How can I eat all the Nutrisystem food?

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Yesterday was day one for me. I was never hungry throughout the day but kept trying to eat something every couple of hours. As it got later and later at night I was trying to cram more and more food into my mouth but ended up being so full by bedtime that I had trouble eating my 6 almonds for the fat and knew I'd get sick if I tried to cram the last veggie portion into my mouth. So I ended my first day not eating one of the veggies required with dinner. How do I manage to eat it all?.

I'm going to start trying to eat some of the afternoon snack and dinner add-ins in the morning so I feel like I have less to cram in the evening, but what other tips can you suggest? Are there foods that seem to fill you up less that count for veggies, dairy, or fruits? Does cooking the entrees with veggies and whatnot (as I've seen a lot of recipes on this board) help make it seem like less food?.

I really want to make this work for me and I know I need to eat everything. I'd really welcome any suggestions anyone has!..

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Your question was: How can I eat all the Nutrisystem food?.

It does get easier and easier as you go on. I have to eat more early on in the am and early afternoon. Good luck you will love Nutrisystem it's works so well...

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Thanks for the tips.. I hope I'll do better today, but so far I've only managed to finish my breakfast and I feel like I've been eating since I woke up. I'll try to pick up some prunes and v8. Three prunes sounds a lot easier to eat than two plums. I'm sure my body will adjust to it and it's just all the good for me stuff making me feel full, but I hope it adjusts quickly! Guess I should start working on lunch soon...

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I still have days like yesterday. I ran out of the house to work with just a breakfast entree & dinner entree. I was fine throughout the day.....even when I got home. I forced down some broccoli with my dinner entree after I got home. I did eat my dessert though (always room for that. lol), and later on, a string cheese before bed.

I just simply wasn't all that hungry.

At least you have the right mindset with your screen name.....I would've picked something like KrispyKreme_Lover. :P Damn, I miss rolling up into the drive-thrus when they have the "hot now" signs on...

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Hang in there. It is important to eat everything the plan calls for. It really isn't that much in regards to calories, so you really shouldn't short yourself at all. As others have said, you will adjust soon. But do try to get it all in every day...

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I did notice the calorie count on the tracker was low. And I think I'm doing better today. I've still felt fairly full all day, but so far I've finished off breakfast and lunch, and had my fruit for my afternoon snack. So a dairy, dinner and dessert are all I have left..

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Don't think I would've been able to get my second veggie serving in without the v8 (which is gross but at least I didn't have to drink much) and the prunes were a lot easier to eat than most fruits...

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Good job! You'll actually lose weight faster if you eat all the food...

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I could down the v8 with ease now, but at first I used to have to heat it up so it reminded me of soup instead. Combining your fruit with yogurt to make smoothies is a good & quick way to get those two in. I love fruit & yogurt so most of the time I like to savor the bite of it all...

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If you turn Cauliflower into a mash (add some of your protein by way of a bit of skim milk, and a wedge of LC Cheese), it will seem like a smaller amount of food, and will be easier to eat...

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Eat the veggies. Log it as exercise. Increasing your intake and tolerance of roughage will have a HUGE positive impact on excluding cheats..

So...put it in your mouth and eat it...

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Got my first shipment of food last week and have been on the plan for 4 days now. And I agree, I sure am not hungry and most of the food I've had so far is tasting pretty good. I have a couple questions some of you Senior members can answer I'm sure. Can we use the spray I Can't Believe it's Not Butter on vegies? Just a squirt or two? Also, can we mix food around, like our dessert mid-afternoon and dairy/fruit evening? Thanks and I'm sure looking forward to posting one of those weight trackers with the smae great results as you all have!..

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If it's just a spray or two, from what I understand, yes..


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