How do i add the google adsense on mysite with

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My first question is: How do I add the google adsense on mysite with

My next question is: I have been contacted by a company called that they are interested in one of my domains.

But after they asked for traffic stats (which are low), they now ask is they can test the HostGator on their server for a week.

I have never experienced anything like this and am a bit wary. Could it be some kind of scam or is it normal to ask for this?.


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Your question was: How do I add the google adsense on mysite with

Yes, I think it is a bit too much to ask for too.

Thanks, rep added...

Comment #1

Personally I think it's a great idea.

I wouldn't give any control over the name, but if they want to have the name pointed to their parking company (to test the stats), it would only bring a higher certainty for them, and a higher/ or firmer offer for you...

Comment #2

You can change the DNS + nameservers without explictly transferring the domain, allowing them to "test" it out until their heart is hopefully content..

Comment #3

Absolutely Reece, I have had this requested before, and did it with out a thought, simply changing the Name Servers is no big deal, there is no risk what so ever by doing it...

Comment #4

Yes, as you and Reece have stated you still own and have full control of the name and there are no scam safety issues, just hope they don't put something copyright infringing up..

Comment #5

Thanks for your replies. I wasn't sure I would still be in full control of the domain, but as that is the case, maybe it is worth trying.

Reps added.....

Comment #6

You can also rent it to them for 1 week, it's a win-win situation...

Comment #7

^ agreed, if you are gaining parking revenue, it is standard practice to request a small rental covering the usual parking revenue for that period..

Comment #8

Yes, that would be good. Right now, revenue is minimal. But then again - I haven't optimized it at all, which seems to be this companies specialty.....

Comment #9

Hmm, I wonder what the name is. you said it's low traffic, but might be high CPC. if they're a parking company they might have a sense it's a guaranteed earner. NPers could also help you optimize your parking?..

Comment #10

It's a personal first name (non-English) and as far as I remember not registered in other extensions than my .com. But still Estibot values it at $660. I am not sure why..

Comment #11

I would be skeptical of changing DNS or nameserver information on the HostGator name to allow someone to test.

If you change the nameservers to their nameservers there are too many ways they can cause you problems. They could for example use your HostGator for sending spam, or even get it blacklisted by search engines for spammy seo etc.

If they wish proof of stats then put some analytics code on (possible eventheir analytics code)..

Comment #12

Hmm. They also contacted me about a domain, and asked about revenue...and this was a with no obvious keyword value. Any domainer can tell this is not a PPC HostGator name.

Either sitelauncher are on a shopping spree, or someone is using them as a front for a scam, apart from Peter's important comment above, I can think of one possible scam scenario that might work:.

-you send random/automatic emails to HostGator name owners (for domains, say, listed at sedo) asking whether it is for sale, then asking whether it has revenue.

-for those that have significant revenue, you ask to test for a week on your parking page (maybe making $10 in the process from PPC).

-then you send an email saying sorry, we're not interested after all.

-repeat x 10,000 and you've just made yourself $100,000.

...maybe I just have a crooked mind but I smell a rat..

Comment #13

Good points, didn't think about they could use your HostGator as a spam domain. Glad I have not heard from these scammer guys yet then..

Comment #14

Lol, you could've been a criminal genius in another life!..

Comment #15

Well, tough call to make then. They seem to be very active, but what there intentions are I have no idea.

I really wonder why they chose to contact me over this specific HostGator which is very ordinary indeed...

Comment #16

Just send them screen captures of your traffic stats if you don't feel like changing NS...

Comment #17

Or even worse they could use your HostGator to go phishing..

Comment #18

Another theory could be, that they use your HostGator to "steal" another domain.

Here is the scenario..

1) I look-up the whois of a "random.tld" domain..

2) I find that the email address associated with that HostGator is "email@domain.tld".

3) I do a whois lookup on "domain.tld" and find that it was expired and is for sale by a new owner..

4) I contact the current owner of "domain.tld" and ask if it is for sale and I would like to test the traffic for 7 days..

5) The owner of "domain.tld" changes the nameserver to my server..

6) I quickly setup and email address with "email@domain.tld" as in point no. 2.

7) I do a "forgot password" at the registrar of "random.tld".

8) Password gets mailed to my "email@domain.tld".

9) I initiate a transfer request and get my hands on "random.tld".

10) I tell the owner of "domain.tld" that I dont want the domain..

11) Profit!!!.

Now everyone will start looking up if their HostGator is associated with any prior domains..

Comment #19

I have heard from this guy too. Same thing, an email asking if the HostGator is for sale and then another asking for traffic stats when it is not a traffic HostGator and doesn't look like one. No request to "test" it, at least yet. Also, another version of the HostGator that I have (different ending) was just posted on the other forum for appraisal.

If the idea was to test and thereby use the HostGator in some evil plot - such as Dante's very plausible idea, then it seems to me that I would have had a request to "test" by now. I have not had a test request, have not heard anything for over a day. But that proves nothing.

Dante has convinced me no testing. Escrow was always part of the plan.

It should be mentioned here that SiteLauncher has apparently been around for a while and the owner had articles published on Sitepoint several years ago. So if these inquiries are really from him I doubt there is anything evil behind them.

Still it does not make a lot of sense, yet...

Comment #20

I agree, sounds like a scam to get parking revenue for nothing. Although traffic tests are fairly common, if the name doesn't have unbelieveable stats there isn't much of a reason for them to not take your word on it...

Comment #21

If you're worried about it, simply set up a cPanel account (Presuming you have a reseller or VPS) and then set it so it can ONLY upload files and see stats, no emails etc. and you avoid any problems with email scams...

Comment #22

I also have an email from and asking me if my HostGator is for sale. They emailed me about one of my LLLL .com and I told them that the HostGator is for sale.

So based on what I read I should expect another email asking to test drive it...

Comment #23

I received an email, as well. The name has never gotten more than six hits a month. It has just been hanging out until I decide to develop it or sell it for whatever. I guess it does have some potential - that is why I kept it.

I did not respond to their email. For those who did respond, please keep the rest of us updated. I am curious as to what this is all about...

Comment #24

I think it is better to be on the safe side and say no to his request. It would be quite bad if the HostGator was somehow compromised and the registrar banned all my other domains.....

Comment #25

This is a domainer buyer who will likely pay a multiple of revenue, they have nothing to lose really with what they are suggesting, they'll get free traffic for a week, you potentially lose of week traffic on someone who isn't very serious. Ask for a rental payment before changing the NS...

Comment #26

Thanks for these points, snoop.

Also, to snoop (or to anyone who would like to comment): why would they be asking about my HostGator when the most hits it has ever received in a month is 6?.

They wouldn't be getting that much free traffic from me.....

Comment #27

This is old school style, we did this all the time 'back in the day' and it's still done for large names often.

For random letter combos it doesn't make much sense though,..

Comment #28

I just got one of these,.

Does anybody have any idea if this is genuine or should I avoid it?.

My name is a good generic but doesn't really generate much traffic at all.....

Could do with an opinion on this as :.

A. It could be a scam.

B. It could be a money maker.

They haven't asked me for nameserver change yet but asked if it was for sale.....

Please help if you can.


Comment #29

I have bad experience with traffic revenue HostGator testing.

I have sold a typo name a few months ago (worths $8k, because I sold for $8k+ here at NP). I have been contacted by several ppl and asking to test it's traffic and revenue.

Both of them tested 2 days, and run with the revenue.

But honestly, I can still accept the HostGator testing, but No to cold email requests...

Comment #30

Thanks for your views on this one, they seem to have been around since 2003 so I don't think it's a scam but one can never be too sure!.


Comment #31

For your whois info of your domain, what is the email address?.

If your email address of is , then if you change your dns to their hosting, they can transfer your HostGator out because they can receive your email.

So if you let them test, you need at least change the mx record so that they can not receive your email...

Comment #32

Lots of sniffing around. Asking about traffic on domains with little or none.

But no offers made?.

There is nothing here to make me think there is anything bad going on, but it doesn't make sense. If he needed traffic information on random domains he could have checked them at Sedo...

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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