How come is telling me my domain for my forum is invalid?

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My first question is: How come is telling me my domain for my forum is invalid?.

My next question is: If you are dissatisfied with Afternic let's hear your rants.

Possibly someone from that company will actually take notice and do SOMETHING for us!.

We pay good $$ for your service and all we get is ...........????.

I'm pissed , how about you ??..

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Your question was: How come is telling me my domain for my forum is invalid?.


My name is Pete Lamson, and I am responsible for NameMedia's marketplace businesses including both Afternic and BuyDomains.

I am an active participant in many threads and am anxious to help you in any way possible. That said, if you are looking for an immediate response I can be reached on my direct dial at 781 839 2812, or via email at.

It sounds as if you have not a positive experience with Afternic, for which I am sorry.

I welcome your constructive criticisms, suggestions and feedback on how we can improve our service.

Thanks in advance - your opinions matter to us.


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There's too much negativity on the forums these days. Afternic is better than Sedo imo, although that doesn't really say a lot. There's not much they can do for you unless your domains warrant attention...

Comment #2

Check out some other afternic posts on here and see what they say. Not a whole lot of satisfaction with Afternic as a SELLER in my and alot of other NP's experience!.

Im sure as a buyer people love the site but as a seller it is far from satisfactory imho...

Comment #3

I'm somewhat at a loss at what Afternic is doing wrong.

They provide you with a place to list your HostGator for sale which gets seen by thousands of people each day you can't exactly fault them if none of those people finds your HostGator worth buying, now can you?..

Comment #4

It seems to me that you have not clarified what you dislike about them - IMO...

Comment #5

Enough!!! I Am Sorry I Even Mentioned It! Afternic Is Not For Me And According To Many Others They Agree As Sellers It Is Limited In Its Performance For The $$ They Charge ! Thats It! So I Am Choked At What I Get From Them In Return For My Money Period! There You Go. Happy Now?? Or What Else Do You Wantto Know!@!!..

Comment #6

I don't really understand the specific issue(s) that you're having with them at this time, IMHO.

Thanks for the assist..


Comment #7

Hi, I am about to subscribe to Afternic and I am also itnerest in your contra arguments? What do you mean by limited performance? Tnx.

Ps. This is not a flame response, I am really interested to hear your arguments...

Comment #8

WOW he is saying I paid to belong to your site and SEDO is free, No one is making offers on my HostGator names.

Like Reece said they are there to provide a platform not to get you buyers, the buyers will find you on there or you can promote your domains.

It seems like people think Afternic should perform better because they pay $20...

Comment #9

Jeez Louise........ just asking for a clarification 'cause you said nothing really in your first post other than you are mad.


Comment #10

Capitalizing the first letter of each word must make it really uncomfortable to type. Anyway, $20 per year is pocket change for what they offer because the offers are usually better than at Sedo. I got my money's worth in one sale...

Comment #11


Here is Pete, owner of Afternic actually commmenting in this forum about something.

Well thats better than most of those who have a very, very large HostGator business, those others don't even comment they just " lurk in the shadows" at Namepros.

Oh wait a minute. He is here posting not to help the community in general, he is here posting to advance self interest as he owns Afternic.

Gee, sure would be nice if some of you rich successful types would put a face on your HostGator business and actually jump in to different threads and give a damn opinion about this business without it being only for self interest.

Thats your problem bigshots. No face here, no networking here...

Comment #12

You have an amazing ability to go off topic...

Comment #13

Afternic WAS for me an ad spot and not a marketplace so the $20 for a year was a good deal.

As a marketplace, for the same domains at Sedo I had some interest and sales to afternic nothing. Even TDnam performed better.

Afternic lost the glory of the past.

I think they have to reconstruct the whole idea of their business and offer something unique to domainers.

Sedo gets many members from their parking program. NameDrive added sale features too.

Afternic changed the look a bit and has some good entries to dnjournal, is there anything more ?

The entry fee is nothing if it produced some results.

The problem is that from my experience you get less in Afternic and you have to pay a membership for this..

Comment #14

Like Ive said before - Ive self several domains via Afternic - and will continue to use their service. I agree - I think they need to cut out the $20 fee - considering Sedo doesnt charge one (and I believe TDNAM is going to eliminate theirs).... But - not everything in life is perfect.


I can understand being frustrated with a non performing service. But you need to be clear when you rant. When someone from that company comes on, says whats the problem, tell them. Explain that you spent $20 with no results. Perhaps they would consider letting you renew for a year on them? Doesnt hurt to ask but if your going to be upset publicly, at least tell us why.


Comment #15

I am not a member of Afternic yet. $20 is ok for me to join.

1. What are the benefits that I get on a membership there?.

2. How much does Expanded promotion program cost? Is it an exclusivity agreement?.

3. How many of you have benefited from the expanded promotion?.

4. Why do you feel that one should be a member at Afternic?.

I request the Afternic rep and experienced domainers to answer these questions..

Comment #16


Happy to answer your questions.

A Seller membership does in fact cost $20. There is no additional fee to utilize our Expanded Promotion Option hoever there is a difference in revenue shares.

Afternic Basic Promotion include promotion on Afternic (no different than the service has been run for years) and requires a 10% revenue share when a HostGator is sold.

Afternic Expanded Promotion includes promotion on Afternic, BuyDomains, within the DLS network, and includes representation/promotion by the BuyDomains sales staff. There is a 20% rev share for domains sold using Expanded Promotion.

Neither service levle requires listing exclusivity.

A few other comments to share with all on this thread.

First, a note on sales performance:.

I fully recognize all of you will judge Afternic by whether or not your own names sell on Afternic, and at what price they sell for. This is how it should be. And while not all names will sell, I can share with you that Afternic is today selling more names on a daily basis than at anytime in our history. Simply put, it is our only objective - when we do so, buyers, seller and Afternic all wins.

Second, NameMedia is in the midst of a complete Afternic platform rebuild, which will include a simpler and more untuitive user interface for buyers and seller, enhanced and rebuilt portfolio bulk upload, pricing and management tools, integrated parking with NameMedia's Active Audience montization and much more.

Look for launch in the fall of 2008.

Keep the feedback coming, it makes us better!.


Comment #17

Pete that's very good to hear you plan a platform rebuild, maybe this will give another "air" to the service. I agree afternic has potential at least for me and I would be happy to see an improvement to jump in again..

Comment #18

Collective thoughts on setting up a Webinar during our Beta launch (late summer) to share will all of you in advance?.

This would provide all of you with the opportunity to see what we are working on and provide feedback prior to launch .....

We value your perspectives!..

Comment #19

I'm not sure what you mean? Are you lamblasting Pete for actually trying to help?..

Comment #20


Comment #21

I've only done one transaction on Afternic, as a buyer, and found the purchase and escrow procedure to be a smooth and easy system. I've returned there quite a few times since to search out other domains that don't have delusional pricing, and would not hesitate to buy there again. I didn't lowball - I paid asking price.(750.) If I was to keep the HostGator parked it would break even within two years, so I'm still quite happy with the deal.

When I acquire enough domains in a price that warrants paying the sales commission, I may find myself a seller there too.

I'm glad to see a representative of the company take the time to post here, regardless of the motive, and despite the reception. I think some of the most valuable threads here are ones that have vendor participation...

Comment #22

I am pleased Pete gives us his help about Afternic, I find his quick responses refreshing when anything comes up about Afternic. That is what a very good company President does.

My two cents worth about some only making posts when it can benefit them is kind of off track here so I will only say this. Thks for the input Mr Plamson. It would be great to hear some of your other views about domaining in general. Not in this thread though as the topic here is important but I like your style and maybe you can post on Namepros someday other than in a thread having to do with your company.

Peace out..

Comment #23

I have used afternic a few times now, and I find their service great. My Escrow Manager was very fast in concluding the transaction...

Comment #24

I have had nothing but a great experience using Afternic. I sure would like to hear what problem the OP had that caused him to start this thread...

Comment #25

Network is right about their Escrow service, always reliable...

Comment #26

Pete, there was another thread here a week or so ago bemoaning that, with the critical issues facing domaining (Snowe bill, for example), this and the other forums see very little (almost nothing) of the most prominent names in the field, both business owners and top domainers. Point being that we all have ideas to share and things to learn and would be much better off working together.

I believe that is what goodkarmaco is referring to, and while OT, it is a valid point. You have to catch you guys where you find them...

Comment #27

It is encouraging that a response has been forthcoming from Afternic, and quick at that.

However, I have not renewed my membership that I had taken up again when Namemedia took over as I found zero benefit from it - correct, I did not sell any names via their platform.

Sedo on the other hand have given me a more than satisfactory return on my zero investment, that's where most of my names will be found - or you can go the whois route and I don't even have to pay commission.

According to the thread others are satisfied with their $20 investment, I am not- simple as that. JMO..

Comment #28

I have an issue with Afternic which has been communicated to them and acknowledged, but nothing has been done about it.

I stopped advertising in the Bazaar for this reason:.

When you click on "All Sold Auctions", the prices displayed are the listing "Stop" prices, not the actual sales prices.


Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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