How can I find Templates and backgrounds for for free?

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My first question is: How can I find Templates and backgrounds for for free?.

My next question is: or .Boston ?

Which url has greater overall INTRINSIC value and why ?

Which url would allow a corporation to gross more money in the long run ?

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Your question was: How can I find Templates and backgrounds for for free?.

The latter is high priced of course but gives lots of possibilities and branding and income as well. but still for domainers they'll go for .COM..

Comment #1

I like Just looks more normal. I'll probably just use search and have it guide me to the best result...

Comment #2

I should have said that as well, it looks more practical money-wise but if you can offer exclusive use to boston people for a .boston why not, as long as there's money alloted to it...

Comment #3 in a landslide. There will be a ton of traffic bleedover from .Boston.

People will type in something like RedSox.Boston.COM because it is a habit. It anything the traffic to the HostGator would increase because of it...

Comment #4

Right now in 2008 of course .com is the obvious choice but things could change could become a thing of the past as technology changes and ICANN adds more things. Allowing people to create their own TLDs is not the same as ICANN releasing more random extensions, this can have a major impact. If the public no longer thinks in terms of ".com" then that will destroy the value of .com and maybe even domains all together and then it will be all about development and branding. 10 years from now .com, .net, & .org could all seem like ancient history...

Comment #5


We may be nearing the end of an Era...

Comment #6

Do you in your wildest dreams think any "good" names in any of those type of extensions will ever be available to the general public to own?.

.mobi is an example.

If there were a .Boston, the owners of the extension will keep names like Hotels.Boston all to themselves.


Comment #7

I think looks lame ( looks better). http://boston < that's pretty nice. However, I don't think that HostGator will be possible. Just like http://com doesn't substitute for .com...

Comment #8

True, but will the owners of .Boston be able to give value to their visitors.

If they kept all the permutations to themselves ?

Comment #9

There is a lot of speculation here.

First of all ICANN is not going to allow extensions under 3 letters, or extensions similar to others. So you are not going to see .COM typos, or .USA when there is a .US.

Second, there is no way this happens anytime soon other than possibly TM names because.

1.) This will be a nightmare for Google, and without Google this is a non starter..

2.) If you think people who own domains like,,, etc. won't lock this up in court for years you are dreaming.

There are just as many big time rich owners of those premium domains now that will fight to protect their brand...

Comment #10

Do you think the King will fight against .Property or should he himself apply.

For .Property ?

Looks like the horse is behind the carriage...

Comment #11

Here's the thing about .com..

Some of us (or most of us) have seen .com growth over the years since 90s.

Remember that most of us who grew up with the internet are flexible to it's changes.

The new users (kids) will adopt to whatever changes being made.

There are already new extensions giving great exposure to general net users..

Some examples include, Blip.TV,

Maybe the big time investors will fight to protect their .com investment as someone has mentioned above.

Maybe, this whole new set of extensions will not take off as hoped.

Who knows?.

I don't think .com will meet it's demise because of it, but I don't think it's invincible.Com is already engraved into millions of users' mind, and many companies have spent millions to advertise their brand (site using .com).

For now, I still prefer over .Boston...

Comment #12 is definately the best even if they eventually did rollout a .Boston..

Comment #13

Well I think everything is best ..

If we were used to .boston before and now get approved , I think it's the same thing we would do ,we all will say .boston is better..

Its all in our head and what we used to..

It will take time to engrave all the new extension in the head of the oldies but the new half a billion still discovering internet will be just as easy as learning the alphabet..

Only time can really tell whats going to happen but again I think the development era is just near .if yu got a very strong developped sites I don't think yu should worry.

I also see we are more worry about the extension but what about search engine ?if they change their programs the transition will even be more faster than we thought as most traffic are driven by search google search will just pop in first pagee .boston instead of

Comment #14

The more clutter the more valuable and more conspicuous the dot coms will become. And this idea is little more than clutter. All the major corporations in the world have their main corporate presence locked up in .com, and nothing is going to change that. On top of that, how many extensions have tried to knock dot com off it's perch in the past 14 years and failed miserably. They haven't even looked like getting close.

.CLUTTER will go the way of dot MOBI (LOL)...

Comment #15 is not the most realistic example, most of us would only have a name like at best.... so you could have Boston.hotel or etc..

Comment #16 as it will likely continue to get type in traffic for the next 5 to 10 years regardless of what happens with .boston ...So good they named it twice.


Comment #17



Comment #18

When you put it like that, the rumored 100k seems seems very modern and futuristic compared to A little worrying for .com owners imo...

Comment #19

Add for example ... and now which HostGator will be more.

Valuable or ? will seem old, severely limited and archaic...

Comment #20

One thing folks may be forgetting is that .boston is a lot longer than .com.

If you don't think that matters then why does everyone want short domains?.

Also, the email address. Will it be where they can expend less energy to find what they want much quicker.

There will be some great names to be had, but they won't have traffic and will need to be built out to mean anything to anyone...

Comment #21

No doubt it will be as confusing as Babel ... Google won't be complaining.

This is a God send for them...

Comment #22

They will now take over the world with .google..

Comment #23

I have no doubt they will go for their own extension...

Comment #24 makes sense..but the other's only make since when their reversed: / boston.drinks / boston.airport / boston.clubs.....

Comment #25

A bit like typos. ie might end up being a typo of

Comment #26


I like the idea of

But would go for any day..


Comment #27

To roughly quote Frank Shilling on dot com, "A trillion dollars has been spent promoting the dot com franchise", why would you want to waste your time developing anything less?..

Comment #28

Not such a problem being longer if it's targeted imo. Also obviously .boston is shorter than Either way I hope .com will survive cos I happen to own a few!..

Comment #29

I used to live in Boston and visited often so I may be a bit biased, but I would have to say For now at least.

However I don't see how the two can be compared. is one address, where as .Boston could comrprise and infinate amount of HostGator name addresses...

Comment #30

Anyone who thinks HostGator extensions like .Boston will go to the right people is a fool. The government of London applied for did they get it? no. It went to a speculator who may be based in Latin American. Many other European cities also lost out on "their" names to speculators...

Comment #31

I'd rather own .boston for the SEO opps..,, etc.. of course, it'd take some branding until the public got used to the concept over .com...

Comment #32

That's why I love you Dave ... you can see things most people miss...

Comment #33

People may disagree but IMO, keywords ext will always beat out a normal ext over time.

When people get used to the concept of keyword ext, .com will go into the toilet by comparison. The snag is the purported high cost but if I could afford it, I'd grab as many as I could, particularly GEO related. casinos.lasvegas, casinos.macao, casinos.atlanticcity.. even something as simple as shows.branson would be a moneymaker over the long haul...

Comment #34

Business in boston will choose .boston over period of time, there is always space for new domains, people who miss .com goldrush are waitingand think about coming com wont go so soon.....

Comment #35

Companies could also end up thinking, why spend $3 million buying a single generic .com name such as when you can spend much less and own an entire extension such as .Boston and have unlimited domains on it.

A lot of people are saying looks better but that is because you are familiar with .com for the last 15 years. 15 Years ago people would have probably told you an actual book enyclopedia is better than a website for information because that is what they had always been used to and that websites look weird. Ask someone today which they prefer to use, a book encyclopedia or (if book encyclopedias even exist anymore lol). People have been adjusting to changes since the beginning of time and they will continue to do so...

Comment #36

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