Hosting Question:The Domain Name you have entered is already in use by another customer. *

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My first question is: Hosting Question:The Domain Name you have entered is already in use by another customer. *

My next question is: I just saw that , , are all taken..

We are probably40-50 years away from having homes on the moon but all these domains are already gone..

Thats a lot of renewal fee but probably worth a ton when the right time comes..

Would anyone in here want to place such a long term bet on such names?.

On a sidenote , for all .tv lovers all those names are still available..

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Your question was: Hosting Question:The Domain Name you have entered is already in use by another customer. *

Domains like, and are taken too.

Would be great to target wealthy Martian endusers... That's an awesome niche !.

But do they speak English ? and do they use the same DNS root ?

Comment #1

I bought a couple of years back for those who want to book online.

I have a few space related travel names lol some even get some traffic..

Comment #2

The cost of registering them for 40-50 years would likely be considerably under their value assuming:.

1) There still exists an internet based on HostGator names where dotcom dominates.

2) Travel to the moon is cheap (will require deuterium-tritium fusion + antimatter imho and be a lot further off than 40-50 years imho).

Not sure which is a bigger IF to be honest. 40-50 years is a long ways out.....

Comment #3

They probably won't have as long to what as the Hyphenated Domains and Dot Mobi crowds...

Comment #4

I think hyphenated .mobi idn's that are either prefixed or suffixed by "tv" will be all the rage by then (there might be an asia in there as well maybe even a cc or ws). Something like in Swahili will be for millions (of worthless US dollars).

Kevin Ham will brand .CM as "commute to the Moon". It will be all the rage, all the while ICANN continue to churn out shoddy extensions like .moon..

Comment #5

Yes, and all American's will be billionaires even if they have to get about by Shank's Pony...

Comment #6

Microsoft will invent "microverse"... Everyone will be plugged in....

Comment #7

Well, they're not that far thinking ahead. Just had a look & found that & are taken.

Foget about living on the Moon or on Mars when you can live on another Galaxy!..

Comment #8

Don't forget Center of the Earth domains since we are going to all be living in underground cities or on other planets since we are trashing the earth...

Comment #9

Well, to futuristic for me...

I recently grabbed some eco-iconic domains. Could also be a trend in the upcoming years...

Comment #10

Scientists will figure out a way to Harness Reeces brain - creating the Reecenet. It will only use short .com domains...

Comment #11

Buydomains owns, they can afford the wait.

All the land will be gone by then People are already selling plots of land up there sad but true !.

"Williams, who describes himself as the "Lunar Ambassador to the United Kingdom," is the owner of MoonEstates. He claims to have sold around 300,000 acres of moon land since he and his wife, Sue, founded the Cornwall-based company eight years ago. One-acre plots of lunar turf go for about $40.".

As proof of purchase, new property owners receive a silver tin containing a personalized "Lunar Deed" and a moon map with a tiny black X marking their tract's approximate location.


Comment #12

Ha, that means we are supposed to be able to see some terminator chasing john connor's asses..

Comment #13

Sorry but won't the big ones be:.




By then?..

Comment #14

But people on the Moon dont associate themselves with the Moon. Thats like saying .earth.

There will be ccTLD's for Moon Countries.

Justonian will be - .ju.

Spadalucious will be - .sp.


Comment #15

Damn, I can't imagine people paying $40 for a worthless "Lunar Deed"...

Comment #16

LOL, this is why I don't watch TV.


Comment #17

Hey take a look this is much more advance. and are already regged...

Comment #18

Who says that there will be houses on the moon in 40-50 years?..

Comment #19

.mars .moon .earth HostGator name extension, open when? :-)..

Comment #20

Honestly, how can anyone who has never stepped foot on a property claim it as there own and sell off sections of it for $40. Living on the moon is probably never going to happen. We will kill the Earths entire population during WWIII, the earth will be dead because of the Nuclear winter that follows and then man and earth will start all over again...

Comment #21

Baggy first dibs on when that happens then..

Comment #22

LOL... reading this thread makes my day happy again...

Comment #23

LOL..even these are taken already:.

Comment #24

In 40 years only the government will own domains (or the equivalent) if certain congressmen have their way.

The seeds are being sown now...

Comment #25

Man.... don't you read the bible? The time is nigh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #26

That's an interesting interpretation of scripture.

I have MoonTransit(dot)com..

Comment #27

For only 10 domains, it would cost around $3500 in renewal fees over 50 years. I would be in my mid 70s by then.

OR I could invest $3500 in an IRA now and do nothing with it and in 40 years have $50k to play with when I'm in my mid 60s (when I can still remember my name).

Of course, by then $50k will probably only get me 50 gallons of ecogreenbiofuel to fuel my diesel/manual pedaling hybrid smart car, so none of this really matters...

Comment #28

Proof once again that instead of being a domainer one should be the registrar company owner sucking in brain dead domainers cash with garbage domains like these being regged!!!..

Comment #29

He meant I made a typo in the name of the thread.

Nice typo and it's available..

Comment #30

I picked up Space Hotel .net, they are supposed to be coming in 2012! Or was it 2112?!..

Comment #31

2115 I believe.

You should pick up .space too..

Comment #32

Looks like is taken but is available. People, if they're going to have homes and mortgages on the moon, you can bet there are going to be moon taxes as well...

Comment #33

You want forward thinking???? <Available!!! Give Me Rep Points or NP$ if you reg.....

Comment #34

Another thing on forward thinking. (XXXX=year) is regged all the way up until 2040 lol. If anyone wants to snatch then go ahead..

Comment #35

Errr didn't you guys know that by 2079, there will be a Man Made Moon ?

The project has already begun, and they are creating a moon which we can all live just like earth. is available to register!! QUICK GO go go.. snatch this cute domain. lol..

Comment #36

Although I think this is just silly, wouldn't make more sense.

Also would be a notch better than, as far as sounding correct.

All silly anyhow, thanks for sharing the funny stuff you have found Trickac14..

Comment #37

Yes, and all as likely to get you in deep hot water!..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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