How can I take a domain name I purchased from godaddy (it is currently parked) and host it on hostga?

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My first question is: How can I take a domain name I purchased from godaddy (it is currently parked) and host it on hostga?.

My next question is: Hypothetical ? here........

Say you were the /img/avatar4.jpg of a "database" site like ( lets just use myspace here, but not that big ).

Lets say it has thousands if not tens of thousands of members/users. Its value was pretty high due to traffic and members.

If you ever wanted to sell it, is there a market for it?.

Lets say it was valued at $500,000 on dnscoop or somewhere else because of ad revenue and traffic.

Would you be able to sell it? Who would the possible buyers be?.

Just curious. Thanks..

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Your question was: How can I take a domain name I purchased from godaddy (it is currently parked) and host it on hostga?.

There is a market for everything.

Usually you can list your website on the marketplace such as Sitepoint...

Comment #1

A site valued at 500k? I dont know how many millionares their are on SitePoint..

Comment #2

Thanks for the input. It would be a genral site for everyone to use. What it would do is each member has an account that they can store info in, save favorite sites and access them, a forum, etc.....

Would it be best to try to sell before it gets way to high in value?..

Comment #3

? If it was a hot site, it would be making a ton of revenue. If it ever got to be the size or even half of myspace or facebook, why would you sell it?..

Comment #4

Remember, 500k is just an "automatic valuation" by Dnscoop...

I think it can never "get way too high in value"..

Comment #5

Im not familiar with DN scoop. And I agree with you on high value...

Comment #6

You could sell it anywhere, just post stats and wait for the offers to roll in..

One or a group of the thousands if not tens of thousands of members/users could want to own it..

Have hope, if Flowers,mobi and iReport,com sold for xxx,xxx anything can...

Comment #7

Thanks everyone. To give a more realistic picture, lets say 40,000 members with about 130,000 page views a day.

Would that be a good selling site and would it fetch much?.

I know revenue always factors in, and with that many members/traffic it could be very monetized. But if the person was selling on the basis of members and page views, would it still be valuable?..

Comment #8

Like Peter said, is it really hypothetical?.

If I were you, I would approach News Corp, Yahoo, and whoever else has been buying these big online companies/ social networks, and see if you can work out a deal!..

Comment #9

Put it like this. Their are always people and companies buying these properties. If you had one like this, I honestly dont think youd have a problem selling it...

Comment #10

Thats good to know. I guess with that type of traffic though, monetizing it really well via advertisers and affiliate programs would be more beneficial in the long run. I am just the type of person that is always thinking "the ship could sink at any minute", why not secure a life raft now? You know what I mean.

What if the site started a decline or other issue, and you could have sold. Thats just me though. I never let the grass grow under my feet...

Comment #11

Do you honestly believe that Mark Zuckerberg is ever going to wake up one morning, and facebook is going to be dead? Didnt think so..

Comment #12

Unless you happen to have a targeted niche site or millions of users, it's very doubtful that anyone will buy your site based on the users alone...

Social sites are bought and sold based on revenue. Not only that, but social sites are a pain in the ass to maintain. Anyone who buys it will have to spend considerable time and/or money to learn the code and be able to clean it up, grow the features, etc...

Also, social sites take huge amounts of bandwidth and system resources... So if you're spending x amount of dollars paying for servers every month, you essentially need to subtract that from the x amount of dollars you are making in revenue....

Essentially, anyone that buys a social networking site is going to be taking on a major handful. And while some people are looking for that... I think a lot of people just want sites that will run themselves and generate income.

I had a site with about 12k users and millions of pageviews per month... I sold it for 3k and I was happy as hell to find a buyer and get rid of it. The server costs compared to the revenue made the whole endeavor only slightly profitable, which just wasn't worth all the effort...

Comment #13

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