How do I build a website on

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My first question is: How do I build a website on

My next question is: I think they are, and I'll tell you why:.

(please read this entire post before responding, tyia).

Yesterday, several times I found myself bidding versus myself for domains that were far out of reach of what I was willing to pay. Anyone who was there will recall this occurring more than a couple of times:.

Jehnidiah: $600.

Moderator: too low.

Jehnidiah: $700.

Moderator: too low.

Jehnidiah: $900.


Jehnidiah: $1400.

Moderator: still $xxxx off.

Jehnidiah: nevermind then.

This wasted the time of both me and 129 other people, all for the end-result of nothing. You'll recall that I purchased 64 LLLL .coms, bid up several other domains, but after winning the LLLL's I was so annoyed at having to bid against myself that I left the auction and decided not to participate anymore. This, unfortunately, led to me missing out on a good deal on a set of coding domains I had my eyes on before the auction. :-/ Now, I'm not saying reserves are useless, but:.

During a pre-auction/pre-bid phases, reserves make sense. Reserves can help the person auctioning off their HostGator to gauge interest while protecting their assets by insuring they don't have to sell a $xxxxx HostGator for low $xx. Makes sense, naturally.

However, during a LIVE auction, when everyone is looking/watching, and the attention is on only ONE domain, it doesn't make sense to have a secret reserve. Many minutes were wasted yesterday minutes during which peoples' lungs breathed, heart beated, stomach grumbled all for the sake of watching me (or whomever else) bid versus myself, completely in vain. Once again, reserves can be useful:.

The reason reserves work in places like eBay is because there are several auctions occurring at the same time. Participants in the eBay marketplace can say "ehh, not interested in this domain, I'll take my life/attention and focus it over here on this other auction." This is basically the equivalent of the NP pre-bid, because people can bid bid bid, walk away, bid some more, come back, bid on some different things, and all the while know whether they're winning or not winning particular auctions. The key difference here is that other people don't have to watch this occur in vain; that is, other people are free to put their attention elsewhere simultaneously. In a live auction, the end should lead to somewhere in every case; this is impossible with reserves that are within the reach or interest of no one participating, and (importantly) the potential success of the sells should be somewhat evident by the pre-bidding. Therefore, my proposal:.

While discussing this matter in the NP chatroom, Jay08 recommended that an auction not be able to go to the live auction unless it has it's reserve met during the pre-bid phase. I agree with this idea, or a slight modification as such: "If an item has not reached or is not within 10% of it's reserve, it shall not enter the live auction until others which have reached their reserve or are within 10% of doing so have been presented.".

I want to stress that I feel enormously gracious that the Namepros staff are willing to hold these almost commission-free auctions for the sake simply of building community and strengthening NP as a whole. This is something I and others appreciate very much, as it both helps us and it helps the site. However, I similarly hope that constructive criticism can be considered, and as such thought it to be worth my own heart-beating, air-breathing time to post this. So, any dissenting or concurring opinions would be greatly appreciated...

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Your question was: How do I build a website on

I completely agree. I also think they should do away with the buyout clause or make the % and cap much higher...

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I think also that the "buyout clause NP$" should be held in escrow pre-transaction I've had way too many people not pay up when they're supposed to. Imho 10%, capped at $50 would be much more interesting and I think many more people would go if they knew they could make a decent profit (from buyout clauses) should sellers choose not to accept their offers.

I know I'd go everytime if that were the case. That said, I enjoyed the last auction...

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Good, so now that we see people agree with the idea, any words from the administration as to whether we can implement it?..

Comment #3

Why not just post the reserve and be done with it?..

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Well, I wouldn't even go that far. I fail to see any value at all in reserves. It's deceitful, annoying, and it's a pure waste of time. If you don't want to sell for less than a certain amount, start the bidding at that amount. If you want your auction to see some action then pick a reasonable starting bid.

Now granted I don't have alot of auction experience, limited exclusively to ebay (and silent auctions at my son's elementary school ) so maybe I don't know what i'm talking about, but i'll tell you one thing if I ever bid at eBay and see "reserve not met" i'm out of there instantly. I've tried playing the guessing game before, i'm done with it. Usually the reserve is way more than the value of the item anyway, and I just find it insulting that they can't be arsed to tell me the price. What a waste to start bidding at $0 when they have no intention of accepting less than $500...

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I am in agreement on these points! if an auction hasn't had it's reserve ALMOST met, then it goes to the back of the list. ideally the expected reserve would simply be the starting bid price, if no takers at that price, back of list.....

I am also for higher buyout fees as well. keeps the names listed to serious sellers with -realistic- price expectations and also encourages bidding..... nice combo imho.

All the suggestion in this thread would help keep the live auction list clean, interesting, shorter and even more fun! great idears! I am already looking even MORE forward to the next live auction! sp..

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To be honest, I don't see any point either, but to appease the naysayers (there were a couple in the chat at the time) I conceded that there is likely some good point to reserves.

I mean, it's certainly useful in finding out what the going rate for your product is, but it's still annoying to the buyers, and it slows things down so much, which isn't really the point of an auction in the first place. There are other ways to gauge how much people will pay...

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I agree 100 % that is why the .tv auctions were the first to say, no waste of anyones time. You want $1000 we start at $1000 if there is interest in the HostGator there will be a bid if not going once, going twice , gone no sale. No one is wasting their time.

Everyone has a different valuation on a domain. Why start at $1 get it bid to $150 with 10 bids 3 bidders and say sorry he wanted $5000. If the people knew that they would have never bid on the domain. Again IMO..

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I think domains that didn't get at least 30% of the reserve didn't even make it auction.

At least thats the impression I got, none of my lots made it in.

Starting at reserve price may save some time though...

Comment #9

I HATE reserves. SOO annoying. Just have the opening bid be at the reserve price....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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