How can I find Nutrisystem Points?

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First off, How can I find Nutrisystem Points? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... When I was young and foolish I took Steroids..

I weigh in now and even though I'm carrying a lot of body fat I'm also carrying a lot of muscle..

Based on BMI they said I should weigh 145. LOL I weighed that freshman year of HS..

Is there an accurate BMI for those who have or still work out hard and carry a lot of muscle on a smaller frame?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I think I have bad news for you (lol)..

The BMI is what it is..

It does not adjust for body type that I'm aware of..

If you are, for example, 5' 6" tall, you shouldn't weigh 205even if you are an all-pro running back in the NFL..

You would be incredibly fit with essentially no body fat in that example, and you would still be too heavy..

At the same time, MOST of us (not allmost) don't need to worry about inane concepts like "how much muscle we are carrying"..

If you are 30 or more pounds overweightand more so if you are 50 lbs or more overweightyou don't have an issue that any muscle mass is too heavy..

For most of us the issue is fat, and the problem is improper eating and nutrition..

My advice is generally to drop the excess weight and start over. Others feel strongly otherwise..

My rationale for my opinion is simpleyour heart doesn't care if you're 40 lbs too heavy because of jiggly fat or lean muscle. It is still working far too hard to supply that extra mass..

For those of us overweight, I really believe that "looking hot with ripply muscles" should come after the tons of weight are dropped..

As I said, many here disagree with me very strongly!.

I'm picturing our typical members who weigh 250+ and aren't 5' 11" tallsome of whom weigh 300+ lbs..

Those of us in that group don't have an issue with "too much muscle". Really..

Just my two cents. Weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume. Good nutrition is about the RIGHT caloric intake..

NS is about good nutrition and weight loss..

Body building is another issue for most of usbecause we have to get those first two right BEFORE we divert ourselves with other things..

I know that many don't agree with that. It's my personal opinionprimarily because so many subscribers never 'get' the nutrition side of Nutrisystem and their weight balloons up as soon as they stop the program..

Make nutrition changes and eating changes in your life first is my general advice. GET that part down and actually lose a lot of pounds..

Then create whatever body you want via muscle..

As for BMII believe it only suggests the ideal for a slim person. Could be wrong on that..


Comment #2

21 years ago. Changed my whole structure. Feeling it now...

Comment #3

Steak tartare, octopus, booze and now steroids?!! Give us at least.

A little.

Something to work with, Jersey boy!!.

For what it's worth, I lift weights and junk and I am about 30 pounds over my ideal weight/BMI but I can't really imagine getting much thinner and still looking "healthy"..

It's interesting the way you put things, jlong ... I've never really heard it explained like that. You basically just made me nervous about my heart exploding, pumping blood into a body that's 15% bigger than it really needed to be. Thanks! Seriously, you make a lot of sense about losing first and then starting over from ground zero with exercise at or close to goal. I know you probably had me (and a few others here) in mind when you mentioned people fighting you on this issue. You make a valid point about the heart working too hard...

Comment #4

I tend to agree with J on this one. I have lifted most of my adult life, starting as a teen, but never juiced or used any PEDs. At 5' 11.5", I felt great at 205 lbs. Back then I was lifting heavy, carrying good muscle, and was very lean. But as I got older, my joints, especially my shoulders, feet, and knees, weren't happy at that weight. Who knows how my heart and lungs felt..

When I started NS, I made the committment to do exactly what J said...get down to an "ideal" weight...wipe the slate clean, and start over. Even though I couldn't imagine being 170-anything. But I did just that. I got down to 171, and have been working out and building good muscle ever since. Right now I am at a very lean, muscular 173 lbs., and I have never felt better. My joints, really my whole body, feels "right" here.

And on the note of BMI...someone I admire is the high-altitude mountaineer, Ed Viesturs. The guy is a physical specimen, a phenom. When I started nearing my goal weight, I looked at his height and weight, and calculated his BMI. It was 23.7, which I have to say was pretty damn motivational. So while part of me is not used to being 173, and at times I feel "skinny," I'm ok with it. In fact, I'm pretty effin proud and happy here....

Just my take....


Comment #5

Leave us jersey boys alone!.

I agree with jlong as well - it is extremely hard to lose weight and keep on muscle at the same time - it's easier to lose the fat and stat over..

So pro drug-free bodybuilders have a better chance of a heart attack then an average guy that wieghs less?..

Comment #6

I'm 5'9 and at one point I was 200 at 4.5% BF and a 28 inch waist..

Not looking like that no more..


Comment #7

Tee military doesnt use weight charts or BMI when determining the fitness of bodybuilders. BMI goes out the window in that case. I believe they use a waist to height ratio..

Comment #8

Obviously if you are carrying more muscle, then your BMI is not a good metric for body fat percentage. Go get calipered if you are worried. Or take some pics and post them. When you get close. Right now, you are fat, anyway you shake it...

Comment #9

I had steroids when I was fat and the doctor gave me some cream...

Comment #10

Hey guys, just want to say that I don't know much of anything "for sure". I'm not a doctor (although I've been a registered nurse for nearly 30 years)..

Completely my own opinion on this oneand like most general opinions it obviously can't apply to all people. People are different..

Someone who is really active and cut and carrying 15 lbs of muscle over their ideal weight could absolutely be the most in-shape person alive. No doubt..

I was speaking more to us "average Joe" types. We get on in years a bit (I'll be 50 this year) and suddenly look down and realize we are carrying a lot of pounds and that we can't see "stuff" down there so well anymore.

I just don't think we have issues with preserving muscle as our first goal (lol)..

As years pass our joints, the heart, other organs in our body can really be stressed by weight..

Many (MANY) type II diabetics in their 40's-60's don't have an insufficient pancreasthey have too much weight and a crappy diet!.

Many (MANY) people with heart problems are simply overweight and not active enoughit isn't that they were necessarily born with a crappy ticker!.

For me, after I lost about 30 lbs the FIRST thing I noticed was that my knees (serious chronic problems) didn't hurt very much. Now about 45lbs lighter they never bother me even though I walk fast/jog every night on pavement!.

My pulse is slower..

My energy is higher..

I sleep better and more soundly..

2 years ago my doctor wanted me to have a sleep study for sleep apnea (I decided not to). I was to see an orthopedic guy for my continued knee pain..

You get the point..

Today I don't need a doctor for much! I'm almost off high blood pressure medication (taking less than 1/2 the dose I was before)..

I've seen huge improvements in my overall health since last February!.

My problem, and the same problem for lots of guys, was about 65 extra poundsnot a lack of muscle..

End of the day, my own example is why I give the advice I do. I can't say it's always true for every guy but I'm pretty sure how it went in my case..

Keep moving and eating right, my friends!.


Comment #11

My take on it is this: It's more about muscle retention..

When you lose weight, you lose muscle as well. This is normal, you're hefting around less weight than before and your body doesn't need to do as much work..

My thing about weight lifting is...why lose all this muscle I already have? I know I'll still want it when I'm thinner. But, I never require lifting, only cardio, so if I don't "feel" like lifting right now I don't force it...

Comment #12

I blamed my BMI on being "big-boned" and Mr. Muscle for too long. Wait till you hit your goal weight, then measure waist vs. hips. When you get your waist < hips, you've got a case. Till then, keep up the good fight..


Comment #13

You don't need to worry about muscle retention. You need to worry about the fact that your Nutrisystem Ticker looks like a dieing old woman's EKG...

Comment #14

Each branch does it a bit differently, but the Army's way of calculating % of Body Fat involves height versus weight as well as neck size versus waist size (women's calculations are done slightly differently). That does not mean that it is the best way to do it; it is just the way we have to do it. I've seen a lot of big, fit guys get screwed because of a tiny neck measurement. I've seen a lot of fat guys work the system by working out their neck and shoulders in the gym right before a weigh-in. I will admit that in my more lazy period (before I committed to NS) I bulked up my neck and just let my waist get out of control. I'm fixing that now though...

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