Hi, my girlfriend has joined Nutrisystem?

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Question I have... Hi, my girlfriend has joined Nutrisystem? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: I am so disappointed in Nutrisystems. I thought it was supposed to be simple. They sent the foods you ate them and all was good but now I find that I have to go to the store anyway to buy stuff I hate to eat as well. Not how it was advertised in my opinion and after a month of being hungry I still haven't lost a pound.

Can't believe I wasted my time and money. Will be telling everyone I know!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

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Seconding what Pam said. There is no "easy fix" to losing weight properly...

Comment #2

Munch, I'm sorry you did not have a good experience, but please do not ruin it for others. I have tried for many years to lose weight. Nutrisystem has literally saved my life. I could not go up stairs, and was winded just walking. I have a new lease on life, and a new concept of health. As Pam says, this is not a diet.

It teaches you the proper way to regain your health. Programs are different for everyone, and I respect the way you feel. I just hope you won't ruin it for the people it can really help. The people like me. Best of luck to you in your search for health and wellness..


Comment #3

Since you are going to be here a month, let us help you make the very most of it..

If you tell us a little about yourself, we can make lots of good suggestions as to how you can make this an INCREDIBLE month..


Starting weight?.

Amount to lose?.


Program (i.e. Women's Basic, Men's Diabetic, etc.)?.

Reason for wanting to lose weight?.

You give us something to work with and we can help you a lot, I betcha.....

Comment #4

I agree with PamSB - let's make the best of your next (and last) month on NS. She can really help you if you reach out and accept her assistance..

You won't find a single healthy weight loss plan on this planet that doesn't include eating fruits and vegetables. It's just a fact of life. Thanks to Pam's help, I grew up and started eating lots of veggies everyday...

Comment #5

EveryNutrisystemad I have ever seen states that fresh grocery items are to be added. I would not have orderedNutrisystemwithout reading that...

Comment #6

I too misunderstood the program until I read through all the materials..

Wasted money? Only if you choose not to work with the program. Wasted time? Only if you choose not to work the program..

What will you be telling everyone?.

That you chose not to work the program and quit on it?.

That you didn't think it was worth the time or money to get healthy?.

You are worth both the time and the money..

Why not give it a chance?.

You have some wonderful people here who are willing to share years of knowledge of losing excess weight and maintaining optimal weight..

You have at least one more full month of food..

Why not give it an all out effort and see if you might be able to shed some of the pounds that turned you to NutriSystem in the first place?..

Comment #7

I guess they're going to tell everyone that they are too lazy and stubborn to eat veggies, proteins and dairy because clearly they hate these types of foods. I'm just curious what you ate before if you hate eating the stuff the add-ins ask you to eat. How dare a plan ask you to eat healthy foods instead of fat and sugar laced junk food. Who would have expected something crazy like that? That sounds healthy...

Comment #8

NS is very simple. Follow your food planner and lose weight. Very, very simple. You can make it complictated as you want, but in essenceNutrisystemis a very direct and simple plan to follow it you choose to follow the directions...

Comment #9

All of the organized planned menu programs require you to buy additional food to go with the prepackaged stuff. I dare you to check out Jenny, Jillian, Weight Watchers (hey, you have to buy ALL the stuff on that one), and any other program that advertises healthy weight loss with prepackaged foods. Those other ones that tell you you will lose a lot of weight every week are very low calorie programs and are not healthy (i.e. MetaHealth). They also do not teach you proper eating habits, protion control, and proper proportions of nutrients, so all that happens is you lose a lot of weight in a short time, then gain it all back and then some when you stop the diet..

As Pam said this is not a diet it is your health. Don't give up yet. We all want to see each other succeed...

Comment #10

Well,clearly you aren't doing something right. This is the only plan that has worked for me. I have lost 14.9 lbs in 5 a counselor and get some advice. you can't love weigh eating butter fingers and sugar laden sodas!..

Comment #11

I am so glad that I have chosen NS. I tried a program based on points before & was so hungry. I have not been hungry on NS, due to the add-ins, protein, fiber, & frequent meals. It is working; without going hungry, & I am so pleased. There are so many choices for the add-ins in the Recommended Grocery Foods that there must be something that is enjoyable for everyone. After all, none of us got here by disliking food..

I am a medical professional & when my patients ask about my weight loss, I will be sure to tell them about Nutrisystem because I want them to succeed & make long-term changes in their lifestyles...

Comment #12

My mother-in-law and I just startedNutrisystem3 days ago, she thought she would only eat theNutrisystemfoods, and when I said we need to go buy our fruit, veggies, dairy and rolls for some items she goes "no I am going to stick to my diet, I am not eating that" LOL she would not believe me till she read it in the meal planner (I even showed her the website)..

I guess she was onNutrisystemabout 20 years ago and she said that she only had to eat the NF nothing else. I was onNutrisystem28 years ago when I used to go into the center, and am pretty sure we were to eat other things besides themNutrisystemmeals LOL.

I just think people see what they want to see - mother-in-law wanted it easy and thoughtless I think..

BTW Hi I am new to the site.


Comment #13

NS is the first plan that I've found easy, and I've tried them all. The eating approach is very realistic in comparison to how you are suppose to eat for good health and a healthy weight. When I called to order,3 I was reminded of what I needed to add in. Also, it's best to research something before spending money...

Comment #14

Please be sure to also tell them to research, and read the fine (and not so fine print) before purchasing ANYTHING!.

I really hope you'll do as PamSB suggested and let us help you make this plan painless AND successful. That way, hopefully, you won't feel you "wasted" your money, or your time..

I know it's been worth every penny, and then some, to me. For the first time in my life, I have changed the way I look at food. It may be taking me longer than I would like (my choices, not NS's fault) to lose...but I KNOW this time, for the first time, it's not coming back!.

Best of luck to you, whatever you decide...

Comment #15

Having information is important in making a decision. Time spent reading the site and promotional materials on the site would have told you that you needed to add in other foods. The entrees are the base around which the healthy program is built. The other items such as veggies, fruit, etc. are items you hopefully were eating before the program. If not, the program is teaching you a healthy lifestyle, diet and portion control.

I actually spend less now on food than I did before as I'm not going through the drive thru two or more times a week or eating out at good restaurants at least once a week. Food prepared at home is less expensive than dining out..

Being informed? My info says I joined in February. I didn't order until the last of April. What was I doing during that time? I was reading the boards, getting info, debating the pros and cons with myself. It was time well spent and I have not regretted my choice to order and use NS. In fact, when reaching my goal, I plan to keep getting it on delayed auto delivery as I really like the food I order and it is great for convenience and back up...

Comment #16

I can't believe that people think this program doesn't work. It really amazes me that someone would spend upwards of $250.00 a month for something and not research it first. EVERY advertisement I have seen forNutrisystemsays you need the add-ins..

I have lost 25lbs in 7 weeks!!! IT WORKS! You just need to work IT...just log your food and you will lose weight..

Excercising helps it go faster as well..

I am learning HOW to eat correctly for my health. I am going to be 40 in October, and I seriously think I will be at goal if things keep goin the way they are!!!..

Comment #17

It does work, but you have to follow the plan. I've lost 11 lbs in 30 days and I'm a food addict! You cannot expect a plan to work if you don't give it 100%. A have a friend that won't commit either, she insists that she can lose weight, but "won't give up her occasional fried chicken or a night out". Well, needless to say, I'm steadily losing and she's not. This is clearly not the plan for you (or her), so good luck and I hope that "thing" comes along that gives you the motivational spark to stick with it. I've worked REALLY hard for these 11 lbs, I'm not about to sabotage myself with a cheat that will set me back both physically and psycologically when I get on the scale after a night out and there's 2lbs there that took me a week to take off...

Comment #18

I figured the OP just meant that they didn't want to cancel before the second shipment because then they would get charged for the shipping and the 10% discount on the first shipment. Also they may not have posted again because they were just venting and not really looking for answers to their post and therefore haven't come back to read the answers...

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