating post. In any case, it's not too hard to read between the lines of your posts, Jeff, so don't pretend to be so taken aback at what I had to say.

Anyway, moving right along, I would in fact like to stay on-topic and agree with the OP, DentalPro in the right hands, could most certainly be a major force in gaining public recognition for .mobi! The interested demographic and subject matter would be ideal for it to spread virally...

Comment #34

The users of games- a young crowd deeply involved online and well in communication with each other - is exactly the #1 target group of .Mobi, IMHO..

And the holidays are actually a plus for corporations - spend money at the end of the year so you do not have to pay taxes on it.

The bidding behavior deserves comment - auction pros would not be bidding this early, which makes me suspect that indeed these are industry bids. Only one company can have, and it appears that several have decided it fits their plans.

Could be a perfect .Mobi storm...

Comment #35

Good points about the pros not bidding until the end...last I looked there were 15 different bidders on this name...


Comment #36

Agreed once again. Interesting take on the corporations there... I was looking into getting an for exactly the same reasons (use it for business and write it off )...

Comment #37

The 1st loser is welcome to contact me about

Comment #38

I have a serious question for you Jeff, (and I miss you on the mobi forum) one of your core argument is that mtld is out to make as much money as possible and I don't disagree with that. However, they certainly stand to make far more money if mobi does become an established extension. Now for the question, do you truly think they are not acting in ways that they see as the best way to push the extension forward? A 400,000 sale for games is great and all but in the grand scheme of business not very much at all. What could they have done differently to help the extension succeed and, before you answer that, what possible motivation do they/did they have not to do that? I just don't see a couple names auctioned off at high prices as real answer in the grand scheme of things...

Comment #39

This thread is about Jeff and others can please start a new thread to debate mobi as a whole...thanks. is a honey...let's hope the us adopts online gambling soon.

Anyone tried any games that run on the browser yet?. may be able to utilize that type of app.


Comment #40

Thank you for the clarification ... indeed, things can easily get misinterpreted when one simply "reads between the lines", IMHO. Hammer. Head. Nail.

I hope that goes to an End user who will develop it with unique and compelling content for those that are "on the go" ... and promote it to the masses! I agree that the auction prices are irrelevant and the concentration should, rather, be on building the critical .MOBI "ecosystem", as I've stated from the beginning ... (see my notes on the abandoning of the RFP process (which would have guaranteed real (not "minimal" content for mobile users), for example)!.

I fear that it will simply be another HostGator name sale (all proceeds going to mTLD for these premiums), no (or minimal) development, no promotions, and nothing added to the "ecosystem" ... fans of .MOBI should not be cheering the auctions and prices, they should be championing the immediate - there is still a technolgical race happening here - see and as prime examples - development and promotion of useful websites within an healthy "ecosystem" and that is, quite simply, not happening at present, IMHO.

We all should know much more, of course, by April 1st, 2008 ... and I'd be happy to be proven wrong (because if I am, then the .MOBI "ecosystem" will be healthy and growing)!.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!.


Comment #41

Jeff, I largely agree with your point. The success of .mobi will not be measured by someone paying $xxx,xxx for, but my widespread development of .mobi websites and public awareness. Still, for those of us holding good generic .mobis, it's nice to see them selling well...

Comment #42

What happens if sells for 250k+ and the owner makes a huge gaming portal on it?.

The high price will create some buzz...then if a good site gets put on this domain, that's what could make this HostGator a flagship for the mobi extension...


Comment #43

Fair enough, for those (very few) holding good .MOBI generics ... I can see that escalating prices in Sedo premium auctions - especially as it's happening LIVE - being exciting for them, IMHO.

Thanks for the post, as well! ^ Substantial (if he/she also then promotes that website)! It's been well over a year, forget the auction prices and continued hype and "buzz" (with the noted exception for those few as discussed above with Clocker) ... and let's get on with the SUBSTANCE (REAL developed premium .MOBI HostGator names into the hands of End users who are creating useful websites for those "on the go" and then being promoted in the mainstream) already!.

I would like to know, specifically, what mTLD is doing with the substantial premium auction proceds to further these developments and mainstream promotions along ...

More promoted's, and less HostGator name sales "buzz" ... perhaps can get the catalyst to get this .MOBI "ecosystem" ship back on course? What other premium auctioned .MOBI's are now developed and being promoted? Tick Tock.

Just my two sense..

All the best, and Happy Holidays!.


Comment #44

Who purchased ... and what are their immediate development and promotion plans?.

Thanks for any insight..


Comment #45

I think there's a couple hours left Jeff. I totally forgot about this entire auction tbh.

I think it's good that mtld is taking a break from auctioning them now... It really was beginning to get repetitive, boring, and financially draining..

Comment #46

My bad, I thought it had already ended ...

Yeah, enough with the Sedo "premium auctions" ... time for REAL substance!.

Thanks kindly, Mr. Reece..


Comment #47

MTLD is a business, and they will act in their own self-interest just like any business would. They didn't get involved in this industry to please me, you, or any other domainer...

Comment #48

They screwed domainers over more than any extension/business before them ever had when it came to premium names and did it all in the name of preventing these names from cybersquatters names which they subsequently resold to the highest bidder, just like a... erm... cybersquatter would do.

Sure it's a business - but when you're selling names at Sedo in the name of developing the .mobi ecosystem, I stand firmly where Jeff does that this is a complete moneygrab and utter sham.

I still have about 350 .mobis... I'm happy for everyone who'll be able to acquire whatever they want at the auction today... But I still stand by my former comment that the real winners here are mtld...

Comment #49

Reece...comments like this make me wonder why you are a Mobi section MOD...nothing personal but...this is a bad taste post from a section mod...


Comment #50

I've held that position ever since the RFP's started to flip flop around April-ish before I was even made mobi mod. A mod's entitled to their opinion too ya' know.

I think I represent a balanced perspective in the forum. I've invested 5 figures in the extension, so it's not like I hate the extension, I just don't agree with most of mtld's marketing practices.

One of my popular sayings back in May-June was that I loved .mobi but hated mtld. I'm true to my word on that to this day...

Comment #51

If you had been paying attention earlier in the year ... from the very beginning, Mr. Reece has stated - and very publicly (heck, he was even quoted on the mTLD blog for Goodness sakes!) - his opinions regarding mTLD and some of their decisions / practices / schemes, IMHO.

You, friend, owe him an apology!.

Thank you..


Comment #52

Reece, can you explain how any domainers were screwed over by mTLD because they have a pool of Premium names and are selling them? I haven't been screwed by mtld having premium names and I'm very involved in mobi. Please clarify...

Comment #53

I humbly predict that this Sedo auction - including, of course, - is the beginning of the end for mTLD and .MOBI, IMHO.

PS. Hi Caroline, do you have any comments on this current state of affairs?.

Just my two sense..


Comment #54

Yep, I thought the same thing when sold for millions - the beginning of the end of dot com...

Comment #55

I know it makes you feel better, but there is absolutely no comparison between .mobi and .COM ... at any stage, IMHO. Tick Tock..


Comment #56

With what evidence are you basing your opinion on? All I currently see are high priced sales of great names. And the prices keep going and going and going... I fail to see how this is the beginning of the end..

Comment #57

It's my OPINION (this is the general HostGator Discussions Forum ) ... in part, because you are posting about the "sales prices" - and only about the .MOBI sales prices, IMHO.

I hope you can see - and are coming to comprehend - the limitations of your words, argument.


Comment #58

I think you've lost your mind and make absolutely NO sense.

You are entitled to your opinion and god knows you give it enough. I am simply asking you to give me evidence of the end of .mobi. Is the end near because you can't sell your worthless regs? Or do you know something that the rest of the domaining world has yet to see?.

Mobi is here to stay dude, get over it..

Comment #59

Until April 1st, 2008 ...

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #60

Onward and upward ...

Enjoy the Holidays!.


Comment #61

As arnie would say, (ok rep to arnie for saying his name).

Yeah. the end of .mobi? 4/08, that's hilarious.

Its not only a cash grab if they throw some of these resources back into marketing it, and they also do seem to do more for the extension than we've seen from most others.

If you want to talk worst, .tv a'int pretty, heavy yearly premiums, it's like the mafia over there. and i'm a tv'r as well...

Comment #62

Righto, it's .MOBI April Fool's Day '08 Tick Tock.

Goodnight for now..


Comment #63

I read a three page thread the other day in the TV section discussing if the premium pricing hurts or helps the extension. There were strongly held views on both sides.

And no flames. Zero. Nada..

It can be done, guys.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~., and would be excellent domains to develop into major websites serving the mobile web.

They would not get all that much traffic if they had a minimal website, and these names certainly would not be a good investment for the buyers if left minimally developed unless the .mobi extension is well developed elsewhere.

So the buyers put fairly large money on the line betting on the success of .Mobi. and since those who spend that kind of money usually prefer to control their destiny I expect that we will see major websites on all three names...

Comment #64

If the new owners of these premium domains want to put up pissant websites that barely squeak by the dev requirements and choose to minimize the potential in their assets, that is their prerogative IMO. I appreciate their decision to invest in .mobi and set some new price points when the transactions close. But ultimately it has little effect on my .mobi plans. Sell some, buy more, keep building and monetizing good domains.

Mobi on!..

Comment #65

I see Bellvue left the computer room unlocked again, and the babbling 'should be sedated' patient found an open computer.

Jeff, just curious as to why you don't deride, critique, insult, and hurl unsubstantiated innuendos at other extensions, and their needs for, chances of surviveability and ridicule those investors? Or did you do that too with them, til they also proved you wrong, and you ran on to the next one. Wow, you sure are scared that .mobi may succeed beyond anyone's imagination for some reason it seems. You're totally obsessed with ridiculing it beyond comprehension. Sad. Don't fret though, the .asia investors are awaiting your wrath!!..

Comment #66 616,000 USD. 401,500 US.

Seen on another forum, if these prices are anyway near correct then .mobi is a very long way from being on the way out no matter how you look at it...

Comment #67

Wot, infact it's these sales that I would rather be worried about if I'm a .mobi investor. They're just way too high for an extension that the public hardly knows about. These sales are easily surpassing .net (and extension that still gets some decent type-ins, and is in the public conscious) and .org. It just seems to be happening way too quickly, way too inflated.

I'm not a hater nor am I a lover. I'm a .mobi skeptic. While some might rejoice at these sales, to me they indicate something very suspicious. I can't imagine any reasonable person who would shell out 600k+ for a HostGator name in an untested extension, and I'm sure all of you here will agree that 600k for is severely overpriced.

I sincerely hope for .mobi to be a success since so many people have money riding on it. But for an extension to rise so much in value within just a couple of years is a very worrisome trend for me, suggesting some insider ploys.

Or maybe I'm just paranoid. Only time will tell...

Comment #68

It is well known that the music industry has leaked sales year in and year out due to piracy and sales of tracks vs. albums. looking for new avenues to regain/hold on to market share, a mobile portal would be a perfect mechanism, and 600k is peanuts to such endusers to revamp that corporation back into the industry.

I know you said individual, but imo, I thought music and games were going to bigger enduser co's.

They very well might be as the whois isn't confirmed and if they didn't they very well soon may be sold to them. surely, one enduser was probably involved in bidding in music and games?.

Mobi-skeptic is a meaningless word. inflated? hell, inflate it more then. mobi is on track to be mobi, not anything else, and lets hope that is a good thing. to me, there are hundreds of reasons why mobi is a good thing and has the potential to be a great thing. everyone else can think it out their way.

I didn't have the 600k, if I did, I probably would have taken at this point and maybe spent 50k on mobis...

Comment #69

Agreed PV. These 2 sales in particular have enduser written all over them imho. I definitely agree with Sashas that it would be foolish for a domainer to pay such large sums of money on an extension that isn't well known and doesn't receive type-in traffic.

There really aren't many names in the same league as for online music and for online games. And truth be told... Buying for $400k and spending a few million branding it might be both more effective (assuming .mobi continues to gain traction) and more cost efficient than buying off AOL even if they were willing to sell.

Even for skeptics... A multi-billion dollar corporation would likely prefer to hedge their bet here, rather than risk this name ending up in the hands of their competitors.

I'm really hoping some of the big telco's are behind these bids... We all know Nokia is a big backer of .mobi and games + music/ringtones on cell phones won't be getting anything but more popular as bandwidth costs go down and speeds up.


A good example of mtld's character. Once again.. I like the idea of .mobi but do not think mtld is doing a good job.

I dislike Verisign as well (who doesn't?), but that doesn't stop me from investing in .coms...

Comment #70

This thread, if it's legitimate, makes me feel as if bidders no. 2 and 3 were fake, just driving up the prices since they knew the highest bid of the original bidder. So for me, the sale is just fake and hyped up. The price of the name was $66,000 for which it initially sold and thats what everyone was willing to pay for.

Btw, now is a good time to reg those typos..

Comment #71

I agree with you - and many of your honest comments and opinions - Sashas!.

The well synchronized public posts regarding the live auction status (and, of particular importance, how and for how long they would resume), at the time, were on queue both from Caroline at mTLD and Sedo, IMHO. What should have been complete pandamonium at that time ... Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. -William Shakespeare.

The truth will come, I feel, after the inevitable spin / damage control ... and probably communications discovery and attorneys ... Usual Suspect and vocal .MOBI enthusiasts (those that got in very, very early with generic .MOBI investments and that stand the most to gain by high auction prices!) will boast of the importance of the "other bidders" and "End users bidding", for instance - whom only Sedo could actually verify, IMHO. REAL development of these .MOBI's has, again, taken a back seat to auction prices ... and this only further erodes the credibility of mTLD (and Sedo) and, saddest part of all, seals the fate of the once intriguing "ecosystem"!.

Just my two sense..


Comment #72

You know what Jeff, all the hype about .mobi might be fake, but if someone can make a profit while it lasts, well, good for them. Its the ROI that matters at the end. I don't have any .mobis, but heck if I had some, I wouldn't have given two hoots about the legitimacy of the sales as long as I can make a good profit...

Comment #73

So you'd rather that they express "complete pandemonium" in their posts, saying something like, "Oh my god, this is completely crazy, we have no idea what to do? Don't look to us for any sort of decisions!" Instead of, yes, synchronized posts with an in-control tone, merely an indication that they'd discussed the situation and come to a decision together? (I'll leave the wisdom of the decision for other threads.) What corporation would ever make a post that seemed anything but in control?.

You have ZERO hard evidence for any of your accusations, and you're doing nothing but trying to start or add fire to unfounded rumors...

Comment #74


Not to mention they were probably on the phone, I know so 2000, brainstorming in real time ... resulting in them coming to a conclusion of how to best handle the situation, discussing this and then posting it accordingly - synchronized..

Comment #75

The winners were domainers and not end users.... The one who won the top ones will have them parked....

There were 3-4 bidders bidding on one of them.... You're telling me 4 people will decide the market? yea..ok..

Comment #76

I said, I agree with many of your honest comments and opinions Sashas ... but not this one, humbly!.

Hope we can chat again soon, though. Again, I'm sure those communications records will be throughly reviewed in the ensuing legal quagmire, IMHO.

Furthermore, I stated my thoughts and OPINION ... please read, exactly, that I posted, "The truth will come, I feel, after ... ".

No one here has "hard evidence", I might add ... so it's all opinion and discussion (this is still the general HostGator Discussions Forum), naturally. Probably the best documenting that I've seen comes from the dude ... and both mTLD and Sedo should brace for what's to come from he and others, in my best assessment..

Take care for now..


Comment #77

Sad state of affairs .MOBI ... but thanks for those wonderful, deep insight!.

This is what has been removed from the mTLD site: That folk's would now accept "pissant websites that barely squeak by the (even minimal) dev requirements" is just further evidence of loss of perspective - and more excuses for a discredited registry - from when the extension was introduced, IMHO.

Further, it satisfies my theory - from the beginning - that Pro .MOBI'rs (those very few! in at the very beginning with generic .MOBI domains) simply cared more about undeveloped HostGator name trading and "setting new price points" (versus embracing the critical "ecosystem")!.

Statements such as above, and those agreeing with it, truly sadden me!.

You guys wanted End users and guaranteed content-rich .MOBI websites ... but now it's acceptabe to have "pissant websites that barely squeak by the (even minimal) dev requirements"?!?.

Is it complete capitulation at this point?.


Comment #78

Jeff, it never seems to amaze me how you are always at a mobi post to vent your mobiphobic angst. Your "hell-bent on mobis demise" attitude speaks clearly and loudly. Yet, out the the other side of your mouth, you talk of developing your mobis and are even seen openly bidding in the marketplace for new acquisitions. Humm. Don't know about you, but I smell fish.

Scandi's quote is spot on. IF an owner of any product or service chooses to let it go to waste (or under utilize), who are we to change their mind? Sure, all of us would love to see grand sites on these great names. For the most part, I'm sure we will. As for mTld screwing everyone over by scrapping your ever-loving RFP process, it's obvious they chose the best route for the extensions health and longevity. They're gonna get a lot more money over time with renewals than through premium auctions or RFP's. They tried the RFP.

They had the nerve to actually change things for what they believe is the better of the extension. To be bitter that they did not confer with you on this (or anyone here) is ludicrous. These changes took place when a management shift occurred. Again, a business decision for the long haul. What other extension can you name has put forth any type of development requirements? I'll help you out here.

Mtld are forerunners IMHO.

Sorry to disprove your theory, but I've got to get back to developing and promoting my mobi's..

Comment #79

Jeff, you are in classic form, taking my statements out of context. Notice if you would my entire point is that this has no effect on my own plans to move forward in .mobi. I have capitulated nothing. You start your post with insults towards others merely for agreeing with my statements. Again, your classic move.

I am an end user, working on my own .mobi sites. I don't place responsibility for my success or failure in .mobi in the hands of someone else who spends a million bucks on some nice .mobi domains and decides to do very little with it, if in fact that is how it plays out since there is now the possibility of litigation directed towards Sedo for botching the auction. And if he decides to do more with the domains, then all the better. But if it does play out as first mentioned, mTLD has the opportunity to apply stronger interpretations of their "Best Efforts" clause in the dev requirements to encourage better sites or in the worst case retake possession of domains if nothing happens. All of this remains to be seen, this process is entirely new. I know you just think it is a dirty money grab, you are free to twist it any which way you please.

That perspective never made any sense to me.

I commend you for being consistent, that is consistently negative towards .mobi and mtld, consistently taking statements out of context, consistently condescending towards mobi enthusiasts, and consistently over using smileys when you write. Just my opinion assuming I am still allowed to have one around here...

Comment #80

I appreciate your passion as well, Mark ... but mTLD promised the RFP process (that would have ensured development!) and then changed the rules to increase their bottom line at the expense of the critical "ecosystem", IMHO. Defending that, and also comparing .MOBI to other extensions, are excuses in my humble view. Again, the misguided comparisons with other extensions & .COM ... this excuse now seems a common theme among those who once embraced the (abandoned) RFP process and truly developed "ecosystem", IMHO.

Anyway, as much as I disagree, I appreciate your passion as well Paul ....

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #81

Where did I compare mobi to another extension? Ill answer that for you....I didn't.

The whole point is, I'm not defending mtld. I'm just stating facts of what happened. YOU are making an accusation based on your opinion that mTld Would you please let us all know what facts you have to back this up? And how on earth can you say that instituting a development clause to keep a name is not encouraging development any more than an RFP process?..

Comment #82

When you stated this, "What other extension can you name has put forth any type of development requirements?" IMHO.

Also, the RFP process, as you well know, far more ensures the developed "ecosystem" than admittedly "minimal development requirements", as well.


Comment #83

Hey guys, don't you think this has run for too long?.

None of us sitting here can decide the fate of an extension or the future of the internet. Let the ones who've invested in .mobi be, and the ones who haven't be too. Make peace and close this thread.

How does that sound?..

Comment #84

Jeff's sig - .mobi "ecosystem" | R.I.P.

..but Jeff doesn't inflame or antagonize others here! He's only insults and ridicules 'one' extension (of 290) and those that invested in it!.

We should have more 'Staff Emeritus' posters here!..

Comment #85

Come on Hawkeye. Lets close this now. And Jeff, please refrain from starting the debate again. It goes nowhere..

Comment #86

Thank you, Sashas ... let's agree to disagree (and also please, in the future, refrain from personal / character attacks) here in the #1 Namepros HostGator Discussions Forum, IMHO.

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #87

.mobi threads in the .mobi section, people.



Comment #88

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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