How can I get skinnier without getting in a Dukan Diet?

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Got a quick question: How can I get skinnier without getting in a Dukan Diet? Looking forward for any answer. My 2nd question... I am just ending my second week on the program and I must say most of the food is tolerable. Some is better than others, but the mac n' cheese....I can hardly stomach it. Any suggestions on how to make it better?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

Comment #1

I use it to make Tuna Casserole..

Make mac and cheese according to directions. Mix with some canned tuna and canned peas. Pour into baking dish, top with bread crumbs (plain, flavored or my favorite Japanese Panko crumbs). Bake at 350 for 15 minutes..

Comment #2

How about stuffing it into a hollowed out tomato?..

Comment #3

Save up a protein and add a FF hot dog + 1/2 oz. shredded LF/FF cheese (or skip the hot dog and mix in a full cheese serving). I usually also pore this over some sauteed onions & veggies...

Comment #4

Thats a great idea! But can we eat canned peas? I thought canned vegetables were off limits because of the sodium content...that's what a counselor told me...

Comment #5

No peas or corn unless you are substituting for a carb serving. They aren't considered veggies, they are carbs. I buy no salt canned veggies..

I love the mac and cheese. Sautee lots of veggies, especially grape tomatoes, and any kind you like. Dump the mixture in the pan with the veggies, add a tblsp of cream cheese or a laughing cow wedge to thicken it up...then pour into a casserole dish and top ith 2 tsp of ff parm cheese. Bake till bubbly, sooo yummy. Add some Morning Stars crumbles if you have a protein left!..

Comment #6

Thanks Amanda! I was thinking that canned peas were a carb. Isn't the bread crumbs an added carb as well?..

Comment #7

Yes, you're right! Not sure if she only used a tsp or so, maybe a free food. But definitly with the peas, that's added carbs enough!!..

Comment #8

Cant lose sight of the fact that some here are on Maintenance and are doing a little more with their food...we full time Dukan Diet folks must be alert..

Comment #9

Adding a small amount of salsa (free food) to the mac & cheese also helps the cheese sauce ALOT. I actually add sauteed onions and salsa to it.. Really helps a ton...Sometimes I even add a Laughing Cow cheese wedge..

Play with it...Either you'll like the "fixes" or you'll never order it again. Either way, no harm!..

Comment #10

I tried a taste of this before adding anything and agree that it's awful! I added a wedge of swiss laughing cow cheese and a squirt of mustard....the mustard gives it a zing and turns it orange like kraft mac & cheese. Now mac & cheese is my favorite dinner..

Its funny how a little addition can totally change the taste...

Comment #11

Yes, that's true, maybe Libra is on maintenance and those additions are ok for her.

And that tuna casserole does sound really delicious!! It should be mentioned though about the carbs for newbies, especially since the OP said she has only been on the program for 2 weeks!..

Comment #12

I make it New Mexican, adding chopped green chiles and a sprinkle of dried red chile powder..


Wendy in NM..

Comment #13

I should have been more specific in amounts. I use a protein serving (1/4 cup) of tuna and 1 TBS peas and about a TBS of the bread crumbs. I usually have a small can or two of peas to add to a tuna cassserole or stew, but to eat them just as a veggie, I never did that even though I do like peas. Anyway, my problem since I started N.S. (I am 10 lbs from maintence) is that I, except for a few times, am under the calorie count I should be, so in a case like this, I figured that the 1 TBS each of peas and bread crumbs would not hurt me. I only had 1 mac and cheese so this casserole was not something I would have every night. Since I am the only one in my house that likes peas, I ended up tossing the rest of the can...

Comment #14

Way to go. It's hard in the beginning, but, with everyday, it only gets better. When you say the food is tolerable. Here is my trick (104lbs lost) with NS. I used most of the meals as a base. For example.

Well, for me, that's just the start. Try adding that extra oz of protein to it. That could be a veggie burger cooked and chopped up in it, an oz of hamburger, tuna, salmon, or just an oz of cheese. Then I add veggies to it. I cook up some frozen veggies (a few minutes in a steam bag), or what I have chopped up in the fridge.

Many of the meals, you can do this with. I suggest keeping some fresh veggies chopped up ready to be tossed in something. Also, if you have to cook for family, take an oz of whatever protein you are serving them. Also, another tip. If you do have to cook for other members of the family.

Then you don't feel deprived..

Best of luck to you and pat yourself on back that you took the first step, knowing you have to do something...

Comment #15

Yeah, I figured it was probably some negligible amount! Your casserole does sound delicious! I love tuna casserole. There is also a recipe on here from LisaRae using the fettucini alfredo and soy crisps as a topping...I've tried it and it's delicious!!..

Comment #16

Someone suggested mixing it with the chili and dividing it in two. That didn't have enough kick for me so I mix 1 KD, 1 chili, and 1 veggie fajita. It makes three serving and gets rid of the funny KD after taste some experience. Note" the noodles can get squishy after a few days but the soy chunks provide texture...

Comment #17

I had the mac and cheese tonight. I steamed some fresh broccoli and put it in the bottom of a 16oz ramekin. I poured the cooked mac and cheese over the top and mixed it with the broccoli, then topped it with lowfat cheese (dairy/protein serving from afternoon snack). Then I baked it at 400 degrees for like 10 minutes. It makes a nice crust on the top and tastes delicious!..

Comment #18

Well, the mac and cheese itself is a small serving, so you really can't add too much to it. You could use any of the pasta in a cream type sauce that N.S. has and make it into a tuna casserole and using the soy crisps and even the pretzels if you crushed them up is a good idea for a topping. Sometimes little things like that make the food more homemade and satisfies our need to cook, for those of us that love to do so...

Comment #19

PamSB, have I told you lately how much you ROCK!? I've had Mac&Cheese sitting around for a long time - I hated it. But I gave this a try tonight. Poured it over broccoli (yes, after 6.5 months as my only veggie, it's still my favorite part of the day) and YUM!.

Thanks again for all your input all the time..


Comment #20

I had the Mac n' Cheese for the first time the last night and I fixed spinach to go with it and I really enjoyed it...

Comment #21

Personally I love the Mac and Cheese (especially the one with Beef), but I'd go with a splash of mustard and a dash of hot sauce. Also the garlic here Laughing Cow Lite wedge should give you more velvety texture...

Comment #22

I'm with you and Pam, Bolo. I love the mac and cheese..

I love the idea of pouring it over steamed broccoli though..

Will try that next time..

Sounds yummy..

Comment #23



[/url]K IT OFF..........

Comment #24

Mac n Cheese is one of my very favorite meals. What I do with it, well, it ain't pretty. LOL But gawd I love it. If you like hot spice, this may be for you...

Boil water, pour it into the cup, and let the dinner steep for 10 minutes..

After 10 minutes have passed, microwave cauliflower (I use a 10 oz bag of florets) in chicken broth, I don't measure, so I'll say it's 1/2 to 3/4 cup. Sprinkle heavily with Ms. Dash extra spicy and whatever else you like, including garlic and ground chipotle pepper. Nuke on high for 6 minutes. Then add a wedge of Laughing Cow Lite cheese and two chipotle peppers in adobo, with some of the adobo sauce and mash it to a pulp with a potato masher..

Dump the Mac n Cheese over this mess and stir thoroughly. It's ugly as sin, a gloppy mess and I absolutely love it. It's damned spicy, too, so be careful if you can't take the heat..

If I've saved a protein, it's a real treat to add sliced Hebrew National 97% FF hot dogs to this...

Comment #25

I have to say I am just starting to look at some of these recipe ideas. I am just starting my 3rd week. My biggest misconception of Dukan Diet was that it provided you with everything you needed, or at least certainly with everything but minimal groceries. At first I thought everyone is going to a lot of trouble trying to make this food taste good. But reading further two things occurred to me....first, how different all our likes and dislikes are, so naturally every single food here will need some changing to satisfy some of us. And second, the real secret of Dukan Diet is learning portion control and the types of food groups our bodies need for optimum health.

It is costing me more than I had imagined it would, but still within reason and definitely well worth it to finally get the results I want and need..

So, thanks to all of you for your ideas and encouragement with one another. I have never felt so confident that this program will work for me. I know I am only saying what most of you already know, but it is new to me...

Comment #26

I LOVE the mac and cheese! I also usually save a protein, and add tuna, or FF hot dogs. But.


I save a protein and eat about 2 oz. of whatever meat the family is havinglike a "real" meal..

As for peas...I eat them all the time. I know they are considered a "carb", but I lost 40+ pounds eating them at least twice a week as a veggie. I refuse to believe PEAS are the reason I am fat..

I love them. I will give up french fries, "real" spaghetti, and lots of other things, but PEAS??? I don't use canned thoughfrozen only, and only about 1/2 cup. If I start to feel like I'm stuck with my weight loss, believe me, they'll be the first thing to go...

Comment #27

I wish.


Would read your post!!! You have learned in 2 weeks what some people.


Learn!!! And you will.



Comment #28

OR maybe, instead of wasting it, trade it on the trade thread to people who enjoy it..

There are always people who like what you don't and there are always things for trade that you might like instead...

Comment #29

I don't even think my dog would eat it - animal cruelty! I even tried mixing in green bell pepper, onion, black pepper and a bit of FF sour cream and baking it - still hardly tolerable and I am normally a huge mac n cheese fan. How could you go wrong with pasta and cheese... but Dukan Diet missed the mark on this one...

Comment #30

Obviously we are all different - I finally made peace with the mac & cheese...liking it now either plain or over my veggies - looks like all entres have love/hate fans...but isnt that typical of most things in our lives?..

Comment #31

This is my first post on the discussion boards. I had to hop in here and say thanks for all the suggestions about the mac & cheese. I had a tuna dish that will be one of my favorites along this journey. WOW! I used my 2 carbs and added corn and peas....laughing cow....tuna - OH YUMM! Thank you all...

Comment #32

A hearty second to what sng4sup said..

Another thing I like about fixing up Dukan Diet meals I love to cook. I'm lazy so I don't cook a lot, but I do love fussing about in the kitchen, and fixing up Dukan Diet meals is a reasonable substitute right now. Yesterday I took my piece of WW bread, chopped it into cubes, tossed it in 1 tsp olive oil and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb mix, and toasted it in the oven for croutons for my dinner salad. It was easy, and yet it was fun to do and totally on plan. Next time I want to do this, I'll remember to leave out a piece of bread to go a bit stale before crisping it up, but it satisfied my cooking fix...

Comment #33

I'm a newbie, so I had not had the mac and cheese before tonight. I had read this thread earlier in the day, so I knew the poor little macs would need some help. I mixed it in a pot with some 'sauteed' mushrooms, spinach, Mrs Dash Table Blend, one wedge of Light Laughing Cow swiss and some pepper. I have to say... I cannot believe this is a diet!!! It was so good !!! Thanks all for the great ideas!!.


Comment #34


Thanks for your encouragement; hearing from people who have have been so successful just adds to my resolve!..

Comment #35

I love my mac & cheese!! I add salsa to it and it's YUMMY!!!..

Comment #36

I put a couple of tablespoons of frozen chopped onion and green pepper in a saute pan and "saute" until almost tender and add 1/4 cup rotel tomatoes and then cook until the liquid is pretty much gone. I stir it into my prepared mac n cheese (that sat in the hot water for almost 20 minutesthis is crucial) and add 1 ounce of grated 2% cheese (saved protein). It's good just like this, but if I'm wanting to do it up special, I'll put it in an individual glass pan and top with a teaspoon of panko crumbs (free calories) and put in oven for a little bit. My DH and I really like this dish...

Comment #37

The tuna casserole idea sounds great. I can skip the peas and bread crumbs, and I am sure it will still be good. Mac and cheese on my mind because I had it for lunch and poured it over my salad...

Comment #38

I have this cute little plastic bottle (not so little, actually) of freeze dried onion bits. Whenever anything gets dull I add a few of them. If you're adding them to something that has water as an ingredient, add the onion bits to the water before incorporating anything else. A teaspoon is about 8 calories. It's good as an addition to the egg products and almost any of the heat and eat dinners...

Comment #39

I usually sautee diced onions and tomotoes with LOTS of mushrooms (YUM!) and then add in a LC wedge (French Onion usually) and 1oz of grilled chicken breast (I often save a protein from earlier in the day). For spices I usually add red pepper, garlic powder, and Mrs. Dash Italian Blend. In the meantime I prepare the Mac & Cheese as the directions say and dump it in and sautee it all together once the veggies are done. Then let it st for 10-15 minutes and it thickens right's awesome!..

Comment #40

I think the mac and cheese is actually good taste wise after I pepper it up it's the hard noodles that dont cook all the way that boge me out same with the pasta brocoli yummy but some noodles dont cook all the way even though I stir it I nuke the mac and cheese after it sat and it was too says to not use boiling water so I thought that was the prob but then I did the boiling water and still having a noodle I the only one?..

Comment #41

I love the mac and cheese to I add sauteed white onions and Green Bell Peppers and add a little pepper is very good!..

Comment #42

I have that problem with all the add-water pasta dishes. I guess you have to let them sit or dump them in a pan with vegetables so the macaroni fully cooks...

Comment #43

I love all the dry ones.....I usually put a Herb-Ox sodium free packet boullion with the dry ingred. small can of chicken....mushrooms and spinach or broc. sometimes a slice of FF cheese.....Yummmmmmm...Comfort food!!!!!..

Comment #44

I'm glad I read this board. I was beginning to wonder what I can mix the meals with. =p..

Comment #45

I use the rotel tomatoes to make a sort of Mexican mac n cheese because I love the spicy stuff! I just heat a pan and spray with Pam then add about 2-3 tbs of the rotel...I use the tomatoes w/green chilis or the ones with the jalepenos. Then when they have "fried" I add 1 cup of chicken broth or water, then the Dukan Diet mac n cheese, some cumin and/or chili powder and turn off the heat and let sit for about 8 minutes. I never cook it in the microwave because it's still too hard and tough, but find that if heat it really well in the pot (sometimes I turn it back on and heat it a bit more) it gets really puffy and yummy good. This is one of my fav dinners when I want something spicy. I save the rest of the rotel in the frig and use it in my eggs...something else spicy!..

Comment #46

That is a great idea and now i'll have something to do with my chilli!..

Comment #47

Place it in a little baking dish, add 1 cup of spinach, hot water, a little soy milk, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, and sprinkle it with parm cheese. Bake it in the oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes. It's yummy..

I do not know the stats on the little extras I add. I save a protien from my lunch snack and figure the add-ins amount to a protien..

It is so creamy and yummy...

Comment #48

I add a little taco sauce for a mexican flair... top with FF cheese and pop it in the oven until cheese is melted....

Comment #49

This is great if you add shrimp or chicken (saved protein). I usually make with broccoli and mushrooms and some hot sauce. it is so filling and so good. of course I am a huge fan of kraft mac & cheese plain had to break down and have a box (not all at once!) when I sick for a week with a miserable cold/flu...

Comment #50

I have this when I make a big pot of chili for guests and drop in a tablespoon of my chili + a little extra LF cheese. Otherwise I add a FF hot dog and some LF cheese - and occasionally server over sauteed onions & broccoli..

I like the mac & cheese so much I just ordered 12 off ebay to supplement what I have until my next order LOL...

Comment #51

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I, too, have some mac n cheese in the pantry and (due to a bad past experience) was afraid to try it again. I also had the noodle-texture problem so will be sure to cook them longer in the pan with the add-ins. Since I'm not starving tonight, seems like a good time to try it again in case I still can't eat it. I plan to try the steamed broccoli, sauteed mushrooms and onions, a wedge of LC and maybe some hot sauce. Heck, if necessary, I may throw in the kitchen sink too!..

Comment #52

Make sure you let the mac & cheese cook in the cup longer. I add a little extra water especially if I am adding a LC wedge and then all the veggies. let it sit, stir it a bit and cover again to sit more. then add to the pan with the add ins and the sauce should thicken. pop into a casserole and bake for a few minutes if you want...

Comment #53

Thanks! That was the trick. I did let the noodles cook/soak extra long and I have to admit, it made a huge difference. Pouring it over broccoli was a great idea that I never would have thought of...and then I did add "sauteed" onions and mushrooms just on top along with some extra spicy pepper. Very good and now I'm glad I still have one more in the pantry. These boards can sure be helpful!..

Comment #54

What about the mac and cheese with beef? Been trying to rid myself of a few containers, but no, how can you suggest spicing this up? The one time I had it, I ate as directed and the beef tasted exactly like munching on the flap of a cardboard joke!.

Thanks for any suggestions!..

Comment #55

You all please bear with me cause I am new and still trying to figure all this out....

I haven't tried the mac n cheese yet, but when I do, based on what I've read here, I'll be prepared to help it out at bit. My question is, this 1 wedge of LC cheese most of you add to it, is that considered a free food?..

Comment #56

It would be your 1oz of protein you can have. I don't add a wedge of cheese, I simply add a tad bit more water, stir very well and let it sit 10 minutes. I have added veggies or 1oz of cubed chicken breast or even an oz of shredded low fat cheese. I think you'll find the mac and cheese better than you think...just be sure you let it sit long enough to make the noodles SOFT and stir enough to make it creamy and enjoy!..

Comment #57

Yumm!! One of my favorite dinners!! I make Mac and Cheese with beef ole'! It's nice and spicy and very filling! This is from my board:.

Add water to your mac and cheese with beef dinner as directed on the package. You can also do this with the regualr mac and cheese as well. I had an extra protien serving so I added in some boca ground beef crumbles to mine, but it's not nessasarry(you can also use the Dukan Diet beef patty). In a sautee pan, sautee half a chopped onion, garlic to taste (I used roasted garlic that I had and I use alot of it!!) once that is softened, add in about a half a cup of drained petite diced tomatos, chopped jalapenos to taste (I use the pickeles ones in the little jar, but fresh would be great too). Once the sauce reduces, add in your mac and cheese dish and stir. Add in some cilantro and onion and garlic powder if desired.

One big note about these mac and cheese dinners, you have to mess with them more than they say to in order to make them really yummy! I keep adding water to mine and popping it in the micro for 30 seconds. I like my macaroni to be nice and plump and this will do it! It also makes it seem like a lot more food this way. I couldn't even finish this dinner tonight!..

Comment #58

Actually, a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese doesn't qualify as either a free food or a protein by itself. One wedge is 35 calories, 2g fat and 2.5g protein. A free food is 20 calories or less and a protein is 100 calories or less, 3g fat or less and 7-8g protein or more. And you don't actually get a protein with dinner anyway; you'd have to save it from somewhere else. HOWEVER, you can make almost.



I personally.


Add a wedge of LC cheese to the Mac & Cheese. What you can do is have a higher protein/lower calorie/no fat protein for your snack or lunch, something like chicken or tuna. It's completely worth it!!!..

Comment #59

Last night I added a bunch of spices (chili powder, crushed red pepper and franks red hot) as well as a garlic light LC and some chopped spinach and it was DELICIOUS and spicy!..

Comment #60

That is the way I eat the mac n cheese as well. I have also found that if I make it according to the directions and then nuke it for 1 minute, the sauce really thickens up..

Comment #61

I like the mac and cheese by itself but I am going to try some of these wonderful ideas. I have the mac n cheese with beef also but haven't tried it yet and Christinas picture looks so good I'm going for her way!..

Comment #62

Ok, so that means a LC is about 1/2 protein/dairy serving, right??.

Don't know why I'm having such a hard time getting this cheese thing. I have them, but have been scared to eat them cause I can't figure how they count. Thanks for helping me...

Comment #63

More like a wedge = 1/3 of a protein...

Comment #64

I'm with you I have them and dont know what to count them for either so I havent used them yet.....i was gonna count it as a fat cause I'm not sure either...

Comment #65

Graylady has a wonderful "guide" to how to use Laughing Cow, so maybe she'll show up here, but basically, you can't use one wedge as a fat because it's too low in fat, and 2 wedges is too high in calories for a fat. The best way to use it is in a combination with another low calorie/no fat protein, so that it equals 1 protein. For example, 1 oz of turkey lunch meat & 1 wedge LC = 1 protein. When I add a LC to a meal like the Mac & Cheese, I always have chicken for my lunch or snack protein, because chicken is low calorie/no fat/high protein...

Comment #66

Thanks so much that was a great help! I'm understanding slowly but surely lol..

Comment #67

Yes, thanks! It is starting to make sense now. And the good news is, I can eat my LC cheese!..

Comment #68

Glad to help! It honestly does take time, but the more you read these boards, the more you learn. Some really helpful threads are the e-class threads in the Dietician Forum. The most recent one is always stickied at the top of the forum, and you can search for previous ones (go to "Search" and "Advanced Search," then type in "e-class" under keywords and search titles only in the Dieticians Corner Forum. Great info there!!!..

Comment #69

Yesterday, by accident, I stumbled across a new (for me) MAC N CHEESE fixer upper..

I had a protein left at dinner to use so I split it between a few slices of turkey pepperoni and a small amount (maybe a 3/4 of a teaspoon) of WW shredded mozzarella. I made the mac n cheese according to the container instructions. Then I cut up some grape tomatoes and sprinkled them with oregano. I dumped the cooked mac n cheese on top then the shredded cheese and turkey pepperoni, mixed it all up and nuked it for a about 30 seconds..


Comment #70

Amanda, I just tried this recipe last night...I now LOVE the Mac n' Cheese! It felt like I was totally cheating - not on a diet!! =)..

Comment #71

The Mac & Cheese has been my least favorite dish of NS. Virtually all the others I like. But now, I'm thinking I'll re-try this dish based on the helpful recipes everyone has left. Thanks, everyone!.

If you do cook Mac & Cheese by itself, make SURE to let it sit longer than it says on the package. I let it sit for an extra 5-10 minutes and then zap it in the micro. That helps tremendously. Otherwise, the pasta isn't fully cooked..

Thanks for the recipes, everyone...

Comment #72

I did not care for it at first either I added some FF cheddar cheese and some Medium salsa mixed it altogether Yumm! it was so good I ended up having it two nights in a row!..

Comment #73

Mac and cheese is one of my favorite dinners, but I never eat it as is. I love some rotel tomatoes mixed in or even fresh chopped tomatoes..

One way I've been making it lately is pouring the hot water in and letting it sit while I dice some onion and put a spoonful or so of some canned green chills and rotel tomatoes in a bowl. I dump in the mac and cheese, mix, then bake in the oven for about 15 min or so. It's yummy with a hot dog chopped up in it, too, if you have an extra protein left!..

Comment #74

I cook mine on the stove top with salsa. The first time I did not like it much. It is much better with salsa.:~)..

Comment #75

Because of all the suggestions here I went to Big Lots last night and loaded up on some mac and cheese. It's only a dollar. What a great economical meal...

Comment #76

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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