GoDaddy reviews : Should I buy GoDaddy?? Host of Choice?

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For me it would be the Planet, they haven't really given me any shit and the prices are reasonable...

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The Planet is by far the best host I've ever used.. For shared hosting, I'd recommend

Comment #1

Same here, the planet has fast servers and excellent security. I haven't had any downtime with em too...

Comment #2

Im currently on XTOWEB for my dedicated box and I have a small reseller at

Both are pretty good. Bliksem just recently had a server go down hard and of course my shit was on tehre so I lost a few sites that I have to manually backup now. 1 year of smooth sailing and then all gone in 1 minute. Of course all that talk about off site backups was all bullshit as they told me they dont have a backup of my sites lol..

Comment #3

Has anyone had any experience with java enabled hosting? Im currently on hostgator, and I can't say that I've had any problems with them. I have heard of others having issues though (but the same can be said of any and all host companies)..

I will probably be switching hosts in the near future to a host that has java support...

Comment #4

Myself! I have a dedicated server(s) through EV1 - I've been with them about 6 years or so now and am VERY happy. Service, price, all that. Great offerings with Cpanel, etc. as well. Whenever I need any work done that is above my comfort zone I usually contact - great bunch of guys over there...

Comment #5

For shared hosting I used Site5, although they've been pissing me off lately with fuckups it's taken them days to sort out (after *I* have shown them how to fix it!). I used to have a dedicated server with, who were pretty good...

Comment #6

Mark, I've had a few problems with lately too. It hasn't taken them days to fix anything, but it's quite annoying when a site goes offline for a hour or two...

Comment #7

I personally use Dreamhost... they have treated me very well so far and I'm pleased with it..

Although I hear a lot of people do not like the Admin Panel...

Comment #8

I've never really looked into The Planet to much.. but I might have to now that you mentioned it...

Comment #9

I've been using Host Gator for about two years now. No problems to report from them...

Comment #10

I have Lunar Pages and just started with Hostgator..

I have had some bad luck with Lunar (there entire server floor went offline for a day a week after I started and I have had some connectivity problems with them but all seems to be straightened out now..

So far I am really impressed with Hostgator. DNS seemed to set up in minutes with them and my sites were up much faster than I expected..


Comment #11

I got hosting services from a friend, really good deal since it saves me money..

Comment #12

I just love HostGator, they got hell good support, and I have plenty of space/bandwidth...

Comment #13

Ev1 for a unique server. Dreamhost for anything otherwise...

Comment #14

Dreamhost is doing it for me. I don't like the occasional downtimes (I watch my sites often and every downtime pisses me off since they all disappear together), but I got the hosting cheap and I like their humor & attitude...

Comment #15

See to me "occasional downtime" is unacceptable, unfortunately it can't always be prevented but a host that's down a lot is a deal breaker..

Comment #16

Glad to see some others using Dreamhost.. I signed up under the promo code: 777 and got a killer deal...

Comment #17

I know what you mean, but since I'm really satisfied with the rest of the deal, I'm still cool with it..

I don't know if I'll be hosting larger and more important sites with them if the trend continues, though.....

Comment #18

My host of choice is The reason is simple. The prices are just rediculous and thats all there is to it..

20gb of space (increases by 160mb weekly).

1000gb (1TB) of bandwidth. (increases by 8gb weekly).

1 free domain registration.

Unlimited domains (hosted).

How much would you pay? $17.95 a month?.

9.95 a month! and no other fees. I just got it like a week ago, such a good deal. And here's the best part. They do massive coupon referrals. AKA if you sign up with this promo code "CKANDES1", it will only cost you $40 for a year instead of $119!! That's what I did. I'm opening up a new site right now.

What.. $3.30 a month ahahaha how crazy is that? and on top of that I get like a $10 credit on my account for referring you on that code..

Comment #19

I used Dream Host in the beginning, but now that I now how to run a server properly I like the Planet...

Comment #20

The maximum discount amount allowable is $97. the original price is $120. :o..

Comment #21

Hard to beat rackspace on their service. Prices are high, but support is awesome...

Comment #22

At the moment I'm using IX but the package I have at the moment doesnt support mysql, I was skint and didnt upgrade - I still can, when I have the money though. Ive never had any problems with it...

Comment #23

My host of choice is because they offer good plans for free..

Comment #24

Reseller Zoom is my host of choice for multiple site hosting...

Comment #25

Have you guys tried hostgator ? their service is good..

Comment #26

Yes, i've used hostgator with no issues. I called support once over a tech issue, and the phone was answered within a few rings, and there was actually a knowledgable person on the other end!..

Comment #27

Really? I'll have to check them out. And he wasn't indian? Simply amazing, in this day and age!..

Comment #28

Haha, nope... no indian... I get those from sbc a lot. but I herd that if you request somebody stateside, they have to forward you. I'm not sure if it's just company policy or what...but i'll be sure to try it next time...

Comment #29

Eh, I don't have a problem with all Indian reps, as long as they're competent and I can understand them it's ok..

Comment #30

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