How can I move my GoDaddy domain from a free hosting to an Economy?

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My first question is: How can I move my GoDaddy domain from a free hosting to an Economy?.

My next question is: What a pathetic waste. Someone please come up and overtake Moniker in HostGator auctions because they plain suck at it. their usual drab auctioneer, their whole "fake bidding right up to the reserve" BS, horrible selection of names, etc. It took them about 8 tries or so in their raffle at the end to finally pick someone that was there, and when they closed it, there were maybe 3 or 4 people clapping, lol. Please Moniker, do a better job or please stop and let another company who knows what they're doing take the reins. I've seen the difference even just a good auctioneer and spotters can make at the live auction at DomainFest earlier this year...that auction probably would have been as bad as this one if it was this same crew but it ended up doing decently...

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Your question was: How can I move my GoDaddy domain from a free hosting to an Economy?.

Anyone know where to see the list of Live Auction results?.


Comment #1

Plus most of the domains were crap, which didn't help.

Maybe they will stop having a bloody auction every month, that'll be a start..

Comment #2

Maybe. Seems like the novelty of these auctions is wearing thin...

Comment #3

I'm thinking about having one. It would be live, online, easy interface, real auctioneer, quality names, ect.

It would all depend on commitments and advertising...

Comment #4

I think it's kind of an ugly cycle happening, which honestly if Moniker could figure out how to improve certain things, could be stopped and they could have more successful auctions. I would have no problem with them if they did that - it would benefit the sellers, the industry, and even themselves if they did. The cycle as I see it:.

1. Moniker increases their benefits in seller contracts, i.e. how long domains are binded with them, the upcoming "domain must be at Moniker or you pay $100", etc., plus in general 15% being a lot of commish.

2. Some people who would have submitted good names with good reserves don't like the terms and/or commission and don't submit.

3. The quality of names in each auction then suffers more and more. Traffic may be a step above the rest but even Traffic auctions seem to not quite attract what they used to be able to.

4. Each auction does worse than the previous (or in Traffic case each Traffic auction does worse than the previous).

5. #1 keeps happening for subsequent auctions, and #1 and #4 causes more of #2, which causes #3, which causes #4. Rather than understanding this and doing ANYTHING to make improvements in future auctions, Moniker instead keeps doing #1, serving themselves and not the people they are making 15% on. THAT is what I have a problem with. How many auctions has Moniker put on, and here after this last Traffic auction, they have the domains I sold, I paid for the domains I bought, and nothing's happening and they aren't communicating with me at all. I have to email them demanding what's going on in order to know what's going on.

As much as Domaintools has improvements to make as well, they DO make improvements on future auctions and DO seem to truly make an effort to create more positive experience for all involved. Moniker on the other hand...

Moniker HAS provided some great service at times in the past, and I do like some of the people I deal with that work there. I can even understand that with Oversee's acquisition of SnapNames, they may have had an "interesting" time having to combine with them for these auctions. But this lack of improvement and continually increasing their benefit in seller's contracts is nothing new...

Comment #5

I think the timing is perfect for real competition in the auction market. The level of frustration with Moniker just keeps increasing. I took the pledge a few months back at my *last* (as in final) Moniker auction, and am now attending regular MA meetings (Moniker Anonymous):.

Marc, at podium: "Hi, my name is Marc and I am a former Moniker addict. I am getting through it though, one day at a time".

Like most addictions, once I kicked the habit I found that life is much better... and more profitable...

Comment #6

I think a complete new approach is required. A professional auction house the likes of Sothebys etc should be looking at this area of investment- it's wide open at the moment.

Pro auction houses sell "product" , they research according to product, determine target market and approach that market accordingly. And their auctineers are second to none.

These people already have venues/offices around the world so can even target specific countries from a geo perspective, languages even- important as IDN gains steam. JMO.

I believe that sold at $5,500 $25,000, that's the way to bring down the value of domains in a public forum - these are steals. Yet to be confirmed but no doubt very few bidders. at $45,000 however is outstanding...

Comment #7

Lack of professionalism and a sort of superiority complex, I think "pathetic" very well chosen..

Comment #8,, - Opening bid $2,352,950.00.,,,,,,,,, - Opening bid $1,764,710.00.

Yes that is 3 .us names over $2 million and 10 additional .us names for over $1 million. Who is going to start the bidding?.

Also, are we to believe that everyone in Europe speaks English and wants to visit 1 and 2 word English language domains in their countries extensions?..

Comment #9

In today's market .com would not even make those prices...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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