How Can I transfer my Domain Name to Godaddy?

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My first question is: How Can I transfer my Domain Name to Godaddy?.

My next question is: Just a couple of months back, I bought an expired HostGator which was registered in 2006. Now my question is, will it have an effect on my SERPs. I have heard that google just drops all authority linked to a HostGator when it changes it's /img/avatar2.jpg...

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Your question was: How Can I transfer my Domain Name to Godaddy?.

See I bought this HostGator and it is driving traffic from Yahoo already. But not a single visitor is coming from Google. Then, I have heard that google wanted to become a HostGator registrar so that it can collect info like this about domains...

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I read an article where a google exec said that now they scan all names for when they sell. they recognize the old owners' links, but score them almost to zero. they're there - but they're not worth much - changes meant to help stop spammers using them to get up google).

If true obviously has a huge affect on the resale aftermarket. I mentioned this in the SEO section and they pooh poohed the idea. but there you go.....

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Hi soggyindo,.

Could you please post a link to the article if possible?.

This is very interesting, would have a huge impact on people who are selling backlinked domains..

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The site: only shows 4 listings and the link: is zero no backlinks at all. it will only be good for a couple of days or weeks and then it get delisted..

Comment #4

Sure, i'll have another look. sort of like when you see a UFO and don't have a camera - I wish I'd pasted a bookmark!!.

<edit> No luck, I'm going to need some help:.

It was a Matt Cutts interview or conference address, maybe the HostGator roundtable conference, and domainers fired off questions.

Anyone remember hearing Cutts doing a domaining conference? I remember some "diamonds" HostGator name minisite was used as an example to pick over for SEO...

Aha! Bingo.

Matt himself says: This weekend I did a Q&A session at the HostGator Roundtable Conference. It was an hour and a half of answering various questions. Rand Fishkin and John Andrews both did write-ups of the session. Rand and John were both on an SEO panel after me, which I enjoyed.

The links to those write-ups are found on this page. I think there were more, though - including the one I read - and possibly a podcast. Matt says if a HostGator changes hands, Google resets the links vale to zero/near zero. [Update: Matt apparently said this about expired domains in 2007. I cant be sure of exactly what was said here, but these were contemporaneous notes so perhaps we will have to wait for the recorded sessions to be sure].

A link to it referred to is here. I read a word-for-word transcript from Cutts originally, and it was pretty compelling. So if someone can find the full transcript of this roundtable - or at least this part - it makes for great reading.

IF you follow the link you get this discussion. (NB - In 2007 this refers to expired domains, but the current discussion is about sold domains too): My question references my recent Pubcon blog post:

Matt says Google will reset the links on expired domains.

1)Do you agree that this is massively bad news for domainers?.

Not really. Most of the domainers with sustainable business models are buying names more than they are trying to buy PageRank, search engine rankings, or search engine trust.

2)Isn't it illogical to reset links on expired domains and not on sold domains (since the net result of having a totally different site that didn't earn the existing links is the same)?.

I think on sold domains they feel that you had to pay quite a bit for them. What concerns Google with expired domains is the potential price disconnect which sets up a large arbitrage based business model.

3)Why is this story seemingly flying under almost everyone's radar?.

The same reason domainers like Frank Schilling were not talking about how to buy less than one month's earnings back in 2002. Those who were doing it had a competitive reason to not talk about it.

Good last point!.

Personally, I find nearly all that Matt says about SEO pretty inspiring/ on the money. Basically - make good content and it'll work out. But, this resetting link value to zero with a sale seems a mistake to me. I agree with this post on another blog about it: I feel strongly that Googles plan to reset links on expired domains is MANY TIMES WORSE than Googles no follow policy. Bringing this example into the real estate realm, you are saying that if a house becomes foreclosed and repossessed, the new owner of the house cant keep any upgrades the foreclosed owner made to the house. That doesnt make a lot of sense to me.

Who's to say you don't buy a linked name and (a) use wayback machine to have the same content (b) have new but just as good content, that the linkers and readers continue to trust, or (c) write, and improve on the content, and have better information for readers?.

A blanket policy here to sold names and links to it seems to be a clumsy, un-google way to go about it IMO...

Comment #5

I registered one expired HostGator about 6 months ago..

I parked it as soon as I registered it..

It still has PR4 and 223 backlinks..

It got 73 visitors for this month...

Comment #6

Thanks josh, always like them reps.

For me it all raises more questions. i've had some expired names and the links don't 'seem' to be worth much any more, others that do. note - i'm talking about how worthy search engines consider your site, not traffic - of course people still travel down those links, if they're current.

But with "the value of inbound links going to near-zero when you buy a name" (paraphrased from the above), what does it means if you change: the details on your name from your personal name to your company details? or go private? or change registrars? or buy or sell a whole website, not just a name? the implications for domaining are huge - these are big considerations! is there a 'safe' way to change details or sell a name to fellow NPers?.

I'm sure if microsoft bought yahoo, the value of inbound links to yahoo wouldn't be considered (near) zero..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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