How can I calculate how many Nutrisystem points I gain by exercising?

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Quick question... How can I calculate how many Nutrisystem points I gain by exercising? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... First let me say that I'm not a diet or nutrition expert,.

But here are some tips that I've discovered along the way and wish I knew when I first started NS..

Please help everyone by adding your favorite tips that YOU wish YOU knew when you first started NS..


Instead of a basic weight loss ticker, I strongly recommend getting a complete weight chart like I have in my signature line that shows your entire history. That will keep you on task because everyone can see when you gain or if you goof off. For instructions to set yours up, go to Damon's post #167 found here:.


2. I strongly recommend getting a good quality scale.

With a body composition computer monitor. I have the Omron Model HBF-500. You can buy them in stores for about $125 but if you go to like I did, then you can get it for $57 with no tax and free shipping. It calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) your Fat percentage, your muscle mass percentage and it even tells you your Visceral fat, (the fat around your organs that makes it hard to breath and makes your heart work harder). Keeping track of these numbers and seeing the improvement you get, really is a tremendous motivator. Oh yeah, it also tells you your weight.

It will even store your daily results so you can compare it to your results yesterday, or last week or last month or 3 months ago. Some people weigh every day, others weigh once a week, some weigh only once in a while, while others weight every day and record the average for the week. Personally I weigh every day first thing in the morning, and record the week's lowest weight. THAT lowest weight then becomes the weight I need to beat next week..


Get involved in these forums..

Make it a habit to check the forums and contribute to postings at least once a day. You'll find them very informative and supportive, and in the case of these men's forums, VERY funny and entertaining. Be sure to read the "Menz Room Rulez" for how to have the most fun and get the most out of these forums..


This tip is for the Non- "techie" people..

Set your Private Message box to automatically notify you in a pop-up window any time you have a new message from one of your Nutrisystem Forum friends in your Nutrisystem mailbox..

To do this, right now,.

Click on "Quick Links" at the top right hand side of your screen, then scroll down and click "Edit Options". Then scroll down until you see the part that says,:.

"If you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system can pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message..

Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up".

Check that box, then scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes"..

To you old-time techno-geeks, sorry for the intrusion of this "Forum Basics 101" class..

Now For The Good Stuff!.

5. If you're still hungry after eating.

Or if you laugh at the tiny sizes of the NutriSystem meals, then try some of these ideas below. These are things I've done in order to bulk up my meals, pump up the volume and make me forget I'm even on a diet. Try it, you'll thank me later..


Scrambled Eggs / Omelets.

To really beef up your NutriSystem (NS) scrambled egg breakfast into a HUGE meal, add to it:.

1/2 cup egg whites, (you're allowed 3/4 cups as a protein for breakfast but you'll split it with the cottage cheese).

1/4 cup Light & Lively cottage cheese, (you're allowed 1/2 cup as a protein for breakfast but split it with the egg-whites).

Tons of fresh mushrooms, (you're allowed unlimited as a free food).

Green onions, (you're allowed unlimited as a free food).

Diced Celery, (you're allowed unlimited as a free food). If you like celery then add this too, but it does have a strong taste so make sure you like celery, but it also adds lots of volume to your omelet and really stays with you through the day so you don't get hungry. Saut' it first to soften it up, then add it to your already cooking omelet mixed in with the other free foods..

Red pepper flakes like you would use on a pizza and "No Salt" potassium to taste..

Make sure that you cook it on the stove and NOT in the microwave. And remember that you are adding all these ingredients to the Nutrisystem scrambled eggs with sausage. But it works just as well as a stand-alone omelet without adding it to a Nutrisystem egg meal..

If you make that omelet it will be the best omelet you've ever had and you won't believe that you're losing weight with it. I have that almost every day. (you can thank me later lol).


The oatmeal does taste better when cooked on the stove and NOT in the microwave. Remember that all the NutriSystems (NS) meals still require you to add additional foods to them. So even if you have the oatmeal, you can still add an additional 1/2 cup of your own regular oatmeal to it as your low carb addition to give you a bigger bowl, which I always do and put it on top of a sliced apple..

So every morning since starting Nutrisystem for breakfast I have an omelet.


A bowl of oatmeal on a sliced apple. One day my omelet is bigger because I add the Nutrisystem scrambled eggs and sausage to it, and the next day my oatmeal is bigger because I add the Nutrisystem oatmeal to it..


To bulk up my pancakes I mash up my 1/2 banana fruit serving and I put 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal as my Low GI carb and mix it all into the Nutrisystem pancake batter. I add extra skim milk which the batter can easily handle without watering it down too much since it has the added oatmeal to the batter that absorbs a lot. Doing this gives me a couple extra pancakes and it tastes better too. I've also made it using blueberries or diced strawberries instead of bananas. I use spray on butter flavor 0 calories and sugar free syrup and sometimes cinnamon..



The best yogurt I've found for my afternoon snack is Dannon Lite & Fit. Every day I have 2 of their 6 oz containers and I add fruit. It really does help curb the appetite and tastes great too and keeps your metabolism moving..



If you REALLY want to pump up your pizzas into a real meal that fills you up then you will split all the ingredients that came with your Nutrisystem pizza and put half of it on a whole grain whole wheat pita bread. This will be the required add on low carb for your dinner meal. (I think you're really only allowed 1/2 pita so if you don't want to break any Nutrisystem rules, then to stick with that, separate the pita in half as if you were going to make a sandwich out of it so now you have 2 very thin crusts. You'll save one for another pizza another night).

Now you have 2 pizzas, and you will also add:.

1 tablespoon of Healthy Choice Ragu spaghetti sauce, (that's the Nutrisystem limit if I were having catsup so I just use this instead)..

1/2 cup diced green bell peppers. (this is one of your salad vegetables).

1/2 cup diced tomatoes (this is one of your salad vegetables).

A bunch of sliced mushrooms. (free food).

A bunch of diced green onions. (free food).

1 or 2 tablespoons of minced garlic. (free food).

Diced jalapeo peppers. (this is a free food if they are fresh. The ones in jars have too much salt and would count as a salad vegetable).

This last part is NOT sticking 100% with NS, but you can get fat free turkey pepperoni and 17 slices are only 1 oz of protein so I split 17 sliced between my pizzas. To stay 100% on the Nutrisystem plan, don't add this pepperoni..

Squirt with fat-free spray-on zero calorie butter, (get garlic flavor if you can find it), add red pepper flakes & "No Salt" potassium to taste..

Cook for 8 minutes at 400' (convection oven will make better tasting crispier crust).

These pizzas taste so great.

That when some non-dieting friends come over, we make a few extra pizzas for them on the pita bread and they love it..


A couple easy upgrade modifications to some Nutrisystem deserts that really make a big difference is this:.

Chocolate Chip Pudding.

For the chocolate chocolate chip pudding, make it before you make your dinner. Then put it in the freezer for exactly one hour. Don't freeze it for any longer than one hour or it will be as hard as an ice cube. But one hour is perfect for it to have a nice firm ice cream texture. Then put a spoon or two of Fat Free whipped cream on it and it's a fantastic ice cream treat. I haven't done this next part, but there are also some other fat free sugar free ice cream sundae toppings like fudge syrup, caramel, butterscotch and such that others I've shared this with have added if you want to add even more "stuff" to it..

Chocolate Brownie.

For your chocolate brownie that already tastes great on it's own, I spread two teaspoons of extra chunky peanut-butter on top, (this counts as your fat serving for dinner) then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. If you like chocolate and peanut-butter, then this combination is really great..

And if you really want to go crazy, then split both the pudding and brownie desert in half and combine half of each desert so you can have your pudding ice cream on top of your hot fudge brownie topped with whipped cream and other toppings. Remember ONLY to eat half of each desert so you're having one complete desert serving. Don't end up eating two deserts. But you DO get to have a full two teaspoons of peanut-butter on each half of your brownie each night..

I hope this is helpful, and if it is, be sure to help others by spreading the word and passing the link...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

You may not need to take the Omega -3s with the Advanced program...

Comment #2

Thanks for the tips. My first shipment is due on Monday. Actual successes are so much more encouraging than a TV ad and knowledge is power. I'll be trying the omelet recipe for sure. Also sounds like adding a lot of veggies and putting it in a small skillet in the oven would make a great fritatta as well. The pizza sounds good too...

Comment #3

I made a great fritata this morning with 1/2 cup cooked mushrooms, 1/2 cup cooked red bell pepper, and two slices of chopped up turkey bacon. (The veggies in place of one fruit and the bacon my protein.) It was great...

Comment #4

My favorite dinner meal is taking all the pizza ingredients that I described, and adding them to the Nutrisystem vegetarian fajita. Whatever they use for the fake meat tastes just like meat and is delicious. When pimped up with all the pizza ingredients, it really makes 2 huge fajitas with lots of ingredients left over to put on a bed of lettuce. (there is plenty enough to make another fajita but the additional 3rd soft tortilla shell would be more low carb than you're allowed for dinner, but I do sometimes treat myself to that one indulgence)..

I don't know what a "fritata" is but anything with "ta-tas" in it has to be delicious!.

Does anyone have any other ideas for boosting up the meals to make them better and bigger and more filling?.

You're right. I was taking 1 with each meal, but since the new plan came out I now only take one with breakfast and another for dinner and may cut down to just one a day when I hit my target weight...

Comment #5

Thanks for the great tips. I just started yesterday. I have to say that reading these forums has been very helpful. Just now placed my order the scale you recommended on Amazon...

Comment #6

You owe me a new laptop!.

There is no upper limit...the more the merrier! The only issue is that they are dissolved in oil since they are, afer all, fatty acids...

Comment #7

I just ordered my first order and am looking forward to getting back to my fighting weight. Any suggestions on how to prepare myself for my order to arrive?..

Comment #8

Help !!.

I can't figure out this w8book graph in my signiture line that BVB recommended..

What am I doing wrong?..

Comment #9

The Nutrisystem boards use BBcode, not HTML, so that's at least part of your problem. BBcode uses square brackets, and some of the tags are different. The BBcode tag for a link is [url=]. The closing tag is /url (in brackets). Image tags are the same in both, again with the exception of the brackets...

Comment #10

Welcome Mark,.

I don't know if this will work perfectly or not but it might be a good work-a-round solution for you. Insert a photo in your signature line and use this code for the photo:.


That is your w8book account number. Try that and see if that works for you. I do remember that I had to play with mine for a bit to get it working. You can also try inserting this code, but be sure that you don't have your wysiwyg turned on. To turn that off, click the A/A icon at the top right of your signature edit screen, then insert your code like this:.



After doing that, then click the A/A icon again and see if you get your chart to display correctly. I know this is a pain to set up, but you only do it once and then you never have to mess with it again, and it's worth the trouble because for me it really helps to keep me honest and on track without cheating or I'll "suffer the wrath of menz forumz" lol...

Comment #11

BVB I'd like to insert the W8 chart as well but am also having trouble. I've tried both methods without any luck. The current method I used was the insert photo which seemed to be the simplest but could not view the image. I've got the w8 chart to work on my page, just not having luck with on my signature...

Comment #12

Thanks BVB - I think I got it - this will be the true test..

Comment #13

Congratulations Mark on getting the chart in your siginature line. How did you do it. I'm still struggling..

Thanks in advance for any help you can share...

Comment #14

OK - this is crazy - boy do I feel stupid - This time I replaced all left brackets with an * - lets see if you can see it this time.


Comment #15

Mark, I'm not seeing the code, you're chart popped up in it's place. What method did you use, the insert photo mehod or the second method with the two lines of code where you had to disable the A/A icon..

Thanks again...

Comment #16

I'm glad you guys got the weight chart for your signature figured out. Remember that you can always go back and delete your postings if they are not what you wanted them to say or if they don't apply anymore, like when Mark was struggling to get the code to be displayed instead of the actual chart itself, but the chart kept being displayed instead..

There is still a mystery though.... why do your charts show a Loooooong line from beginning until the end of the chart when your chart is only a few days old. That is very strange as your chart should look exactly like mine and not stretched out real long like it currently shows. But I'm sure that's an issue on the end of the creator of w8book...

Comment #17

Thanks again BVB, in the case of my chart, the gap and thus the long line is appropriate. I started the program at the end of February and stayed on plan until early summer but I didn't have my W8 chart in sync with Nutrisystem's weigh in's. Then as the summer came in, I strayed on and off again until I decided to go back 100% just last week. Hopefully the progress line will pick up and we won't be looking at 592 days until goal but even if it takes that long it will be worth it as long as I don't regain the weight that I have already lost..

Thanks again for the help...

Comment #18

Looking for some advice on burgers of grilled chicken. Says to serve with a roll, Are these to be added as Low Glyc Carb for that meal? Not much info available anywhere on rolls or things like Melba toast that is suggested for the Chicken Salad...

Comment #19

Nope, these are in addition to the Low GI Carb. Otherwise you're having a 90 calorie entree with a burger, which isn't enough. A lot of the estros order Burgers and similar things for just this reason. They don't get the low GI carbs, so it's a way to get some bread in their diet...

Comment #20

Appreciate the info. If Tracking food on line, How then are calories/carbs tracked since not part of the entree? Doesn't look like the rolls are included in the burger or chicken nutriotional info...

Comment #21

Just put the roll as an extra food. I think they did add them in recently, though. Burgers should now show up as 210 calories. I didn't love this, since I use a 90 calorie bun usually, however I've also learned that 100 calories 1 way or another isn't what makes this plan. Its eating what I'm supposed to each day and doing portion control...

Comment #22

The trick is that if it's a burger, chicken, or hot dog, they are expecting you to add a carb that is around 100 calories (plus or minus 10 or 20). If it's chicken salad or tuna salad, they are expecting you to add a carb that's around 45..

(And I'm glad you guys didn't delete your posts with the attempts to put in the w8book charts, because they helped me figure it out.)..

Comment #23

HOLY COW JonBoy you've lost 25 lbs in 32 days!!! WOW that's fantastic! You and I started out at the same weight and you're going to blow right past me in no time if you keep up at that rate..

And regarding the w8book charts, I didn't mean to delete them all, just the ones that looked the same when someone kept trying something and it wasn't working and there was an identical posting 3 or 4 times in a row..

Glad you were able to get the chart figured out..

Make sure that your roll is whole grain whole wheat. And that is supposed to act as part of your Nutrisystem burger. Then they tell you to have a protien add on and a Low Gly Carb, so I always have a frozen veggie burger on another whole wheat roll. So my lunch almost every day is a veggie burger, I get the "Boca Burger" brand, on a whole wheat roll, and my Nutrisystem entree'. It's all very filling and tastes good too...

Comment #24

I have serious motivation to lose in about six weeks is my annual trip to Culebra (near Puerto Rico) with a group of friends. Last year there was this cute Puerto Rican guy staying at the same hotel we were in I gave him a friendly smile, and he gave me the up and down look before sneering and rolling his eyes. He was there with his boyfriend, so it's not like he was upset that a guy smiled at him he was just repulsed by my body. This year I want to hit that beach feeling good about myself...

Comment #25

I just want to point out real quick that the carb additions only apply to men and those with 100+ pounds to lose. The rest of us aren't lucky enough to have the carb additions unless we're using an Nutrisystem entree that has you add one... (Just in case someone reads this using 'today's posts' like I do and not by board..).

My breakfast the last few days has been 1/2 cup egg beaters scrambled with 1/2 cup salsa (I buy pace because it doesn't have added sugar). You could really use up to 3/4 cup egg beaters as that is still within the calorie and fat limit for your protein serving - the same goes for using fat free cottage cheese. I have that with either the Nutrisystem Pastry, Scones or muffins along with whatever fruit I feel like and it feels like a huge breakfast..

One of my favorite lunches is to take the Nutrisystem Chicken Salad and add cut up apple (borrowed from either breakfast or snack) on a light Thomas' English Muffin - it's delicious and very filling!.

That's all I can think of for now....


Comment #26

Another "alternate lifestyle" steps forward.

Congratulations on your great and super fast success. You're sure to blow them away, when they see you this year..

Thanks Kashmir, I'm not familiar with the rules for anyone elses Nutrisystem program except for the one I'm on. I think it's called "Fat guys over 40" or something catchy like that..

Yes, your combination of eggs and cottage cheese for an omlette is exactly as I described it, except if you use egg substitute like egg beaters, you are limited to only 1/2 cup, but if you use egg whites then you can have 3/4 cup, so I go with egg whites, because to me... "more" is.... well... "more"..

Isn't there a high sodium content in the salsa you're using?..

Comment #27

I was told aeons ago when I did Nutrisystem the first time that as long as the calories and fat were below the maximum (egg beaters is only 30 cals per 1/4 cup and 0 fat), you could use the higher amount - I believe that came from Mary Gregg in a response to an email asking about the fat free cottage cheese - good news I think.

There probably is a bit too much sodium in the salsa (2Tbs has 230 mg), but I tend to have lower blood pressure and all, so I don't worry 'too' much about that (I have to confess to being a salt lover...) I still get less sodium than I used to since I used to salt everything.

(Hope you guys don't mind my adding my $.02 here.



Comment #28

My biggest piece of advice: red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, and powdered chipotle chilis are free. I find that liberal addition makes the lunches and dinners much better...

Comment #29

I use the red pepper flake with most of the Italian dishes and Walkerswood Seriously Hot Sauce from Jamaica on a lot of the other items. That was about the only free food that I used the whole time I was on program...

Comment #30


Get a hot wife that lets you ef her best friend every time you lose 10 pounds..

Since I don't have one of those, I'm gonna make my pilgrimage to BVB Island when I reach goal...

Comment #31

I've been using the red pepper flakes but didn't know about powdered chipotle chilis and the Walkerswood Hot Sauce, I'll be getting some now. Thanks! I also use lots of fresh jalepinos for my pizzas, tacos and fajitas. They act as a free food IF you use fresh jalepinos. If you used the ones in jars, they have a very high sodium content and are not a free food. Nutrisystem told me that if you rinse them off, then they act as a salad vegetable serving..

Funny you should mention that! I just hit my 50 lbs loss mark last week, so that's another 10 lbs loss, and our boat party is this coming weekend and Barbie tells me she has an extra special surprise for me. So I'm as giddy as a school girl..

Comment #32

For the chicken breast, make it "buffalo style": toss it w/1tsp of Frank's Red Hot Sauce, have on a whole wheat roll w/1tbsp of lowfat Blue Cheese dressing. Great for those hot wing cravings (and yes, I am a recovering addict)..

Comment #33

I gotta get to one of these parties..

But no...I am not the surprise...

Comment #34

I was thinking:.


: BVBoy, meet Hans and Bruce!.


: Huh?.


: Surprise!..

Comment #35

"So I'm getting a school girl" I'm sure he'll drop 10 pounds on that and get another surprise. Oh to be BVB..

Comment #36

Let me add to this that EXERCISE is important to wieght loss and weight maintenanace once you reach goal. Part of the reason people get overweight is lack of physical activity. And we're not talking the "6 minutes abs" routine. There has to be at least a minimum of 30 minutes a day of good physical activity...

Comment #37

BVB - this was a great thread. Today is my first time to read it. I still hate you, but good job!.

Niner - the cut and paste KING!.

The second page of this thread looked like a bad Abbott and Costello routine...

Comment #38

I certainly appreciate all the tips on maximizing the menu. I just started today and I will admit when I got the eggs & cheese entree mixed, it looked pretty gross. But after sauteing a quarter cup of mushrooms & a handful of chopped green onions and adding a half cup of SW style egg beaters, it was really good. If the rest of the food can be this good, I can stick with this plan. I get an extra carb so I added a piece of rye toast. It was really more than could eat.

I think adding the ff cottage cheese will be good as well...

Comment #39

Lol, that was from the heart BM! How you doing anyway! Look like a vilola yet?..

Comment #40

Hate to rain on the lovefest, but mushrooms are not listed as a free food. They are listed as a veggie serving..

That being said, I didn't get fat eating veggies all the time. I add extras to my salads and dinners cause I need a little something other than spinach...

Comment #41

BVB - Thanks for the advice - I did not know I could delete my previous posts... At least now I don't look so stupid - OK after you look at my avitar maybe I do..

Comment #42

I assume you mean viola or violin............not to that stage yet. I still look like a grand piano, but at least now it's a baby grand piano!..

Comment #43

"I'm getting a school girl"..... That's Priceless!!!.

No wait.... THAT'S Priceless!!!.


Thanks Pshrynk. Where are you now? I've been like 6 lbs behind your loss trying to catch you forever... am I getting any closer?.

Thanks Master B. I wondered why you and some of my other friends in these rooms weren't posting in here. I thought maybe you were boycotting me.

I'm not really much of a "Thread-Starter" as you know from my history in these forums. I really mainly post to other's threads. And I'm REALLY shy about giving any advice in these forums with such a tough crowd of critics and super smart doctors and nutritionists and scientists and fitness instructors that usually lay in waiting to pounce on a flaw in someone's suggestions or advice. But I'm happy that everyone is enjoying this and finding it useful and nobody has torn me a new a-hole for giving wrong or bad advice. (or for my grammar or spelling lol).

So thank you everyone for contributing to my very rare thread!.

You are correct under the "Silver" program which is for guys over 60. I am on the "Fat Guys Over 40" (but still under 60) program and it is listed as a free unlimited food as a raw salad vegetable, or 1/2 cup if cooked. I don't cook them before putting them into my omlette, but they do get heated alot and softened up when folded into the eggs. Maybe it's a little of a compromise... I don't know but it makes a huge omlette and fills me up..

Also, something I tried today for the first time, was Barbie sautee'd celery and added that to my omlette to make it even bigger. It added a new flavor and beefed up an already huge bulging omlette into a monster omlette...

Comment #44

Regarding the mushrooms. I just starting the new Men's Advance program. On this plan they are listed under both the Salad Vegetables which are unlimited and under Vegetables which are limited..

I appreciate all the advice and bits of 'extra' information you all provide. Makes the program much easier...

Comment #45

I have a question regarding calories. Seems like the program is suppose to be around 1500 calories/day. I find that it is coming in less at about 1300 (not that I am complaining). But what I am wondering is, for those of you who have experienced great success, what is your avg. daily caloric intake?.


Comment #46


I'm currently stuck at 52. Hoping to get moving again this week...

Comment #47

You are adding in all the veggies, fruit, protien and dairy aren't you? If you are, you should be right around 1500...

Comment #48

Raw veggies are so low in calories that you can stuff yourself full of them and not really break the bank. When you cook them down, they lose a lot of water and become more calorie-rich, so the volume of cooked veggies we can eat is limited..

Raorth, I've been on the Advanced plan since I started a month ago (even though the food was the Nourish food), and I have the same issue I have never hit 1500, and only a couple of times have I gone above 1400. Today, I didn't even hit 1300. I eat all the add-ins, and I have not been deliberately choosing low-calorie add-ins or entrees. I've spoken to a counselor to ensure that I'm not misunderstanding things. It's a complete mystery to me, but I also have not been hungry, have felt good, and have lost weight, so I'm not freaking out about it...

Comment #49

You know, I never counted calories one time the whole time that I was eating on plan. The only thing I might have done was to look at the labels of my add ins to check that they were within the desired limits..

That's one of the things that I really like about NS. No calorie counting, no points, just eat the food and lose the weight. I don't remember ever being hungry after about the first week either. I pretty much memorized the program in the first two weeks and very seldom even looked at the book after that...

Comment #50

I'm a computer guy, and I like to do my tracking on the website, so the numbers are always right in my face. I'm not freaking out over the discrepancy, but I am intellectually curious about why the numbers aren't hitting what Nutrisystem says is the right range. I know that compared to the women's program we get an extra snack and two extra carbs, and that would seem to cover the 300-calorie difference between the women's 1200 target and our 1500 target. But we get one fewer protein at lunch and two fewer veggies (one at lunch and one at dinner), which ... seems to bring me back to 150-200 more than the women..

Again, not a freak out, but it is a puzzle...

Comment #51

I'm with you Mobay. I never counted calories and until now, never even thought about them. People have asked me how many calories I was eating each day and I would tell them, "I have no idea, that's NutriSystem's problem to make sure they tell me the right stuff to keep me as a paying customer, so it's not my problem"..

But by the numbers you guys are saying 1,300 - 1,400 calories I was way off. I just thought that if my resting metabolism was 1,850 then based on what I've read about "resting metabolism and caloric intake" I figured Nutrisystem was probably feeding me 1,850 calories each day. Maybe now I'll add it up to see what I've really been eating every day...

Comment #52

Same here Jonboy, as a newbie to the program I have been entering in my dialy consumption on the website, more out of curiousity. I am adding in the extras (sometimes I thought too much) but the numbers are still coming in under 1500..

Again, not a problem, just curious. Now that I am on day 5 I am no longer feeling hungry and the food amount seems appropriate. I am loving some of the snacks/desserts!!!.


Comment #53

What do you recommend as the best site to calculate and track my calories?..

Comment #54

I'm just using the online Nutrisystem meal planner, which automatically fills in the calories (and grams of fat, protein, and carbs) for the food you enter into it. Since it has all the info for (almost) all of the Nutrisystem meals (with a couple of missing entries left out in the transition from Nourish to Advance), it's the easiest. For add-ins that I use routinely (like FF refried beans or greek yogurt), I use the function that lets me add my own foods with the correct nutritional info (rather than trying to guess whether the refried beans are more like black beans or white beans, or relying on NS's own estimate of how many calories and how much protein is in a FF yogurt, for example). For ordinary add-ins, like salad, vegetables, fruit, standard dairy items, or fats, I just rely on the Nutrisystem numbers..

I know that for some people, tracking that info would not be a good thing on the program, because it might feel like too much work or because they might get anxious over the numbers, but for me having more detailed knowledge gives me more of a sense of control and power over the food. And I'm hoping that a few months of seeing the numbers in front of me will help me internalize them for the day when I'm on maintenance and not eating only NS-approved food...

Comment #55

JonBoy I have the same problem. I like to track my food. It keeps me honest to know what I am eating. Keep track of my water, etc. I eat EVERYTHING I am supposed to and I NEVER hit 1500 calories..

I am not hungry and I have had some meals off plan, and I am losing weight...

Comment #56

That is one of the things I really like about NS, too..

A couple of days ago my daughter asked me "Why don't you use your little book anymore?"..

Comment #57

I know what you mean. One day, a few weeks ago. it dawned on me; why am I using this book? But, I use it anyhow...

Comment #58

I agree. Every person has to figure out what works best for them. For me, I like the accountability of tracking my food choices w/ my calories staring me right in my face. I then compare that to the fact that, before NS, I would easily pass my current daily caloric intake in just one meal. It also makes me stay honest, since I plan my next day's meals the previous night. Now, I feel like I'm eating to live instead of the reverse...

Comment #59

I'll use the book because I hate the $@#%##$$# $#%@#$$%#ing website!.

In this day and age why would any site take so damn long to load anything? Entering food diary items is just plain painful! Makes me not want to eat anything .... oh wait, is that the idea?..

Comment #60

I use the Dairy/protein ( 1 egg) with mushrooms green peppers,onions and fresh garlic and use some fat free sour cream instead of cottage cheese I sprinkle a little percarino romano cheese(borrowed dairy from morning snack) and put it on a peice of toast as a breakfast sandwich.This frees me up for a Nutrisystem entre and some fruit for a second breakfast.I never ate so good..

Comment #61

While I have not invested a ton of time into it, I have a friend who has lost over 100 pounds simply by watching his diet and monitoring his daily calorie counts and excercise goals on the website.

They have an online account that is free, or you can purchase software for your home use. In concert with,.


Is by far the most comprehensive food database I have ever seen. Both seem to be very helpful for life after Nutrisystem (which is a ways off for me)...

Comment #62

A friend of mine uses.

Like the one they used for a while on the Biggest Loser tv show. It's expensive at $400 for the monitor you wear on your arm all the time, plus about $80 a year for the online software subscription. But it's pretty cool. It works like the other calorie counting sites with the addition of the armband that actually counts the calories you're burning all day long as you wear it. It'll even count how many calories you burn while you sleep. I had planned on getting one, but when I joined Nutrisystem I didn't need it.

Site to get better prepared for monitoring my daily caloric intake for life after NS, since I won't have them to track it for me so strictly anymore...

Comment #63

BVB, 24 hour fitness sells the bodybugg and they tried really hard to sell them to my wife and myself. We turned them down cold. IMHO, the scale will do the same thing. If you are consuming more calories than you body can burn, your weight rises. I you are burning more calories than you consume, your weight stays the same. Pretty simple to me and too much of a "DUH" for me to spend that kind of money...

Comment #64

Just for info, there is another free monitoring site.

That you might want to investigate. I've used the site before and it will be great to use it again when I get to the maintenance phase. But first, I've got a few bad habits to break. The Nutrisystem plan is going to help me do that. I'm just on day 3 but so far no problems and not really hungry...

Comment #65

I did use the website for the bodybugg for quite a while after reaching goal to track my caloric intake and the breakdown between carbs, fat and protein. I loved the site for that but I never saw any need to keep that close of a tab on my expended energy. And I didn't want to be burdened with wearing that stupid thing on my arm all day, every day...

Comment #66

Here is another quick tip for newbies, especially if you're not real "techie". When I first joined Nutrisystem I didn't know that people were sending me Private Messages to my Nutrisystem mailbox. I never even thought to check it until someone posted that my mailbox was full so to empty it out so they could private message me. When I checked it there were 50 emails from friendly people in the forums wondering why I wasn't replying to their messages..

So I recommend setting your Private Message box to automatically notify you in a pop-up window any time you have a new message in your Nutrisystem mailbox..

To do this, click on "Quick Links" at the top right hand side of your screen, then scroll down and click "Edit Options". Then scroll down until you see the part that says,:.

"If you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system can pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message.Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up".

Check that box, then scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes"..

To you old-time techno-geeks, sorry for the intrusion of this "Forum Basics 101" class...

Comment #67

Old dogs can still learn new tricks! Thanks BVB...

Comment #68

I just did that too. BVB, maybe that's how I "lost" your message...

Comment #69

I'm new to all this. I haven't even received my first order yet. I appreciate the tips. I can probably use all the help I can get...

Comment #70

Welcome Cyber.

I have been on the program a little over a week now. I found that I felt I was getting to much food at breakfast (not a big breakfast eater) and not enough in the afternoon ( I work out in the afternoon). So, after 1 week on the program I decided to save my carb (and sometimes protein) from breakfast and use it with either lunch or the afternoon snack..

This has really helped with feeling more 'satisfied' in the afternoon while still following the program. I actually learned you could move the foods around by reading many of the helpful posts on here..

Good Luck..

Comment #71

That really does help. I have been saving 1 carb & 1 protein for later. I work an afternoon shift so bedtime isn't until midnight or so. Just being able to have maybe a piece of toast & a slice of turkey so you don't go to bed hungry has helped me. Or save a fat & spread a little peanut butter on the toast...

Comment #72

Yes you can do some minor moving and swapping meal items around to customize what makes you feel fuller, longer. In fact, when you hit a plateau, (and we all do) if you talk to a Nutrisystem counselor they will tell you to swap your entire lunch with your dinner entree' for a few days to see if that will help to confuse your body, preventing it from protecting it's precious fat for a rainy day, and will instead make it burn the fat now...

Comment #73

Thanks BVB. It is my first week and I was looking for a few ways to make some of the meals better and bigger. I will definitely try some of your methods. Live strong...

Comment #74

Someone on another thread was asking about pancakes... Here is what I do..

To bulk up my pancakes I mash up my 1/2 banana fruit serving and I put 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal as my Low GI carb and mix it all into the Nutrisystem pancake batter. I add extra skim milk which the batter can easily handle without watering it down too much since it has the added oatmeal to the batter that absorbs a lot. Doing this gives me a couple extra pancakes and it tastes better too. I've also made it using blueberries or diced strawberries instead of bananas. I use spray on butter flavor 0 calories and sugar free syrup and sometimes cinnamon...

Comment #75

I know what you mean. sometimes it's really bad and sometimes it takes you places you didn't want to go or doesn't work the way it did the last time. i've got challenges I know but i'm not that computer illiterate..

I just figgure the site is super buisy..

This whole thread has benn a lot of great information........thanks everyone...

Comment #76

We're glad to be able to help out the new guys a little. I know that, for me since I'm a big guy at 6'3" with a healthy appetite, these ideas for bulking up my meals have been a real lifesaver. It's really helped me to adjust to this new healthier way of eating without feeling like I'm starving myself..

Anyone that reads this thread, if you find it helpful, then please post a comment or tip of your own to help bump the thread to the front page and keep it alive and helping other newbies...

Comment #77

Just joined myself yesterday and waiting for the food to arrive. Great ideas on how to beef up the food. Being filled is my biggest worry. THANKS GUYS!..

Comment #78

I was concerned about that, as well, especially when I saw how small the boxes were that contained the entrees. However, I read the material well, got all the add ins that were called for. (Two fruits, two low GI carbs, two "salad veggies," one "fat," (think salad dressing) and two proteins (egg, low fat cheese) from the store and started in. I was amazed that there was minimal hunger and no real feeling ofdeprivation. This program just f'ing works!..

Comment #79

Thanks Michael! I figured The Dean would especially appreciate my new avatar since he says everyone retiring moves to Florida and wears shorts with big puffy white tennis shoes with white sox and a tropical shirt. I'm not retired yet but I've got a head start on dressing like this since I've done it since jr. high school LOL...

Comment #80

Still seeing the boat pic..

I'l be in central Florida (sadly, near RatLand) in a couple weeks. Catch me in my Tommy Bahama slacks and Nat Nast shirts!..

Comment #81

I looked at the new pic on your homepage. Lookin' good! Although I do admit I like looking a the boat pic better!..

Comment #82

I had the new avatar last nite and now have the old one...

Comment #83

Wait - if you hit F5, it reloads, apparently...

Comment #84

WOW... THAT from The Dean? That's a HUGE compliment coming from Dino! Thank you!.

If The Dean's Florida travels take him farther south to Fort Lauderdale or Miami, it would be my honor to treat him to lunch or dinner anywhere of Dean's choosing, or you can come to my place and Barbie will make us whatever your favorite Nutrisystem meal is. Just let me know..

Comment #85

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