Hormone levels during Medifast?

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I am so, so struggling tonight so I thought I'd type it out here instead of eating....

I have been on plan, 100% all of October with the exception of too much fat one day (not by much... 1-2T extra cream cheese at a party). I have walked a mile every single weekday this week and most of last week. I have been drinking my water. I am down 5 pounds this month so far. But omg, I feel like I am crashing tonight..

I got very little sleep last night, sick child, ER this morning for urgent care, then all day in the house with her sick and miserable. I am stressed out! I used to eat carbs when I was stressed but I have just been drinking a lot of tea all day instead. Well, this whole "bad day" just happened to coincide with the middle of my monthly cycle. I know people talk about PMS, and I get that too, but right smack midcycle when the hormones change, I usually have a hard time and want to binge. Today I hit the hormone wall and it has been very, very difficult..

I am hanging in there, going to go to bed early if possible, and I am "treating" myself by having a brownie for both of my last two meals. Hoping the scale will be happy with me in the morning...

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Take it easy as much as possible - like they say on an airplane, you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on someone else. You have to be well in order to take care of others..

And cut yourself some slack - think about how your coping skills and behavior have changed. I am trying to learn that just because I used to cope with food, doesn't mean I still have to. A warm bath, playing with my cat, painting my nails, posting here - all good distractions from my old (bad) coping habits...

Comment #1

Lyn, You're doing a good job! Too little sleep can definitely awaken carb cravings. Hope tomorow is better for both you and your daughter.


Comment #2

What a great idea about the brownies, way to take care of yourself! Just keep breathing, take a bath or shower and go to bed, you will be better in the morning...

Comment #3

Oh Lyn! I am sorry! ((((HUGS))))))))).

It is hard when we are emotional eaters and the "stuff hits the fan". I can so empathize. BUT, just remind yourself that eating off plan doesnt help the situation. It makes it worse..

I too was/am a recovering emotional eater. And there are times where I just want to eat something to eat. But, I force myself BEFORE I do something I will regret, to ask myself.

"Is this going to take me closer to my goal or further away?".

You did the smartest and best thing-when you feel like your on the ledge, come here for us to support you. Bleed all over your blog. I just started a blog too! Very cathartic!.

You have had a rough day and a tough month. But, it will get better. You know it will. Just hang in there. I know you can do it. Look how far you have come!..

Comment #4

Let's suggest ways you can keep your mind and body busy and not binge.

I like the hot bath idea. After the bath, what about rereading Medifast material or the book, "The Secret Is Out". Clean? Clean out the car... that's a good one. Fold laundry. Put clothes away.

Suggestion. Melatonin. It's a natural sleep aide, comes in 1 mg and 3 mg. If I'm really tired, HUNGRY, and grouchy, taking a couple of those right before my last meal, knocks me right out..

We all struggle, it's how we make it through the struggle that makes us stronger. You can do this, look HOW FAR YOU'VE COME..

Have a fantabulous OP night!! :-)..

Comment #5

Great job coming here to vent rather than giving into your cravings!!!!..

Comment #6

Bless your heart. I am giving you another post...another reason to stay on the boards and not give in to cravings. (Good for you for not giving in!) I have realized lack of sleep=major cravings for me the next day. I have three kiddos and when they are sick, it is not only hard to see them suffer, but it is rough on moms in other ways too. I hope you little one is back to her old self soon and you are able to get some well deserved rest!..

Comment #7

Thank you guys for all the support. I really appreciate it. I hope my daughter goes to sleep soon. I think I will take the long bath recommendation and then do some reading. I have the Dr A's Habits of Health book I want to get into. Thank you!..

Comment #8

Lyn, I LOVE DR A's book! And the workbook...although hard to do in the tub!.

Melatonin is FABULOUS! Or maybe call a good friend to chat...hard to eat and talk!..

Comment #9

One more recommendation - kava tea or extract. It is a plant that has relaxing properties. It's kind of like the feeling of having a glass of wine but without the motor component (i.e. feeling stumbly or getting the spins). You can get it at some organic stores or farms. It is safe to take occasionally but if you use it daily for more than 2 weeks or so it can affect the liver.

It allows me to let go of whatever I'm worrying about..

You can search for it on google scholar or; there is ample research on it. I am willing to bet the drug companies are working on an expensive pill version of it right now ...

Comment #10

Thanks NightOwl, will look into that! I can't take melatonin because it gives me migraines..

It's morning, I made it through and the scale is back down a pound to 180. Thank goodness. Here's to another on plan day!..

Comment #11

Great incentive to get into a "new decade" Lyn! Have a great OP day!..

Comment #12

Isn't it insane how our minds work against us! I was just going to post something about cravings when I saw your post. I have found that the past two month, a week before TOM I get crazy, insane cravings that I have to fight hard to resist. The rest of the month is fine. It just urks me that my own brain is trying to sabotage my efforts. What they say about breaking old habits is true and it doesn't happen over night. I guess the fact that we acknowledge them is proof that we are on our way to being free from those old, nasty habits.

Great job avoiding the urge! Just take it one day at a time. Now, you will be even more prepared if it happens again. Great job!..

Comment #13

I am glad that you came to type it out rather than eat. Good for you! I look at your weight loss and I am so inspired! The closer you get to your goal, the slower the weight loss will be, biut you will get there.Hang in there, you are doing awesome!..

Comment #14

I am having cravings too. Glad we are in this together! Monthly CRAVINGS and emotional eating....the brownie cured the craving, but only a good day on medifast will cure the latter - oh! and a new day. Sundays are hard for me, and I love Mondays...Hurry Monday...

Comment #15

So glad to see that you survived a monster day yesterday. You should be proud!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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