How did you lose weight with Nutrisystem?

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Quick question... How did you lose weight with Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any response. Another question... When you order your BBB, which item do you order the most of? I'm interested to see all the different variations in tastes..

For me, my second shipment is a tie between the beef patty (which I was scared to try, but it was so good) and the thick crust pizza...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Hi, I'm new here, my name is Darlene & I startedNutrisystemJan 6, 2011 & I have lost 20 Lbs. Last night I ate the salisbury steak w/marconi & cheese & it was deliciuos. I have to say I have been liking everything I have eaten...

Comment #2

My largest repeating items:.


Apple Strudel Bar, Chewy Chocolate Chip Bar and Cinnamon Bun Bar (bars just work best for me for breakfast at work).


Cheesey Homestyle Potatoes, Three Cheese Chicken Pasta.


Cajun Style Rice with Chicken and Sausage, Homestyle Beef with Mashed Potatoes, Chili with Beans.


Nacho Crisps, Zesty Herb Snack Mix..

Comment #3

Haha, I try to order a variety but I tend to love the scones for breakfast a lot and I also love the oriental beef steak dinner. Those two get two or three choices per order...

Comment #4

I order the most:.

Vegetable lasagna.

Chocolate pb lunch bars and.

Chocolate cake..

Comment #5

I'm on the women's vegetarian program..

For me:.

Breakfast Double Chocolate Muffin, Apple Strudel Bar.

Lunch: Fudge Graham Bar, Mexican Tortilla Soup.

Dinner: Thick Crust Pizza.

Dessert: Thin Mint Crisp Bar, Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pretzels.

I love seeing how varying everyone's tastes are, it's interesting!..

Comment #6

I am wavering back and forth about trying the fugde graham bar. The description compared it to s'more. Is it?.

Three cheese pasta runs a close third for my next order. It's so similar to a well seasoned Alfredo. I do add onion lc cheese to it though..

Sweet Georgia - I only one bite of the oriental beef. Called in to exchange. Lol funny how tastes vary...

Comment #7

Interesting thread to see everyone's taste! For me:.

Breakfast: Apple Struedel Scone, CC Scone, Double Chocolate Muffin, Cinnamon Bun and Pancake Mix for the weekends!.

Lunch: Cheesy Potatoes, most of the bars.

Dinner: Thick Crust Pizza, Itailian Herb Flatbread Pizza.

Snack: PB Coookies, Chocolate Rainbow Delights..

Comment #8

Im making myself try more dinners this month, but I always get multiple beef patties and chicken breast. They're just so versatile... I also love the pancake mix made into waffles or crepes. Not a big sweet breakfast person.....

Comment #9

It IS very s'more-like but to me it has a weird aftertaste so I prefer the chocolate pb lunch bar but the fudge graham bar is still prob my 2nd fav...

Comment #10

Big Brown Box. All 44 pounds of mine arrived yesterday: the 35 day program..


: scones and muffins.


: Cheesy potatoes, bean and ham soup and trail mix bars. I try something new at times and this time, I tried the PB&J bar. It will not be repeated..


: Italian flatbread pizza, veggie lasagna, cajun chicken, ravioli.


: Order these only because I have to. TheNutrisystemdesserts create an urge to eat more. I far prefer a protein drink with fruit which is higher in protein and satisfies me without creating an urge to eat more. I'd love to have muffins exchanged for the desserts...

Comment #11

I'm pretty much a "routine" eater and have the same things all the time.

The items I order the most of are:.

Breakfast: Double Chocolate Muffin, Chocolate Chip Scone, Apple Strudel Scone (I mix it up a little with the Blueberry and Banana Nut Muffins on occasion).

Lunch: Double Chocolate Caramel Bar, Fudge Graham Bar, Fettucine Alfredo, and Three Cheese Parmesan.

Dinner: Beef Patty, Chicken Breast Patty, Rotini w/Meatballs, Chicken Pasta Parmesan.

Snack/Dessert: Peppermint Cookie Patty, Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Fudge Bar..

Comment #12

I'm maintaining, so 70% of the time I'm eating on my own - but these are the singleNutrisystemitems in each category that I still order the most of:.

Pancake mix - I make them up in batches for various muffins or a cheese/fruit/danish the night before often times..

Potatoes - easy to use with any protein & a side of veggies..

Burgers - I just use them like any other ground beef most of the time. Plus, I get to add a carb of my choosing - be it bread, tortilla, beans, pasta....

Pretzels - at 120 cals it's on the lower end of the calorie range and with 10 Gms of protein it doesn't set me up for night time cravings like some of the other desserts do..


Comment #13

I mainly order the.

Whole grain o's (I love to add it to Greek plain non fat yogurt that I sweeten with Splenda and flavor with a tbsp of DaVinci sugar free flavored syrup).

Tuna fish salad (I always chill it and add to salads or on a whole grain bun).

Beef patty and grilled chicken patty.

Almond biscotti and sometimes the choc chip pudding.

I need to watch the sodium and sugar alcohols so these work great for me..

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